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Mommy&Will's Avatar Mommy&Will 05:40 PM 07-17-2003
Has anyone ever sewed fleece onto their prefolds? I'm thinking about doing this. I would love to just grab a fleeced prefold and fold it into a cover.

That's better than a fitted as far as I'm concerned. What do you think?

Scarlet's Avatar Scarlet 06:07 PM 07-17-2003
yup, our hemp nighttime prefolds have a strip of micro sewn down the middle.
Rollermommy's Avatar Rollermommy 06:17 PM 07-17-2003
I have thought about this exact thing several times and here's what i've come up with. First it would depend on how you planned on folding. Would you cover both sides so no matter how you fold, the fleece is always up against you baby's skin? Or all of one side? Or just a strip down the middle? And you wouldnt want to do all the prefolds in case you wanted to do a bikini twist. Well, as you can see, all i have come up with are more questions
Mommy&Will's Avatar Mommy&Will 06:53 PM 07-17-2003
First, Scarlet, did you make your fleece prefolds or buy them? If bought, where?

Now - how about this idea.... I think I would just put fleece on one side of the prefold. That way I could snappi it, bikini it (although I have found I don't like this much so probably wouldn't do it alot) or tri-fold it, or FINALLY, fold it this way:


I like that fold - that way ds would have fleece all over his bum within the cover.

Now, can I buy cheap fleece at Wal mart or do I have to get special fleece???
HeatherSanders's Avatar HeatherSanders 06:57 PM 07-17-2003
I have considered this too, but I primarily fold down my prefold in front and then snappi atop that fold down part - which is RIGHT WHERE the fleece would be if it was sewn internally (on one side).

But this can be remedied (if you are a pin/snappi fan) by not folding down the front until AFTER you have snappi-ed or pinned and then fold the front down OVER the snappi or pins. Then it would work - except if you've had to fold it in AT ALL on the thigh -you would still have a small folded area in the front and at both thighs that was 100% cotton.

All in all, it is much easier to just cut a piece of fleece in a large hourglass and lay it in the diaper before placing baby atop it.
Scarlet's Avatar Scarlet 07:07 PM 07-17-2003
I made them, but if you sew at all it is very easy to do, as fleece doesn't ravel you can just zig zag it in place.

up until a few weeks ago we just trifolded a prefold into a side snap fleece cover at night so they worked well for us.
beebs's Avatar beebs 09:47 PM 07-17-2003
...I didn't want to start a new thread cuz it seemed related:

How do you lay your fleece liner in a cpf? I've seen pics on punkinbutt.com that show a liner folded into the newspaper fold and it also said you can place a liner over the twist on the twist fold.

So can you put a liner on top of the newspaper fold, or any fold? How is it effective if the fleece is folded into the, um, fold? That's what I don't get if fleece is sewn onto the prefold.

If it's more effective to put the liner on top of the folded cpf (but before baby is on it), can the liner peek out at the legs or should you tuck them into the stride? Will this cause wicking? I cut up some rectangles, but I can't see how they will either not peek out the sides if I want complete coverage or bunch up in the middle if I tuck them in.

No baby yet, just conceptual issues :
HeatherSanders's Avatar HeatherSanders 09:52 PM 07-17-2003
I do it both ways. The reason it works for me to put it in before I fold it is simply because I had girls and they don't 'pee' up front. Now that I have Kenny, I place it directly atop the diaper right before Kenny goes on it. If you do this on a bikini fold, I recommend pulling it up over the stride area flat on baby and then, pulling up and twisting the prefold. This way it ends up where it is supposed to be.
Ms.Doula's Avatar Ms.Doula 10:29 PM 07-17-2003
HEATHER~ you are a FRIGGIN GENIOUS! I never thought of that!!! Woo HOO!! Bikini twist here I come!! ------>>>>>
HeatherSanders's Avatar HeatherSanders 11:46 PM 07-17-2003
:LOL Would you TELL my husband? :LOL

Seriously, I felt like I had to learn a new mode of diapering with Kenny . . . what seemed to work for my Meredith (body type and everything) was less than effective for Kenny.

Glad it helped.