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RN2Bmommy's Avatar RN2Bmommy 05:24 PM 07-11-2003
Ok, right now I use chumbas super trim, and stork savers for the diaper bag. I need to start thinking about the next size up b/c I have way too many medium AIO's. Chumbas are hard to get, and SS are very expensive. For those of you that use the bumkins, how many can get away with not using a doubler? Or if you do need one, what is the trimmest fleece topped one you use? I have also heard people say that clothes roll into the front of the diaper and get wet. Does this happen? I don't know what type wetter I have. She is 5 months old, and still fits just fine in an infant prefold. I don't have leaks, but most of the fitteds I use plus the other AIO's are hemp. I put her in a bumkins today, and she was just fine for 2 1/2 hours. It was wet but not soaked. Do you think the bumkins will work for her when she gets older?

melaniewb's Avatar melaniewb 05:37 PM 07-11-2003
I never had good luck with Bumkins. They would work one time, and then not the next, so I never knew what to expect. And, yes, they would get the clothes wet half the time. A double didn't seem to do us much good. They are ok for diaperbag purposes, I suppose.

I really, really love my Stork Savers though, and Erin frequently has specials, so maybe you could get one that way that's cheaper. I placed a large order actually and each diaper actually ended up costing slightly over $13, including postage. Plus, even at regular cost, SSs aren't really more than Chumbas once postage is factored in.
LaffNowCryLater's Avatar LaffNowCryLater 05:37 PM 07-11-2003
Ds is 5 months also and I love my Bumkins AIOs. I never had wicking problems and it contains poop very well (Trust me, ds had diarrhea last night and never came out the diaper)
I never put a doubler in mine but even if you did they still would be very trim.
girlzmommy00's Avatar girlzmommy00 06:07 PM 07-11-2003
I really love our Bumkins as well. I use them with some sort of fleece topped hemp doubler to help with absorbancy (usually a Waddlehopper or a fleece topped Joey Bunz).
I even use these over night. I stuff a regular Joey Bunz under the flannel soaker flap in the Bumkin AIO and then have a fleece topped JB on top of the flap. No leaks, even with a heavy wetter!
ksmeadowlark's Avatar ksmeadowlark 08:46 PM 07-11-2003
We always had leaks with Bumkins AIOs with our heavy wetter. Even the doubler didn't seem to help much. Flannel is just a really crappy soaker material, IMHO.

I LOVED the Bumkins covers, however, when they fit DS. He is in between sizes bc he got too long for the rise of the L but sadly, he will never fit into the XL before potty training, it is just too large of a size difference. The covers NEVER leaked for us!!!
Modesto Doula's Avatar Modesto Doula 05:43 AM 07-12-2003
Our Bumkins AIO makes a good swim dipe. Seriously.

But with a fleece topped SMJAE doubler, it works as a good trim dipe for a short time...
Ive never had it leak, but it does get saturated quickly.
Momof3Labs's Avatar Momof3Labs 12:03 PM 07-12-2003
We didn't have much luck with Bumkins, either. Colin was able to pee through them quickly (though he does fine with most other dipes). For inexpensive AIOs, I prefer Proraps (never had a leak with these). And the inner material on the Proraps seems to stay softer than Bumkins. The Proraps seem to run a bit on the small side, but I've only tried one medium velcro AIO - perhaps someone with more experience can comment on them.

Another great AIO option is Jennifer at www.cutest-cloth-diapers.com. Her AIOs are just adorable, always available, and are very inexpensive. She is also offering a hemp doubler now which I would suggest trying. Just watch her size chart since it is a little different than other WAHMs.
Artisan's Avatar Artisan 01:38 PM 07-12-2003
I like how trim Bumkins are, and we've never had a leaking problem. However, I do have to use a doubler if I want them to last more than 90 mn.
hopingforfour's Avatar hopingforfour 05:28 PM 07-12-2003
We like our Bumkins but we have to use a doubler. Tommy is 14 months. I have had the problem of the clothes getting wet especially if he is wearing a 2 piece outfit. The pants seem to slide down into the diaper if that makes sense. In overalls and rompers they are great for outings.
TeriAnn's Avatar TeriAnn 05:59 PM 07-12-2003
we never have leaks with bumkins...we use them with a bizzy b doubler. BUT! i dont use them on the kids if they are wearing pants becasue the waist of the pants rolls down into the top of the bumkin and gets soaked

which bites...because the best part of the bumkin is that it is trim enough for jeans :

i second the prorap AIOs...we use the snap fronts and they work well. or you could use fuzzi bunz for aios...and ME aios dont have the problem of pants going down the front either.

mdcanon8765309's Avatar mdcanon8765309 09:16 PM 07-12-2003
We've had great luck with Bumkins AIOs. They're our prefered diaper bag diaper as well as babysitter diaper. They're definitely our trimmest diaper and last for about 2 hours... Not horrifically long but with the exception of overnight I generally change Ian ever 2 to 2 1/2 hours anyway.
mom2kay's Avatar mom2kay 12:21 AM 07-13-2003
I just put in a hemp doubler and they work great. Very trim and great in the diaper bag or at 2 year old class at church.
me n sweetsaeda's Avatar me n sweetsaeda 02:29 AM 07-13-2003
I love our Bumkins AIO! I haven't had any leaks or wicking at all, and the fit on my chunky little babe is wonderful. I haven't noticed any clothing getting soaked at all....so I can't help you there. I really like that this dipe is SOOO trim. The only doublers I have are the Kissaluvs, but I haven't had to put one in the Bumkins, and she usually wears these on hikes or w/daddy...so I know she goes 2+ hours--no leaks! But the Bumkins would def allow for a doubler, as some dipes are just hard to cram more into.

She's 11 mo, a moderate wetter. It depends on the dipe, some she soaks, some can hold the wetness really well w/no problems. I really like the Bumkins AIO. HTH