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I've been plotting and planning how I'm going to get both my 4mth old daughter and my 20 mth old son into cloth diapers 100%. I have been planning on CD'ing for a long time - but have put it on the back burner because I work outside of the home, and my MIL absolutely refused - even after seen how easy it is. I was going to do it part time - but I'm too lazy to switch back and forth like that. Anyway...I got a job working from home, so starting Monday MIL will not be babysitting for me anymore.

So getting to the point where I won't have to add a sposie in now and then is my next goal. For my son - when I was trying to convince DH (easy win) and MIL to CD - I bought 2 FB, and 4 Bum-Wares. That will get us through a day and a half - depending on the day of course. More recently I started picking stuff up for my daughter on, and I have 10-12 diapers for her. Mostly fitteds, but a couple pockets/AIO's also. I have 1 cover that is too big for her, and one cover that is on its way that SHOULD fit!

So here are my thoughts. As soon as I can afford it, I'm going to get ahold of another cover for Azalyah, plus I'm planning on knitting one for her myself. I want to get a dozen kissaluvs for her and a dozen or maybe a little more for Elijah. (I did get a cover for him too) I'll have to pick up at least 2 more covers for him as well somewhere along the way. I debated between the kissaluvs and CPF's - and I think Kissaluvs is the way I'm going to go for the ease of not having to fold...once again, I'm fairly lazy! The idea of snappi kind of scares me - with my toddler, that seems like it has the potential of becoming a dangerous "toy" for him. Pins arent much better, but they dont look as interesting hopefully that will work.

Okay..the next part of my plan would be to move on from the "Basic" to the more glamrous as far as diapers go. I REALLY want to get some super cute covers at the very least...but its going to have to come when I get some extra $$. I like the look of the wool/fleece covers more than I have a feeling that is where my eyes will wander too...

Soo..that is my plan. Anyone care to share their story?? How did you first start CD'ing??? How has it progressed since then? Any suggestions for me, or does this pretty much sound like the norm?
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I started to CD about 4 years ago. I had a baby, and I was preg and I knew I couldnt afford diapers for both. I guess What i did was considered less glamouros, but it works for me. I bought 3 doz infant prefolds, 2 doz premium prefolds, and 6 3 NB, 3 SM 3 MED and 2 large prowraps. I bought 1 box of diaper rice paper liners, and a bunch of deodisks. Oh and a wet bag for the diaper bag. total aftersaid and done. 212 bucks. 4 years later. I am still using the same prefolds. now wiht my 3rd kid. The infants get the most use as they still fit my 18 month old. and they fit my dd2 until she was 14 months, I will be getting new infant sizes before i have another baby.
I did buy some other diapers. I had about 6 bumkins aios. ut wasnt impressed, and i did the Kushies thing, and it was OK. It is hard to fit my skinny kids, so I just started making my own.I never had 15 dollars laying around to buy a FB or any aio for that matter. NOw that i am working from home, I have a little bit of extra money, ( very little LOL) have recently bought my first FB, and my first VB fitted. I have my eye on a couple other dipes. I make my own fleece covers, and my granmda is knitting me some wool shorts. I do have a couple wool covers, that I bought form an MDC mama and i love them.
Other than that. I am not into hyena diapers, i guess. I just like simple things, I do however put on pretty fitteds, and embroidered covers when we are going out. I have to show them off LOL

how do 6 diapers get yout hru a day and a half.... I must have really heavy wetters, I went thruabout 8 diapers a day when my dd2 was in diapers at 3 years old. and I go thru aobut 11 a day for my 18 month old.....

wow, im jealous of that LOL

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Now you've got me thinking...I was kind of Guesstimating how long Elijahs diapers would last us...

Elijah really ISN'T a heavy wetter at all. I know for SURE we can make it through a day. Its been about 6 months before I actually put the CD's on I said, I got tired of switching back and forth for MIL - so I just went back to sposie until now. It seems like we'd get down to our last diaper and I'd immedately go and wash the other dipes while he had his last one on.

Thats another problem, my CD's are going to get some wear and tear if I don't get more soon...because I was washing & Drying them in order to get Elijah back into them again. I also got tired of washing the diapers when there wasn't even enough in there to be considered a "small load." But I just couldn't justify buying more CD's AND sposies...kind of in a rock and a hard place.

But if I can get to the point where I could get them in CD's all the time, even if I have to do more laundry than I want - then every month I could get 1 diaper for each child (the cost of a bag of sposies) until I don't have to do laundry so much!
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Hi! I just wanted to say that our baby's are born on the same day! Cool!

Have you tried any one size diapers? You could use them on both babies!
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Yeah I was going to say the same thing that 6 diapers get you through a day?????? WOW. My dd is 7 months and goes through 15-20 a day still. She went through about 30 as a newborn. We no longer change at night, just during the day but she still goes through an average of 15diapers every day. So we got started using kissaluvs 0's, homemade fitteds, and prefolds with pins. We have progressed quite quickly from there into prefolds with snappi's and homemade knit wool covers(learnign to knit was the best thing I ever did!) or bummis covers for outings and muttaqin ( fitteds with wool. We also have a few pockets that we use at night so she can wear "normal" jammies. our pockets are: harleyz, swaddlebees, very baby, and fuzzi bunz. We've tried sos, doodlebottoms, fuzzi bunz, harleyz, swaddlebees, kissaluvs, prefolds, sugarplumbaby, patchwork pixie, bummis, Baby Woolies, muttaqins, very baby, happy heiny's sugarpeas fireflies Liz's Cloth, and hmmmmm, I think that's it? Wow I feel like there are more. I'll have to check the scrapbook. I've taken a pic of every diaper she's ever worn. : Yes, I know, I'm addicted.


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hmmmm....we go through about 10 diapers a day (on 6 month old babies).

I was going to do prefolds and covers and had ordered up a huge package from a wahm- who will remain nameless- and it never showed up - so I bought mega hodge podge of stuff from ebay, now I have tried a ton of stuff have way too much and want to thin it out and simplify!
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My daughter was about 2 months when I finally convinced dh that we should go for it. But then we moved at about 4 months and it was put on hold for a while, not to mention I hadn't found this site and the dipes I had were for lack of a better term...crap. But then I found good diapers and loved them at about 7 months. But now I have been using less of those dipes adn mostly my prefolds. I have a ton of them but only a couple that I bought new, since those were tye dye, the rest have all been off the TP for her prefolds. I just dye them myself adn they are wonderful. I also use harleyz pockets and Muttaqin OS. I love these adn the only thing I will need for the next babe is newborn size and a few of the smaller size harleyz since dd was in m/l when I started with her.

I think it is the best investment and I really don't need anymore dipes, tho that really doesn't stop me.

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the trading post here is a great source for getting diapers and you're more likely to get a good deal on good quality diapers than you are on eBay.

when i got started (ds was 6 months) i tried eBay but then mostly started buying fitteds and AIOs from the trading post here on mdc. that helped me to economically build up my stash from 6 diapers (half a days worth) to almost 20 which made it possible for me to cd full time.
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we started cd'ing when older dc was about 8 months old. i actually asked my mom to get us started with diapering supplies as my christmas present. :LOL and she did! we got one dozen premium prefolds and 1 dozen hempers, and about 6 polar babies wraps - and odds and ends like wipes, dr. bronners, etc. one of my best christmas presents ever!
we soon realized that those weren't cutting it overnight so we got three fuzzibunz.

the tp, the aol cloth diaperswap board, and yahoo groups are great ways to stock up inexpensively - try posting iso's - people will usually help you out!
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