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mom2mygirls's Avatar mom2mygirls 03:07 PM 07-18-2003
Can I just lay a Chinese prefold in a side snapping cover or will it not work I cant use a wrap style because Kimberly will take it off. so I just thought I would ask thanks.

tuffykenwell's Avatar tuffykenwell 03:11 PM 07-18-2003
If you do up the prefold somehow you can...like with a snappi or with pins, but you can't just lay the diaper into a side snapping cover because they don't hold it tight enough to baby to keep the diaper from shifting...


Marco Esquandolas's Avatar Marco Esquandolas 03:12 PM 07-18-2003
The only side snap cover I have that I can do that with my my sugarpeas. All the other ones are too big or too roomy so the pf just kinda slides down inside the cover into almost a ball. Maybe you could try a front snap wrap cover instead of aplix?
GiraffeLovin'Mama's Avatar GiraffeLovin'Mama 03:16 PM 07-18-2003
I have had no problems with trifolding and laying in a side snapping sugarpeas, stacinator or side aplix ivy rose. I'll have to try it w/my fuzeasy and lyk
mymommyto4's Avatar mymommyto4 03:33 PM 07-18-2003
Yep, you could do that with a side aplix, but not a side snap.
mom2mygirls's Avatar mom2mygirls 04:39 PM 07-18-2003
Thanks everyone I think Iam going to go with a wrap and just keep after her in keeping it on I was thinking about getting some bumkins or bummis but not sure which yet Thanks, Christina
mymommyto4's Avatar mymommyto4 04:49 PM 07-18-2003
The Bummis wraps have smaller tabs, so it might be harder for her to get a hold of or to get a tight enough grip on it to take it off. Just a thought!
mom2mygirls's Avatar mom2mygirls 05:06 PM 07-18-2003
Thanks I didnt think of that.

Sandra Dee's Avatar Sandra Dee 05:18 PM 07-18-2003
shorts & rompers are a toddler mama's friend
cassdarrow's Avatar cassdarrow 01:23 AM 07-19-2003
Pins, Pins, Pins (I really need a smilie for that, I say it so much). You can pin the covers on. If the covers are PUL with velcro, just pin the tabs to each other. You can do this even if they do not overlap. Lift one tab a little bit, put the pin through the end. Lift the other tab likewise and put the pin through it. Then close the pin.

(Did I mention my little one is named Houdini?)