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kenzie&wyatt'smom's Avatar kenzie&wyatt'smom 06:34 PM 06-13-2005
Well I think i have finally found a way to wash my wool and dry it in my machine. I hand washed a pair of DS longies last night and then decided I wanted him to wear them to bed. So I took the risk and threw them in the dryer on delicate heat. No shrinking and dryed fast!!!
Today I washed a pair of Peace Fleace shorts with some Downy Advanced in hopes to soften them up. ( I have tried everything else with no sucess) I was to the point if I ruined them in the wash I didn't care because they were not getting worn. Well sucess at that and now they are soooo soft.
I am sooo excited that now I feel comfy with washing/drying my wool by machine.
I am sure i will still do most by hand and lay flat to dry but I am so glad to know that the machine option is there if I want to.