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daekini's Avatar daekini 11:50 AM 03-05-2005
I'm very new to the hyena fluff - so please forgive me in advance for seeming very naive. I've been using fuzzibunz but finally caught the hyena fever about a month ago!

Is it very common for people to buy FCB diapers and then immediately sell them for double the amount on ebay? Okay, that seems likely if people really want them. My question is actually about setting high reserves. I understand that it is easy to go overboard and need to sell some, but I just bid on an envelope AIO from this stocking and the reserve is pretty high!

I was wondering - it seems fair to let the bidding run wild (that is up to the bidders!), but to set a reserve really high seems... well, I don't know.

Is this normal? I just want to know, I hope I've not offended anyone but I'm truly baffled.

I just think that to set a high reserve might be putting too high a price on having to sit and push the refresh button all morning to get the FCBs. But if this is normal and the power of that fluff has gotten to this level then I think I understand - because I'm still bidding on it! :LOL

MTmommyof2's Avatar MTmommyof2 12:08 PM 03-05-2005
Yep!! I have to agree with you. I don't want to argue about the whole ethics of buying/reselling just to make money on hyena items, but I'd be lieing if I didn't admit that it irks me!

Right now it is at $40 and the reserve is NOT met??? For a diaper that was $24.95 to begin with?

I bid on it, but won't anymore. I'd rather take my chances at scoring one for a reasonable price than support someone making a few bucks on Ebay!!
mamaroni's Avatar mamaroni 12:10 PM 03-05-2005
There is definitely a lot of debate about this issue here. I haven't seen the listing to which you refer but it sure sounds a little fishy.
daekini's Avatar daekini 12:15 PM 03-05-2005
I just started bidding to see how high I'd get before hitting the reserve. I stopped at $45. I can't justify going higher than that!
mommasuz's Avatar mommasuz 12:27 PM 03-05-2005
I refuse to buy things like that. I think it's pretty crappy when WAHMs keep their prices affordable even when they can make more moeny doing auctions only and people take advantage of that by buying then immediately reselling for a big profit. Kinda like the people who advertise a used dipe in EC and when it arrives it's something you would never dare put on your child - I'll never understand people that don't feel ashamed of themselves for lying. :
ChristyH's Avatar ChristyH 01:52 PM 03-05-2005
I personally have no problem with people selling on Ebay hoping to make a profit, I think that is what Ebay is for and people have every right to sell there items there and not on the TP.
But I would be lying if I didn't say that this irks me a little, why not just start the bidding at what you paid for it and wait for it to go higher? I'm curious to see what the reserve is but I bet it's probably $50
mom2orionplus1's Avatar mom2orionplus1 02:08 PM 03-05-2005
I think it is wrong to buy a diaper from a WAHM for the sole purpose of putting it on ebay for a profit. The Fluffymamas could sell all of their fluff on ebay for that price, but they choose not to so that ppl who can't afford the ebay prices can buy their diapers. IMO, it is a huge slap in the face to the WAHM who put her time and energy into making that diaper so that someone else can make a quick buck. I can't see how it wouldn't make them feel bad.

To specify, though . . .I have no issue when someone puts a diaper that they bought from a stocking onto ebay, let's say because it doesn't fit or truly does not work for that person.

I can't believe someone would set a reserve over the retail price. That is absolute insanity to me.
MTmommyof2's Avatar MTmommyof2 02:26 PM 03-05-2005
Christine, well said!!

I agree that Ebay exists for making profit and that I don't have a problem with. What I do mind is that this person intentially is marking up the diaper for twice what is actually costs to make a profit. It would be completely different if the reserve was set at the sale price or a few dollars over, but twice the amount????

Like Christine said, the FM mamas could easily start selling only on Ebay like Fuzbaby and where does that leave the mamas who could have afforded the $25-35 price range they have now?? I think the FM mamas have their prices set VERY reasonably and it is situations like this that will eventually lead them to raise prices....and I don't blame them one bit. Isn't it the WAHM that is supposed to be profiting NOT the customer??
amberb's Avatar amberb 02:39 PM 03-05-2005
I agree with all of you. The problem that I have with the whole thing is her reserve. I mean, come on, she should have known that it would go high anyway, so why put a reserve on it?

I actually asked her why . I really am interrested to see what she says, although I doubt I'll get an answer.
spatulagirl's Avatar spatulagirl 02:44 PM 03-05-2005
Can you link me to this? Or PM me? i can't find it.

ETA: Never mind I found it. What a load of crap. It isn't even emroidered.

