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gurumama's Avatar gurumama 05:04 PM 07-22-2003
...for a Ukrainian orphanage project I'm working on? You can learn more about the effort at

I'm collecting stuff for Kherson, where the orphanage serves 100 children ages newborn to 5.

I have about 20 small and nb diaper covers, but no small prefolds. I'm sending off a bunch of larger sized-stuff (37 covers and about 90 diapers in larger sizes) but would really like to send these small covers with about 80 small prefolds to go with them. I'm financially tapped from collecting for this effort (I've already sent more than 300 POUNDS of stuff over the past 2 months and shipping to Ukraine is expensive!) and am now trying to collect donated items.

So, if you have preemie/newborn sized prefolds and/or receiving blankets (they cost $7-9 EACH in Ukraine! Yikes!) and would be willing to send them to me to be shipped to the orphanage, please PM me. We're accepting items in ALL conditions--with small tears and any kind of stains. They have nothing, so anything is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


HeatherSanders's Avatar HeatherSanders 05:32 PM 07-22-2003
C'mon mommas . . . let's diaper these babies' bums.

So, do they need to be pre-washed?

I'd be in for 4 dz. Preemie cpfs. Do they need Diaper Pins?
gurumama's Avatar gurumama 05:42 PM 07-22-2003
double post--weird things going on!
gurumama's Avatar gurumama 05:43 PM 07-22-2003
WOW! Thanks Heather!

So far we're sending velcro covers, so I haven't been collecting pins, but now that you mention it, if you have them to donate, I'll take 'em!

BTW, if anyone is a diapering WAHM or wants a little free publicity, we have a "thank you" page on the Abrah site and I can have you included on there for any donations.

If you're an individual donating, we'd love to add a "thank you" for you as well, but if you'd prefer to be anonymous, that's cool too. Just let me know when you PM me.

On the pre-wash issue: if possible, it would be great. But if it's easier to send then without the pre-wash, that's fine too.

Woo hoo!

HeatherSanders's Avatar HeatherSanders 05:52 PM 07-22-2003
Mel, prefolds would take up much less space unwashed . . . that is something to consider for shipping. So, you let us know. PM me with mail to address, if you would.
mom2mygirls's Avatar mom2mygirls 06:45 PM 07-22-2003
This may not be much but I got a premie chinese prefold as a gift from a wahm it is just collecting dust I could donate that Ill have to look and see about the covers. I just want to add this is a good thing your doing.
cariadanam's Avatar cariadanam 07:31 PM 07-22-2003
I have some preemie prefolds just waiting for a good home, pm me the info and I'll send them your way!
Muggins&Doody's Avatar Muggins&Doody 07:40 PM 07-22-2003
I have 6 infant prefolds, I know it's not much, but I'll PM ya anyways. I also have small covers if you need anymore...
Midnightowl's Avatar Midnightowl 07:42 PM 07-22-2003
I've got some Ecology Kids wraps that someone gave me and I never used. They aren't pretty, but I believe they still work. Can they use them? If so, PM me your address and I'll send them out. I've also got some flannel contour diapers that aren't being used and I'm sure I can round up some small flannel receiving blankets.

Also, do you have a paypal account set up for money donations to help with shipping?
HeatherSanders's Avatar HeatherSanders 07:49 PM 07-22-2003
Originally posted by Midnightowl
Also, do you have a paypal account set up for money donations to help with shipping?
VERY good idea, Lisa!
gurumama's Avatar gurumama 08:09 PM 07-22-2003
OK, I'm PMing y'all with my address as fast as I can! Thanks!

Yes, there is a paypal account for donations on the abrah site--it's under the Kherson page, at

I'm choosing to pay for the shipping to Ukraine out of my own pocket as my way of contributing to charity.

Any donations made at the Abrah site go directly to the orphanage for food--people are adopting 2 year olds from these orphanages who weigh 14 or 15 lbs (!!! my kids both weighed that much at 6 months!), so I'd rather see any donations go to the kids for food than to me for shipping.

So thank you thank you thank you!

Ms.Doula's Avatar Ms.Doula 09:09 PM 07-22-2003
This is awesome! I can't afford to donate $$$, and I dont have any Small diaps..... But I wanna adopt a little one!! You have me in tears Re:15 lb. 2 yo!

You mommas are awesome! Show true Agape Love, sisters!!!!

HeatherSanders's Avatar HeatherSanders 09:37 PM 07-22-2003
I want one of these 2 year olds . . . 15 lbs.! Seriously - THEY could wear Infant Diapers . . . that is awful!
cassdarrow's Avatar cassdarrow 11:50 PM 07-22-2003
I don't have anything you've asked for that i am not activley using. I can't afford to replace it just now. Can you think of anything else?

