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I have a few friends who are having babies, and want to AT LEAST mention to them how easy cloth diapering has become, not to mention how healthy it is. But, I don't want to come across as preachy either, or make them feel inadaquate for using disposables.

So, what is the best way to introduce someone to cloth in a nice manner? And, on the same thought, would it be inappropriate to buy someone a nice cloth diaper or two for a babyshower?


Let me squeeze one more question while I am at it --- this is a "two-for-one" post here! :LOL!

My daughter will be joining her brother this fall in "mother's morning out" at our church. She'll be going two days a week for 3 hours. Do you think I should bring sposies for her to wear, or should I talk to her "teachers" and see if they wouldn't mind chainging an AIO diaper? Anyone here have babies in daycare who wear cloth while there?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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can't answer the first ? b/c I am "preachy" :LOL

I would give cloth diapers if I thought she mightuse them.

DD goes to MDO 2 days a week from 9-2:30. I bought AIO's for them to use And now the mama's in the center are asking me where I got them
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I try really hard not to be preachy. I don't usually say anything about CDing unless I'm asked about it, although sometimes I do tell people to check out his cool diaper if he's wearing a really nice one. Other than that I try not to press the issue - if they're interested, they'll be the ones to steer the conversation that way. If not, I don't want to evangelize.

I would ask the people at the center if they were OK with cloth diapers - if not I would probably just use sposies there. It just doesn't seem worth it to make an issue out of it.
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I love when people ask me about CDing. I don't press the issue either, but I do show them all the cool things that you can get!

When I was going to Gymboree, there was a mother there talking about how bad her dd rashes were. I mentioned that we CD and don't have an issue (totally). She mentioned that her ped. said she needed to CD to help w/ the poo rashes. But she said she thought that she couldn't do it. I showed her fuzzi bunz and how easy it could be and that the poo would fall right off the fleece. GAve her a few sites and left it at that. She most always mentioned me to her dh everytime we same them.

About cding w/ a sitter....well, never done that, but IME, in anything, don't ask, just do it! Get some nice AIO's and bags for them to put the yucky ones in and tell them you'll pick the bags up. Show them how to change the diaper and where to put everything. IMO, it's the same as a sposie. Also, maybe you can have this as backup--get a dr. note saying your child must wear CD's. Heck, I did it once just so I could take back some babyfood that had eggs and milk products in it!
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So, what is the best way to introduce someone to cloth in a nice manner?
I have a friend who is due with her first baby in December. She always comments on Sophies cute diapers. I know she won't have a lot of money so I offered to make her diapers or get her some prefolds. To make her excited and to show her family so that they wouldn't discourage her I gave her a new size 1 Sugarpea diaper. Sophie herself doesn't even have 1. I took one for the team there.
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I think the best way to advertise cloth is to be a walking billboard - let them see your babe in a cute diaper and find some way to change the diaper in front of them. I can't even begin to count how many times people commented on Griffin's "cute baby pants" at our family reunion this past weekend. I'm quick to say "oh, it's his diaper" and when they look puzzled, I tell them "we use cloth diapers." Usually people want to take another look, and I can show them the nifty designs, tell them about snaps and velcro and fitted/AIO diapers. I assure them when they ask that washing them myself is no big deal. We frequently talk about the cost and where to find them.

For a baby shower gift - if I know the mom is planning to CD, I might give a dipe or a dipe package. If I don't know for sure that she wants to, I get something else that I know she wants/needs - I don't think gift-giving is the time to assert my tastes/opinions.

For child care - I put an "easy" dipe like a snapping pocket diaper on Griffin and treat it like it's what every parent does. I can see absolutely no good reason to refuse to change such an easy cloth diaper on a baby! If you only do prefolds, you might want to ask, because they are much more intimidating/confusing to non-CD-ers.


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Ok, i'm preachy and pushy. I try to convert everyone I can get to listen. I would deffinantely give a diaper, or maybe an aio with dress to match--that would be cute

And for me, if ella was going to MDO I would bring her easiest aio's and just expect them to change her, after showing them of course how to. And if they gave me a problem, i would probably be a butthead and take her out. But that's just me, i'm goofy that way.
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You shouldn't have to buy sposies for sitters. I've always left my dd in the church nursery, MDO ladies, and home babysitters with our cloth diapers. I just keep our diaper bag stocked with "easy" CD's. Then when I go out, no matter if its a trip for me and kids, or I'm dropping off the kids, I don't have to worry about what's in the bag. I've never had anyone complain about changing a cloth diaper. If anything, they comment on how neat it is, and some have asked where I get them. Usually they're interested in the whole DCing choice and it turns into a Q&A.

Good luck!
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Salem only goes once a week for 3 hours but our sitter won't use cloth.

Anyway - I show her dipes off a lot. I bought cute tshirts at Old Navy so a lot of times she's just wearing a print and a tshirt (I use the plain white ones and fitteds at home) and people ask and then we get talking. I mention it when moms start talking about saving money and about rashes. Whenever I can get a word in about it I do.

I haven't converted anyone IRL but have online but if I thought someone had a serious interest I would probably buy them a starter set of something.
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With the three friends I converted, I invited them over and then when Abi would need a change I'd invite them back. They were new or expectant moms and were glad for the lesson, then saw I used cloth dipes. They started asking questions, and I told them why I did it, how easy it was, etc. I'm really glad that three of them have decided to use cloth! That's about 30,000 less sposies in landfills! :-)

When I'm out and about I put Abi in the cutest covers I have, and snap diapers, and I don't hide her changes in public places unless she's poopy. I've seen many moms look in an interested (not grossed out) way.


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I usually wait till someone notices our cute dipes/covers and asks...Then I'm all about trying to convert 'em Most expectant moms are really interested and not as judgemental as "seasoned" moms who have only used disposies, IME

For the MDO, I would just bring easy AIOs and if they ask you to bring disposies next time, I'd do that. No biggie.

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Thanks everyone! You are all so right, why would a sitter have a problem changing an AIO? I'll be sure to get a nice bag that the dirties can go into.

I'll have to show off my daughter's diapers more often, and then hopefully that'll open up the door for more conversation. I think if people realized just how EASY it is to cloth these days, more people would do it! Wouldn't that be awesome (hey...but then there would be more stalkers out there on Fridays....hmmmm -- JK!)

Luvofsophie....that is SO sweet of you to buy a sugar peas for your friend! Does she know how HARD those are to come by? A truely unselfish gester for sure!

Thanks again everyone!
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for sitters I always make sure I dunking, no scraping, just roll it up and stuff the dirty in the dirty bag. I got my DCP going on CDs for my dd. I think she was desperate for a client, was willing to do whatever to get a nice client and now is happy enough with the FBs we leave for her that she is going to CD her newborn.

as far as what to get the expectant mom....
you could buy some prefolds and covers....if she doesn't cd (which you hope she might!) she can at least use the prefolds for burp cloths or something useful like that.

Kristin -- mom of Erin (11/5/02) and Leah (9/29/05)
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