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Hello all! Hubby and I are currently TTC #1. I have absolutely no experience with cloth diapers, and find the wealth of information here and other places online overwhelming. So, I'd love if you ladies could give me some recommendations. For the first three months, what sizes/brands/types would get me through the best? How about from 3-6 months? If you were to draw up an ideal list of cloth diapering products for that time period, what would be on it?
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Hi Victoria!

I also started looking while TTC #1 and spent way too much time trying to figure it all out! I did enjoy all the looking, though

There are so many choices and it's very individual but this is what has worked for me. One of my biggest priorities was low cost.

My ideal stash:

A few snappis
Flannel wipes ( I them!)

Newborn size:
6 Prorap covers
1 doz preemie prefolds
6 FuzziBunz preemie with inserts (for night)
(I had to break into the size small stash from the beginning because this was not enough diapers to get me through two days- if you want to go more than a day i would get 2 doz prefolds)

Size small:
8 prorap covers
2 doz infant prefolds
6 FB small with joeybunz inserts

Size medium:
3 prorap covers
3 imse vimse soft covers
1 dozen regular prefolds
3 FB.
I can go 3.5 days using my medium stuff and still using the infant prefolds. I usually wash M,W,F though.

My dd is 5 months, over 20 lbs and in mediums. She was born 8lb2oz, and I easily could have skipped the newborn size and gone straight to small. I tried the bummis super whisper wrap covers and the bumkins covers and just didn't like them. I just tried the imse vimse for the first time in medium and really like them. I found that the medium proraps are WAY bigger than the smalls, so the I.V. helped fill the gap.

I love trifolding a prefold in a cover at this point- I use the infant prefolds in medium covers for that. The regular prefolds I like to snappi with a bikini twist fold when I am expecting a big poo.

I definitely needed 6 covers for the first two months because she was a nearly every feed pooper. So poop got on the covers a lot. I might even go with 8 next time.

Other info... I have bought my fuzzibunz as "seconds" for 12 dollars instead of 18. They have performed just fine.

My suggestion with covers would be to buy several newborn proraps, one small prorap, and one small of a few other covers that appeal to you before the babe is born. That way you have a backup when the little one suddenly grows overnight, and you can figure out what you want for size small.

Prorap is the best for newborn because they are the cheapest out there and you grow out of that size SO FAST. Plus they have the umbilical cut out which is great.

This is turning into a book so I'll stop. Green Mountain Diapers has a ton of info on their site. And Jardine diapers is great for comparing types of covers.

Have fun shopping!
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I agree with the pp on a lot of things, including the fact that this is the cheapest route! We needed more covers than that, though, so I made a bunch of fleece ones very inexpensively. (I didn't start CDing until my daughter was 7 months, so I have never used cloth on a newborn--just a disclaimer!)

Anyway, my opinion is that we need more diapers than the pp. I wash at least every two days, and 3 doz prefolds is just enough for that. (I usually do a load every day, but that leaves me a cushion of a few extras!) My daughter is a heavy wetter, though, and usually wears 2 prefolds at a time unless I know that I'll be changing her very soon.

If we're out--which we are almost every day--or she's napping or sleeping, or if I'm working on my dissertation and won't want to stop every 45 minutes to change her, she needs more than just one prefold. When she's awake, I never wait longer than 1.5 hours between changes, but even so she usually needs more than one prefold. Frankly even when I change her more often she usually gets right through a single prefold; I think she pees a lot at one time.

So, 2 doz would not be enough for us. It might work for you if your baby is not as heavy a wetter.

We also have some BumGenius AIOs. I love them. Again, my daughter usually wears them with a prefold inside, but they are trim, cute, and easy for other people to put on. (Also, if I change her every hour or so, she can wear just the BG and not leak.) They are pricey, though, compared to prefolds.

If you have any sewing skills, you can whip up some pull-on fleece covers for a very small price and have more covers in rotation. My daughter is 8 months now and eats a fair amount of solid food, but she still has fairly runny poo, and the covers get nailed frequently, so I would not want to have a problem going for a couple of days if need be. (When we travel, I like the luxury of more covers.)

Anyway, to break it down, here's what I would recommend. You would need this number of diapers in any size, IMO.

3 doz prefolds

covers--I'd say at least 8, but I have 10 and sometimes use them all if I don't wash for 3 days because of traveling and whatnot.

snappis or pins--I think it's important to have enough of these if you're using them. I hate running around my house searching for a diaper pin.

stay-dry liners--at night I use these. I just cut rectangles of microfleece and lay them inside the diaper, against the baby's skin. It was very cheap, and since I only use them at night, I only need a few. They help prevent diaper rash, in my experience.

