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Jenb's Avatar Jenb 04:57 PM 11-29-2005
Or cover. Does anyone know of any WAHM's that have them (instock)?

momsmyjob's Avatar momsmyjob 05:21 PM 11-29-2005

Tootsweet but they're not being made anymore
veggiemommy's Avatar veggiemommy 05:27 PM 11-29-2005
What about getting that embroidered on a diaper or cover?? Most places that do embroidery should be able to do that for you....

Jenb's Avatar Jenb 05:53 PM 11-29-2005
Originally Posted by momsmyjob

Tootsweet but they're not being made anymore
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum-I haven't been her for a while-I honestly didn't know
SammyLucasNHarper's Avatar SammyLucasNHarper 07:01 PM 11-29-2005
I bet you could as Holly at www.momufactured.com to make one for ya
lmonter's Avatar lmonter 10:52 PM 11-29-2005
I got some "born at home" embroidered infant prefolds from Little Earth Angels. She also has preemie ones and ships pretty quickly. You can see them compared to XS (I think) VB AIO's in my newborn stash link in my sig.
witchbaby's Avatar witchbaby 11:38 PM 11-29-2005
michelle at muttaqin baby made me an uber-special one!