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nicandboys's Avatar nicandboys 07:48 PM 07-17-2003
I am in desperate need of a fitted with gussets for my toddler. You'd think it would be the breastfed 1 yr old we'd be having a poop containment problem with, but it is my 2 yr old.

Bodinks is closed. Or I'd be trying those for sure. I have an order in with elbee for a dozen dipes with sidewalls, which would probably work wonderfully on him and be a lifesaver right now, but I am #82 if i recall correctly, so that means I'll get my diapers in September or October at this rate, and I need some now.

Any suggestions? I've been checking out some great looking diapers I have on the way or want to try- kindhearted women, sugarbums, firefly. But none of those have gussets. Help!

Sandra Dee's Avatar Sandra Dee 07:54 PM 07-17-2003
I've never seen fitteds with gussets

We always used an elasticized leg fitted (like kissaluvs or Sandy's) and used a gusseted *cover*.
reeseccup's Avatar reeseccup 08:12 PM 07-17-2003
If you know how to sew or know someone that does, the PooPocket pattern is my favorite gusseted diaper and is easy to make. I wish you luck in your search.
BelovedBird's Avatar BelovedBird 08:40 PM 07-17-2003
Country comfort diapers have gussets. These are not natural diapers (material contains a big percentage of polyester) and the velcro is not the greatest but the gussets definately help them contain the messes. Used with a snug cover they are really good. They are also very inexpensive .

Rebecca's Avatar Rebecca 10:45 PM 07-17-2003
All I can think of right now are elbee and zootkitty, and both are hard to come by.

I got a prowraps aio recently and actually really like it. It's cpf fabric inside, in a quick-dry design, with huge gussets and snaps (well, snap tape, but it works). They're frequently on ebay.
des's Avatar des 11:45 PM 07-17-2003
Zootykitty is the only gussetted diaper I know off, but I don't know if she's taking orders or not...
I always heard good things about them, but never tried one myself.