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Hi again mamas! Well so far thanks to you I am a very happy new CDer. After a few months of going part time I now have a week of round-the-clock CDing under my belt and I love it!

The next step: cloth wipes! I wrote down several recipes for wipes solution and would like to know if anyone has a recipe you can't live without.

Also: how many wipes should I get? One per diaper? Two per diaper? Other? What kind? I use FBs and Wonderoos with MOE Microterry inserts and hemp fleece inserts. I want something I can wash with those fabrics. I did order a pack of ten microterry wipes from The Fuzzi Buns Store and I look forward to getting them.

Any tips for success welcome. Soon I'll take the "CD newbie" off my siggy and just be "CD"! Woohoo!
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Here's my routine:
My favorite wipes are the Granny's Ark ones from Jack's Magic Beanstalk...(they're velour one one side) I use one for wet dipes 3-5 for poopy dipes...
I keep them in a recycled Huggies container.
I put 2-3 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil, 4-5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil, 2-3 drops of organic olive oil & distilled water into the container (so it's 3/4 full)
Then I fold the wipes in half & add them to the container.

BTW Sept 27th is MY birthday!!!

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We used to mix a few drops of Dr. Bronner's lavender or peppermint soap with a few drops of TTO and warm water. We kept the solution in a bottle on Griff's dresser and poured it over wipes in the wipe warmer. But now we just wet the wipes with tap water and put them in the warmer, no soap. Works just as well, and no chance of irritation from soap residue.

There's no one magic recipe, just add what you like to water!

My personal favorite style of wipe has flannel on one side and either velour, sherpa, or terry on the other side. 8x8 is my favorite size. I fold them in half and stack them, then moisten the whole stack. www.darlingdiapers.com and www.theenchantednursery.com both make wipes that I love.

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We love cloth wipes!

Our solution is
water, vinegar, TTO, Lav oil, and almond oil. The blend works wonderful and smells great! It also makes diapers smell good in wash!

Our favorite wipes our chenille/flannel combo (love them)

But we also like sherpa/flannel. If you can sew at all, wipes are rather easy to make.
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I have wipes from darling diapers velour/flannel
and Funny Farm Creations (flannel/sherpa).

I think I prefer the flannel/sherpa, Shandelle stocks at Knitted and Fitteds too.

I usually just use warm water, no solution. Mostly because I don't have a proper container for solution!
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You will LOVE cloth wipes!!! Congrats on making the switch.

My favorite wipes I got from Crystal's Cloth (crystalscloth.com) they are sherpa on one side, velour on the other and 8x8. I had her make them in a variety of pastel combos. KHW wipe solution is really nice (kindheartedwomen.com) or I just use a drop of baby soap added to a 1/2 sink full of water - dip my wipes in, wring out, fold in half and put in a wipe warmer.


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All that I use is some ancient flats torn down into pieces in an old baby wipe container : Not fancy, but they work just fine. I have about 25 for two babies and this lasts two days.
My solution is a spray bottle from the dollar store that has water, tea tree oil, olive oil and a squirt of baby shampoo.
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I made some flannel wipes myself with a borrowed serger. You just buzz around the edges. They are 8x8 or thereabouts. Some of mine are 2-layer, some are 1-layer. The 1-layers are not lasting so well but dry really quickly.

I would say get a lot! At least 3 per diaper. Afterwards you can use them for other things.

For wipe solution, I use a squirt of baby wash, a squirt of aloe, a squirt of olive oil, a drop of lavender, and the rest tap water. About 1.5cups altogether. This is fairly concentrated because I hate the idea of it going yucky.

I keep this sauce in a squirt bottle near the kitchen sink. I moisten the wipes with plain water and then squirt on some solution. Then I put the wipes in the microwave for a few seconds. I change in the livingroom and our house is small so this works well for us.

