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I know this comes up a lot, but I need some more advice... my son pees through EVERYTHING at night, we have done pockets, double or triple stuffed, hemp fitteds with wool soakers (at one time we were putting him in a total of 15 layers hemp fleece and jersey and he still leaked through!) We finally gave up and started huggies overnights for him, now he is peeing through those too, not just a little pee, he is covered with pee and the diapers is soaked front to back. There have been mornings where his diaper easily weighs 5lb. I need help: So what diaper should I try? I need something that is bomb proof but it would be nice if he could move, the above hemp diaper left him unable to even sit up! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I must add I have been looking at the Swaddlebees one size organic cotton velour, the happy heinys pocket fitted, and the bumgenious bamboo fitted (I have heard this isn't very absorbent though)
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I would try the swaddlebees hemp pocket fitted super stuffed or the happy hempy super stuffed and then a good fleece cover...we stuff with hemp prefolds (very bulky, but very absorbent). I have also been looking at ducky buns because they have extra up front for boys.
IME the bamboo fitteds are not as absorbent as hemp.

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I use Fluffymail Night Lights and they are amazing!

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Not a diaper suggestion, but a question. I don't know if you nurse him or bottle feed, but I was wondering if he sleeps with a bottle in his mouth? The reason I ask is because of the large amount of pee. My nephew was allowed to sleep with a bottle and it rotted all of his front teeth. He was front toothless for the first several years of his life til his permanent teeth came in. Maybe this is not the issue with your son. Just thought I would ask just in case.
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If you can get ahold of some Huggles, they're a great nighttime diaper.

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No, he doesn't sleep with a bottle, he does have a bottle before bed (about 6oz), but he gets his teeth brushed after! Scary though to think that can happen to those sweet baby teeth!

He just pees a ton at night, I guess he saves it for then! I think I will try the happy hempys with our wool soakers, four nights in a row he has woke up wet from chin to knee! that's a lot of pee!
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Is there any way to do a nighttime diaper change? I know when my DD sugars are kinda outta wack she pees like crazy and we really have to do a nighttime change. We ussually sneek in a change before DH and I go to bed.
Also dumb question but are you making sure his oarts are pointing down and hes not flooding the tops of the diapers, one thing about cloth is once a litle outside wicking starts it can quickly turn to flooding.

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I would try a different cover maybe and consider adding a fleece topped hemp doubler to keep him from feeling wet too.

My two fave night covers are the Stacinator fleece and the Mai Mai BB wool snap covers I have. The Stac is quite bulky but it WORKS at keeping the leaks in! And the Mai Mai BB isn't nearly as bulky (although it isn't super, super trim either) and that thing is bulletproof! I don't even have to lanolize it but you could if you needed extra protection I suppose....mine has never needed it though. You can find them on hyena cart.

A pocket fitted would probably work good for you but I would steer away from the Swaddlebees pocket fitted (I have one of these that I use during the day sometimes) because they are extremely trim and once you stuff it with enough material for your son, I bet you would get a large gap at the leg and the pee would pour right out....esp with the way your son floods everything (I would be careful overstuffing anything because of this and make certain the extra absorbancy materials aren't causing a leg gap at all) I've never seen a Happy hemp pocket so I dont know how trim they are.....but I think they have to be wider in the crotch than the SB's since the SB's are known for being one of the trimmest dipes. I would personally try to go with a fitted that is serged (has that extra leg frill on it) rather than one that is T& son always leaked out of T&T dipes but never did with anything serged....but he's also a skinny baby so that might be why serged works better on him. And consider using a small prefold inside your pocket fitted....prefolds are extremely absorbant....esp hemp ones.

Could you maybe try giving him his last bottle for the night about an hour before bedtime and then letting him play for a while in hopes of catching one of his large floods before he lays down for the night? I started doing that with my son and it helped a lot in how wet he was by morning. I actually started giving him 5 oz sippy cups of milk throughout the day (about every hour or so) rather than letting him have 4 or 5 eight ounce bottles of milk and this has overall helped the amount he pees at once....I change dipes way more often because he pees more often but he stays hydrated and doesnt flood his dipes nearly as bad now.

If you can change him once during the night, that could help too but I know it's not always an option. Good luck! I know it can be frustrating!
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Happy hempys were the first overnight dipe that worked for us. Then they kept right on shrinking while the baby kept growing and now the rise is too short for her. BUT a HH plus two Hemparoo inserts worked with wool or with PUL covers. Now it's a PUL pocket with the two inserts or a premium pf plus a single hemp doubler. Phew.... dry mornings are reall nice.
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I highly recommend a LC Nightlight with heavy wetter insert and LB wool interlock cover - this has been our bulletproof nighttime solution. We have never had a leak with this combo.

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I just got an Organic Caboose wool cover and I'm lovin' it. I put prefold in it with a leaks yet!!!!

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I second (or was it third?!) the Stacinator nighttime suggestion. Those covers are amazing. You could load up underneath with a really good fitted (something like a SwaddleBees stuffed fitted) and even add more doublers. Stacinator never ceases to amaze me.

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