Optional, but fun: cute covers, pockets, or AIOs to make your sposie-using friends jealous. I have been having a great time making diapers for Mary, and it lets me try out different kinds. I'm making fitted ones out of leopard-print flannel right now!
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For a newborn:
8 dozen preemie prefolds
36 fitteds
24 AIO/Pockets
Tons (like maybe 120) flannel wipes-these will last through all the diapering days though
6 Wool wraps
6 NB Bummies Super Whisper Wraps (PUL covers)
12 Wool longies/shorties

For 3-10ish months:
8 dozen infant prefolds
36 fitteds
24 AIO/Pockets
6 Wool wraps
6 S Bummies Super Whisper Wraps (PUL covers)
12 Wool longies/shorties

For 10ish-18ish months-
4 dozen premium prefolds
36 fitteds
24 AIO/Pockets
6 Wool wraps
12 longies/shorties
24 Undies to start PT

It's alot, but I make everything except a few of the wool wraps and the prefolds. My cost has been far less than using sposies. We figured it would cost about $1,000 to use 'sposie diapers and wipes for the first year. I've probably spent half that, to diaper not only dd, but maybe 2 more subsequent children-plus I will get to sell them for even more of my money back!
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I'm not sure about newborns as I hear they have some issues fitting in to the fitted/pocket/aio stuff. My DD wets the entire diaper in 1 shot too so I'm very careful with fitteds (I dont have any prefolds) because I end up handling a sopping wet diaper every single time. (even if I change her every 45 min or less)

But for myself, my "dream stash" would be:

a big diaper pail liner
cloth wipes
12 HH pockets - solid colors
20-30 inserts
6 WAHM cute AIOs or pockets

I cant stand letting them sit for more than a day though, so I wash every morning. Its just my personal wierdness.
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I have my newborn stash (haven't used it yet), but have compiled it for ourselves and I think it's going to be ideal for us. I may need to add more as she arrives and I realize I need way more than this, but here goes:

12 Kissaluvs size 0
4 Imse Vimse (IV) flannelette contours in newborn
4 IV terry contours in newborn
1 IV one-size fitted
$29.99 faux leather big purse and diaper bag in one

Adding this before dd is born: 12 Chinese DSQ prefolds in newborn
200 flushable liners
6 assorted hemp and cotton doublers
2 big diaper pail liners
2 small travel dirty diaper wet bags
deodorizing discs
Possibly Lysol disinfectant spray
Country Save powdered laundry detergent
Oxy-Boost oxygen bleach (use occasionally)

Plan on adding as soon as dd is born: 2-pack BumGenius 2.0 (one-size)

Should be getting some covers as gifts, otherwise Imse Vimse day and night covers, and one wool cover.

After the newborn stage, I have these to add:

8 IV terry contours
8 IV flannelette contours
3 IV day covers in small
2 IV night covers in small
1 IV wool cover in small
1 Bellabottoms hemp and bamboo one-size fitted

Good luck! I will share how my stash is working once dd makes her grand entrance in early August
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Thanks all, those are some good lists!
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I'm a little out of the ordinary, I think, when it comes to diapering.

For a newborn, we used 24 Kissaluvs and 6 Bummis covers. Because we also had a toddler in diapers at the time, I did a wash about every other day, and this was enough for us. I'll be buying some doublers and maybe a wool cover or two for the next baby.

I use flannel and terry cloth wipes that I made myself, just moistened with water.

After the newborn stage, we're strictly a Fuzzi Bunz family, with microfiber and HH stuffins.

We also have two WAHMies pail liners (one for the can while the other is being washed) and two smaller WAHMies bags for when we are out and about.