I have no problem with people selling on Ebay but don't lie about why you are doing it. I hate the old "Oh I went overboard and now poor little me has to sell this" and then set a HUGE reserve. Poor Fluffymail mamas. I won't be bidding on that one and I sent her an email too.
momsmyjob's Avatar momsmyjob 02:51 PM 03-05-2005
daekini's Avatar daekini 02:54 PM 03-05-2005
I hope someone outbids me!
Not that I've even come close to the reserve...
I don't want to support this. I'm ITA with the statements about the effort WAHMs put into keeping prices reasonable. I also agree that the problem is the reserve - not the possibility of the final bid being astronomical.
tnrsmom's Avatar tnrsmom 02:54 PM 03-05-2005
I am another that has no problem with someone Ebaying in hopes of making a profit. If your reserve is set to protect you from losing $$ (like that would ever happen with FCB) fine, but to set a reserve that high is nuts. If the bidders want to take it to $50 or $75 let them, not a sellers place to choose. I almost hope it does not meet the reserve. :
daekini's Avatar daekini 02:56 PM 03-05-2005
Originally Posted by spatulagirl
I have no problem with people selling on Ebay but don't lie about why you are doing it. I hate the old "Oh I went overboard and now poor little me has to sell this" and then set a HUGE reserve.
You nailed it! It would have been better if she just said she bought it to fund her other purchases - which is probably the reality.
mamaroni's Avatar mamaroni 02:57 PM 03-05-2005
Originally Posted by spatulagirl
I have no problem with people selling on Ebay but don't lie about why you are doing it. I hate the old "Oh I went overboard and now poor little me has to sell this" and then set a HUGE reserve. Poor Fluffymail mamas. I won't be bidding on that one and I sent her an email too.
I finally found the listing too. ITA. If anyone gets a response to their emails, let us know what she says!
daekini's Avatar daekini 03:00 PM 03-05-2005
and here's another thing - I was really wanting to get one - from fluffymail - and I tried! I wouldn't have bought more than I needed b/c I know how many people want them vs. the number available! How many of us were trying to get them b/c we wanted them, not for a profit?!

okay, I think I've made my point
spatulagirl's Avatar spatulagirl 03:01 PM 03-05-2005
Yup. The reserve turns me off. I hope it doesn't go above her reserve.

I think when I sell hyena items on Ebay I should start writing, " I am selling this because I want to make lots of money for all the time I spent stalking for said item. Please bid generously!"

Sugarwoman's Avatar Sugarwoman 03:02 PM 03-05-2005
That is so ridiculous! That was one of the items I originally was trying to score and missed it. What a load of crap IMO.
momsmyjob's Avatar momsmyjob 03:09 PM 03-05-2005
I really get irked by that I overbought line too. If so then why not put up a BIN for the price paid, but to put a reserve like that and then add 5.00 shipping. It is obvious it is for a profit.

Heck why don't I buy a couple of FCB's at the next stocking, turn around and sell them to buy a whole new stash of Fuzzi bunz :LOL
tnrsmom's Avatar tnrsmom 03:09 PM 03-05-2005
I wanted 2 but was out of town. Luckily a great friend snagged 1 for me but unfortunately since it was sent to her house I may have to tie her down to pry it out of her hands. :LOL
momsmyjob's Avatar momsmyjob 03:12 PM 03-05-2005
Yeah and I really wanted one!! The ONE time I did score at FM I gave it up to a MDC mama who missed it and really wanted to try one.
momsmyjob's Avatar momsmyjob 03:13 PM 03-05-2005
hmm interesting that the seller ended the bidding!
daekini's Avatar daekini 03:14 PM 03-05-2005
Originally Posted by momsmyjob
hmm interesting that the seller ended the bidding!
oh, great. and I was the high bidder. I wonder if I'll end up buying it?
Just*Lindsay's Avatar Just*Lindsay 03:14 PM 03-05-2005
I have no issues with selling on ebay. But this girl did NOT go overbored really, so she clearly bought it to put on ebay just for the profit, which I find sad.

I think I could have even looked past that until I woke up this morning and Christine said the reserve was not met and it was at $40. Im sorry, thats wack and wrong. I feel bad for the FM Mommas.

daekini's Avatar daekini 03:16 PM 03-05-2005
Go read her response to a bidder's question. She says she was going to give money back to fluffymail?????????????????????
Just*Lindsay's Avatar Just*Lindsay 03:22 PM 03-05-2005
Yea Ok...I still do not get the high reserve. Why not let it go on its own. A reserve is to protect the seller basically so that they cant get retail or a certain amt for it before having to commit to selling it, so shes saying even if she got 40 for it, she might not sell it b/c she wanted to give the FM Mommas MORE than that.

Yea okkkkkk!!!!!!!
daekini's Avatar daekini 03:33 PM 03-05-2005
She's offered to let me have it for the $40 since I was the high bidder.

I think this is in violation of ebay rules.

Not that this is the point... but I think this is a "2nd chance offer" which isn't supposed to happen. And I think she told one of you that she was going to keep it for herself.

This makes me really sad, I don't think I'm going to reply. As much as I want a FCB diaper, I don't want to get one this way.

Hmmm. I wonder if she's an MDC member and has read any of this stuff? Somehow I don't think so.
WhimsyTyme's Avatar WhimsyTyme 03:34 PM 03-05-2005
In her response to amberb's question she also says the reserve is to keep the dipe from selling, because she really doesn't want to sell it. : The $$$ she wants to give back to, if it sells, is to help their recent auctions. :
mamaroni's Avatar mamaroni 03:40 PM 03-05-2005
very interesting. I was wondering if she's an MDC mama.

:LOL tnrsmom
WickidaWitch's Avatar WickidaWitch 03:43 PM 03-05-2005
Originally Posted by daekini
She's offered to let me have it for the $40 since I was the high bidder..
Why dont you respond and ask her to sell it for 30.00ppd??? See what she says?
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