Cloth wipes are so wonderful that I give a short stack of pretty ones as a baby gift. They are useful to anyone, even a "throwaway mom"
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I just wet wipes in the sink before changing ds. I really like any combination with velour. I also like to have some 8 x 8 wipes and some 4 x 8 wipes. I've gotten them from www.darlingdiapers.com and also www.lullabydiapers.com.
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Here I am, talking about LHC for the second time this morning, but I love her wipes! They are the perfect size and velour on one side. SO SOFT. I keep mine dry and use the foaming wipes dispenser and solution from Monkey Sudz. It smells great, doesn't have TTO (which totally makes me gag) and is easy to use without having to worry about wetting wipes beforehand.
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I've got all kinds of wipes, but my faves are velour/flannel and sherpa/flannel

I keep them in an old wipes box dry. In a squirt bottle I make a solution of distilled water, burts bees apricot oil and on occasion a drop of baby shampoo or TTO. I squirt the solution on the wipes as I need them.

I have a toddler and we usually use two wipes per poopy diaper ... one to get the mess and one to finish up. I don't wipe for pee diapers, just let him air out.

You are going to cloth wipes, it's so much easier when you are using cloth diapers. Not to mention softer! Buying cute wipes is fun too.

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I went the cheap route... I cut up an old towel and zig-zagged around the edges with my sewing machine. But I bought some velour for diapers and plan to use the left-overs to make some nicer wipes.

I used to just wet the wipes with warm water from the tap, but I found that adding a little soap cleaned my ds better. My recipe (found searching this forum) is 1T baby soap, 1T oil (currently Burt's Bees apricot- yum!) and 2 dr essential oil. I mix this in a large water bottle (with Mr Yuk stickers on so no one drinks it :LOL) and squirt it out as needed. HTH!
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Our wipes recipe is 2 cups water, a squirt of soap (either baby wash or liquid castile soap), and a tsp of apricot oil. The oil helps the wipe slide across DD's bum, instead of skid, and makes her skin soft; the soap keeps the oil emulsified when we're mixing the wipe solution. We put the whole solution in a plastic disposable wipes container and add the wipes.

Most of our "wipes" are just cheap baby washcloths from the Dollar Tree, but we have a few actual wipes that mamas included as extras when I bought diapers. My favorites are flannel on one side and terry on the other.
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Thanks mamas! Great stuff! Two more questions:

1. I almost bought some Burt's Bees apricot oil at the health food store today but then I wondered if the oil would in some way interact badly with my pockets (FBs and Wonderoos). Those dipes seem to be picky about what lands on them. Would the apricot oil hamper the absorption?

2. Also - how does the flannel/sherpa stuff do in a wash with the pockets? I know you're not supposed to wash/dry them with anything that lints, so the wipes I have on order are made out of the same material as the MOE microterry inserts. But I almost bought some baby washcloths at Walmart today, they were so cheap. I know, I know, not WAHM, sorry!

It sounds like there are all kinds of ways to wipe a baby's bottom, I'm looking forward to trying several of them out!
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I just wet mine at the sink too. I keep a big stack next to the sink. I use 1-2 diaper. But usually at my son's age he has one large poopy diaper a day in the morning so I usually give him a bath at this time so rinse then.

I also agree you have to find something that works for you. Warm water works best for us.

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I use cheap baby washcloths and a spraybottle of water. When there is a big poop, I use warm water from the sink.

Very simple
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We also have gradually switched over to cloth wipes. (I say we, really it's me. Dh would still use disposable wipes, I think.)

I got a zillion baby washcloths from my showers, and a few nice CD wipes in some swaps. So I just keep a little Tupperware bucket by the changing area, and stacks of folded washcloths along the back of the changing pad, against the mirror. When it's time for a diaper, I just fill the bucket with warm tap water and dip the cloths in there. I rinse and reuse the wipe for wet diapers, then toss it in the hamper after a poopy. WE're still on just breastmilk, so usually one or two wipes is enough for poopies (plus I wipe pretty good initially with a clean corner of the dirty diaper).

I use a couple drops of baby wash in the water sometimes, but usually it's just plain warm water. I then use the baby wash in the bucket for sponge bath time.

I am saving SOOOOO much money CDing, cloth wiping, and breastfeeding these twins!!!! Woo hoo!
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