Single WAHM to 5yo DD, 2yo DS, and forever 7 week old angel DD.
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I started CDing when my DS was about 4 months, so I don't know about the newborn but what I have now is working great and will probably fit him for quite a long time:

3 Kissaluvs fitteds size 1
2 Heiny Huggers fitteds size med
1 Little Beetle lite fitted
3 pairs wool shorties for wearing over the fitteds
2 Happy Heiny's pockets
7 (I think) Bumgenius 2.0 one size pockets
7 (or so) Fuzzi Bunz size med

2 diaper pail liners
2 smaller Wahmies wetbags

Mama to 2 sweet gorgeous children, a 4-year-old DS and a 1-year-old DD.
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For our next child(whenever that may be) this is what we will do:

2 wetbags, one pail liner sized and one for short outings(to fit 4-6diapers)
4-5dozen cloth wipes
3 snappis
2 dozen preemie prefolds
2dozen infant prefolds
2dozen premium prefolds
4 preemie covers(I have small or early babies)
4 small covers
2-3medium covers
various wool items that I knit up as wanted or needed
at least 1 dozen bg one-size pockets

My toddler is diapered in 10 bg os pockets and a dozen toddler prefolds with two pul covers and various wool shorties, soakers,a nd longies right now.



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If I could do it over again, I would get 18 Kissaluvs size 0, 4 dozen regular 4x6x4 unbleached Chinese prefolds, and 6 Bummis Super Snap wraps in each size. That would get us from birth to potty training with minimal fuss. There'll be plenty of time to try fancier things after the baby is born and has a definite size and shape.

Mommy to
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OH--and a minishower (VERY IMPORTANT) and wipes, pins, Snappis, pail liners, wetbags, etc. 1 or 2 basic wool covers (Stacinator, Aristocrat, Bumpy, WAHM) in the bigger sizes are nice.

Mommy to
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I personally think its hard to judge what your perfect stash will be before you try them. For me the perfect stash includes- at least 6 AIO's or Pocket AIO's like Fuzzy Bunz- for outings, and easy changes for dh or grandma- with a small wetbag. I then like for around the house some fitteds- and in summer baby can even go coverless if baby isn't a super soaker And after using cloth a while I started to feel the prefold love- but I don't promise a newbie will love those. On the other hand- prefolds make great burp clothes and such, so are handy to have anyway.

My current newborn stash has:
8 Kissaluves size 0
5 Bummis covers
2 wool covers
12 premie prefolds
18 infant prefolds
6 Newborn AIO's
6 Small covers
6 homemade fitteds in newborn

I actually recommend not stocking up for the entire first year, until you've used them a short time to know what your style preferences are. AND you should know that some babies fit in certain brands better than others- but there's no way to guess if your baby will be chunky or skinny until after birth.

Laura, Mama to Mya 7/02, Ian 6/07 and Anna 8/09
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so far our ideal stash is:
2dozen flats
1dozen preemie PFs
3 dozen infant prefolds
3 dozen regular prefolds
5 newborn wool covers (longies, soakers, shorties, etc)
5 small wool covers
5 med wool covers
5 PUL covers, in each size.
i like the prowraps for newborns because of the umbilical dip. and BSWW for older sizes.
a dozen or so pins
a handful of snappis
maybe a few AIOs in each size for outings, or for when nana or daddy changes the baby, but really i'd prefer to stick with just the PFs, flats and covers.

i know so many people say they love fitteds, but to me they just seem like a waste of money.
prefolds and flats, when done being used as diapers can be used for MANY things, and dont cost alot.
fitteds DO cost a pretty penny and can only be used as one thing, a fitted diaper.

treehugger.gif )O( unschooling, witchy mum to Addy(7) and Niamh(4)
Living with an invisible chronic illness.
Fat and hairy. And happy with both *( o Y o )*
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I agree that its best to start out with what you need right away and see what you like best before worrying about the next stage too. Ds was a toddler when I switched, so I don't have any newborn experience, but we'll be ttc'ing soon so this is something I've been thinking of also. For me, my babes are 8lbs + at birth, so I'll be skipping any premie stuff.

But here's what I'm planning on (I wash every 2ish days):

1 diaper pail (garbage can with locking lid)
36 wipes (cheap baby washcloths)
24 Motherease Sandys Small (fitted diaper)
6 Aio's (I think they're Gabby's? I found them at a consignment store)
6 infant prefolds
6-8 covers small
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If I had it to do over, I'd get:

2 dozen preemie prefolds (to be used as trifold doublers later)
2 dozen infant prefolds
1 dozen premium prefolds
1-2 dozen premium-size fitteds
6-8 covers in each size (I like Bummis and Thirsties covers)

2 Snappis
2 diaper pail liners (I like PUL pail liners because they can go in the dryer)
2 sizes of zip-top wet bags for outings
1 peri bottle to wet wipes
3 dozen flannel/velour wipes

Minimal stuff, all works together, easy to wash and dry, relatively inexpensive, will last birth to potty for most kids.
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