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Piglet68's Avatar Piglet68 01:51 PM 07-14-2003
We came to CDing rather late: DD was about 8 months when I started. I soon discovered that my baby was a HEAVY wetter, especially at nighttime. After a few leaky combinations, I decided to use a sposie at night. I hated it; but it was really all that worked.

Well, DD is 12 months now, and over the last couple weeks I've noticed that in the morning, her diaper isn't as full as usual, but after her first diaper change, she pees a TON. It occurred to me that she is developing the more "adult" habit of not peeing so much in her sleep, but going first thing in the morning. SO, I decided to give cloth another try.

We used a ME AIO (all I had clean at the time) and 2 JoeyBunz underneath an Aristocrat. I put that on at 9 pm last night, and she was up and changed at 8:30 am. I'm VERY happy to report that there were no leaks, and in fact the diaper was not even soaked.


Anyways, I thought those of you with night-time diapering woes might be happy to know that your child may just grow out of "super soaker while I sleep" mode.

Now, off to buy more JoeyBunz.....

famousmockngbrd's Avatar famousmockngbrd 02:41 PM 07-14-2003
That's great, Piglet! I also use a sposie at night because it's the only thing that works for us. I hate doing it, but I also hate changing a soggy baby in the middle of the night. Good to know there may be hope for us yet!
Jillerina's Avatar Jillerina 02:44 PM 07-14-2003
The exact same thing happened to us about a two weeks ago... ok not the exact same thing but you know what I mean.

We were using pocket diapers with a folded CPF and an insert at night. When we started this routine it was always soaked in the morning. Recently I was noticing that the CPF is not soaked at all in the morning so I decided to try using our usual daytime flannel fitted dipes with an extra insert and a wool cover overnight. Woulden't you know it - no leaks in the morning! Yay, now I don't have to save my pocket dipes for night time use, I can use them as going out diapers if I want to!!
Heavenly's Avatar Heavenly 05:46 PM 07-14-2003
That's great! We use a large Fuzzi Bunz stuffed with a toddler prefold for our 8 month old and she goes 11 hours with no leaks. On the 2.5 year old we use a large Fuzzi Bunz stuff with a toddler prefold and a doubler.
MamaMonica's Avatar MamaMonica 06:16 PM 07-14-2003
That's great!