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I havent saved a cent by doing cloth, and I'm an average buyer - no hyena but I'd finding it too boring to stick with one thing too. It's been a little more expensive because I'm in Australia and early on had to order everything from the states, but the cost of disposables was not why I didnt want to use them.
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Originally Posted by MamaTT
Furthermore, I have read that using throwaway diapers doubles the household waste output of the average family with a baby.
Actually, this was one of our considerations and we have worked hard enough at recycling and composting that our trash output is less than before dd. Of course, as soon as she is potty trained, we will most likely downgrade to the smaller trashcan. We are using a medium can now and will switch to a small.

I seriously doubt your water usage would double.
Ok, so I actually did the math and we would be paying approx. an extra $30 per month for water with cloth dipe use. Our water charges by the gallon plus a flat fee plus the double your water intake to figure your sewer outtake and then charge you more for sewer anyway. Nevertheless, it is in fact less than what I pay for sposie but not a whole lot.

I guess the bottom line for us is that my dh is an environmental scientist specializing in water and for him water is more of a concern to save than landfill space.
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Maybe my son is unique, but...
when he wears sposies, his testicles get all shrivled and hard. My husband assures me that this is "normal," in that it is something that happens to a male anatomy. But for me, to change his CD and see him comfortable and natural, soft to the touch is WAY better than to see him all shrivled and hard. I can't even describe the texture they were with sposies, but it did not feel natural or normal at all. Sorry to get graphic, but even beyond cost and environmental reasons, this is something that has really made me stick with CDs.

ALSO, the way cloth diapers absorb and wick away BF poo. When we used sposies for his first 15 weeks, we'd open them up to see the "poo pool" of nasty icky sticky poo, all over his bottom, private parts, legs, and often out the back. It was gross. What convinced my husband was the first CD he changed that actually absorbed the poo away and he only used ONE WIPE. Not 5 like before, just one to gently clean him.

Just some more reasons I think cloth are the way to go for our family.

Jodi -full time working wife to a SAH Papa; mama to my boys Breck (12/04), David (09/07), and Elliot (01/10); always remembering our loss, Jordyn Justine (09/06)

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We pay about $50/mo for water usage. I guess it's cheap here, because I have 3 kids, 1 in CD's and I do dishes, mop the floor, baths etc.

We do NOT water our lawn, I have let the kids play out in the sprinkler a few times this year but we don't have a little pool (i have been thinking about just filling up a rubbermade tub 1/2 full with water though!)

Before this house we had a well, so we provided our own water! LOL!

This is not aimed at anyone asking about the water issue, but you may use my point of view for doubting DH's, mother in laws, or your next door neighbor to get her on the band wagon too if you want!

But yes, water is an issue. And how much water do you think they waste at Procter and Gamble just to make these disposable diapers that end up in the landfill or worse Burned???? They use a heck of a lot more water to make them, plus Electricity, Timber, crude oil, chemicals, perfumes, gel beads..... The list goes on.


But just because we have to wash our clothes doesn't mean it's more environmental to use throw away clothes.

Compare it to paper plates. I know many mommies have a secret stash (I do : ) to be used for "those days" when you're just not up to anything else. But we all know where these plates end up, and we also all know that these plates don't just fly down from heaven to land in our shelves. There are factories with little old ladies and men pumping out billions of plates made out of billions of tree guts, and billions of tons of water flushed over the tree guts to make paper, tons of Bleach and other terribly harmful chemicals being used to sanitize and bleach the plates, Tons of Electricity being used to run these Gigantic machines all day guzzling up tons of oil, and producing smoke. Well you can see what I'm aiming at.

And so maybe you don't use paper plates, but I'm sure you've gotten coffee lately in a cup you threw away, or drank water in a disposable bottle, or bought lunch in a styrofoam dish....

I know exactly where these trees are coming from. We live up North near the Canadian border and I used to sit outside with the kids and watch thousands of these logging trucks bring down more and more trees every day. I could sit there for an hour and see 10 trucks alone. That's only 1 road in 1 state in 1 hour or 1 day. How many babies are in this Nation today? Anyone know? Did you know that 90% of those babies are wearing disposable diapers? Yes the # is rising for cloth diaper users and this is the exact reason why, not the cost, not the cuteness,

THE WASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saving the Trees is our job. Why because our children want to be around to see them too.

using Cloth diapers in a fast paced world may seem silly at first until you learn that diapers today have kept up with modern society too. They are just as easy to use one you get a nice stash. Disposables are fine for short term use, that's what they were meant for!
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I have been wondering about it too. I saw sposies at costco -
228 pack Huggies(size 1-2) for $29.99 - $3 coupon = $27
and 700 huggies wipes for $14
This sounds cheap to me.

Though I love my CD stash, nothing fancy mostly prefolds and covers and a few used AIO plus 1 or 2 beautiful brand new dipes, still I think I have spent what I would have spent in whole year with sposies. I feel bad about wasting all that water though. and my water bill has increased by 40% + lil extra $$ for sport wash.But I am counting on resale value plus feeling good that I am not adding to all that trash.
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