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Diapering > Who still makes side-aplix diapers?
mum2tori's Avatar mum2tori 07:53 PM 03-06-2006
And are any of them still open or going to be opening for orders anytime in the near future??

oetien's Avatar oetien 08:17 PM 03-06-2006
What kind of diaper? AIO? Pockets? Fitteds? There are tons of them!
mum2tori's Avatar mum2tori 08:28 PM 03-06-2006
Honestly... ANY! It is so hard to find side-aplix anything.
MilkOnDemand's Avatar MilkOnDemand 08:37 PM 03-06-2006
Zany Zebra makes them! I have one of her pockets and it is fantastic - fits a huge range too!
Adamsmama's Avatar Adamsmama 09:24 PM 03-06-2006
oetien's Avatar oetien 10:09 PM 03-06-2006
very baby makes them too, i think
vkberes's Avatar vkberes 12:37 AM 03-07-2006
I think the new owner of Mudpie Babies is going to stock at HC soon. I know the old MPB offered side aplix so maybe she will, too.
tippytoes26's Avatar tippytoes26 07:01 AM 03-07-2006
lucy's hope chest (well, they are actually side touch tape) makes the if you ask. I have some side TT AIO's that are AWSOME. WE LOVE LOVE LOVE side aplix way more than side snap.
boingo82's Avatar boingo82 12:49 PM 03-07-2006

I have an aunt B's diaper and the side aplix works great.
...nevermind..she has nothing in stock right now.