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MiamiMami's Avatar MiamiMami 02:17 AM 08-20-2007
Would a large or x-large be better for my 37 lbs, 41" dd? These are to use as overnight dipes.


lyttlewon's Avatar lyttlewon 01:41 AM 08-21-2007
I went with extra large for DD she is 39lbs & 41". She is on the second to the last snap. The large was too small. I also bought extra doublers for night.
bfcdapmamam's Avatar bfcdapmamam 03:07 PM 08-21-2007
Yes, it would
pookel's Avatar pookel 04:18 PM 08-21-2007
Larges are too small for my 30 lb, 35" son - you'd need either XL or Petite.