Oh, wait, can you use Bummis cotton wraps? They are a large, but seem very small to me, and we outgrew them a few weeks ago. When I say they seem small, my guy weighs 24 lbs, so they fit less than that.
pb_and_j's Avatar pb_and_j 12:48 AM 07-23-2003
Do they have to be new ones? Or can they be used?
gurumama's Avatar gurumama 10:34 AM 07-23-2003
Used! New! torn! Whatever! The primary things we're collecting now are:

* prefolds, preemie through toddler, with an emphasis on the preemie/infant--if you're diapering 15 lb 2 year olds, they're in the tiny sizes for a looooooooong time

* receiving blankets, other blankets, crib sheets, twin sheets. bedding is EXTREMELY expensive in Ukraine--$7-9 for a large receiving blanket! Keep in mind the orphanage raises these kids on $.86 a DAY, each. Now imagine coughing up $7 for a blanket when when you get $.86 a day per kid.

* money for food. $5 will feed a baby an extra 16 oz of formula each day for a MONTH. You can donate $ directly via PayPal at http:/

but if there's something else--covers, pins, snappis, shoes--anything on the list for Kherson at the abrah website--I'll happily collect it.

Thanks so much for being such caring mamas! I got into this effort when I learned that at a different orphanage they didn't have enough diapers--babies 12 months and over were denied liquids between meals and had to sit in bowls (chamber pots) after meals until they eliminated. The picture of 15 kids sitting in bowls, their heads shaved (because when you have 100 kids, it's the easiest way to control lice), tiny but smiling, broke my heart. That was 4 months ago and since then this has been my project.

We're going to Ukraine in 2004 and we might come home with one of those tiny kids!
cariadanam's Avatar cariadanam 01:57 PM 07-23-2003
What about bassinet sheets?
ryansmom02's Avatar ryansmom02 02:02 PM 07-23-2003
i want to say you are doign a great thing mama.......... i watched the slide show of pics and my heart just broke..... my 16 month olf is almost 30lbs........ poor little kids.....
mamamoo's Avatar mamamoo 02:11 PM 07-23-2003
Mama, when are you sending the package? I won't have $$ to send the stuff I have until the 1st, but I will go through all of my stuff and see what I have...

I can't even fathom the life these kids are in...we have so much!

edited to ask if they will take baby cereal(infant ceraeal, unopened, it's light, and I have way more than I need).?
cariadanam's Avatar cariadanam 02:37 PM 07-23-2003
I have some infant cereal I can send too, if we can.
pb_and_j's Avatar pb_and_j 12:16 AM 07-25-2003
Mel~ Bumping this up again... I've got a load of laundry in the washer now (infant prefolds, crib sheets, blankets, etc) for you. Could you pm me your address so I can send it off?

Also, do you think it would be more cost efficient to send things directly there, instead of shipping them to you and then shipping them overseas? Or would it be easier to send one big box from you? LMK... I'll have the box ready in a few days.
3girlsmommy's Avatar 3girlsmommy 12:07 PM 07-25-2003
I have a couple of recieving blankets that I could donate as well as a couple of newborn prefolds and I think a bunch of gerber diaper wraps. I'm new to this group and I don't know how to pm so plesae let me know how to get this stuff to you.
gurumama's Avatar gurumama 01:02 PM 07-25-2003
infant cereal, unopened: yes! I just sent one box of it off in a large box of stuff a few weeks ago. It's so lightweight that it's cost-effective to ship.

sending stuff directly to Ukraine yourself: it's MUCH more cost-effective for me to be the gathering point, unless you're sending 30lbs or more.

bassinet sheets--I don't think they use them--they just put 3 kids in a crib.

i'm sending the packages as i fill them, but not until after aug. 1. so mamamoo, send it off if you can!
gurumama's Avatar gurumama 01:09 PM 07-25-2003
gurumama's Avatar gurumama 02:54 PM 07-26-2003
I am swimming in diapers today! Thanks so much to and Mother of Eden/Fuzzibuns! I received 48 CPFs from and 204 CPFs from Mother of Eden!

I would like to thank all the folks who donate by including you on our "loving hearts" page at, so when you mail anything in, just include a note with your name and hometown, or "anonymous" if you want to stay that way.

If you're a small business or corporation, we'll provide a link to your website on our page. I want to be able to acknowledge everyone who donates.

You mamas are soooooooooo generous!

Many thanks,

mamamoo's Avatar mamamoo 05:21 PM 07-26-2003
I wanted to let you know I am getting a bunch of stuff from the mamas in my 2 playgroups here, and will probably end up just sending the package straight to the orphanage, I'm pretty sure it will be over 30 pounds, I even have a couple of mamas willing to help me with the shipping!! Thanks for the info on this mama!!

gurumama's Avatar gurumama 03:14 PM 08-05-2003
I wanted to update everyone.

Box #1 went out Friday. It contained:

76 disposables
31 cloth diapers
22 covers
16 kid sippy cups
2 kid plates
27 pair of tights
13 plastic pants
10 crib sheets
2 toys
5 pr shoes
29 blankets

37 lbs of stuff!

Box #2 is going today. It contains:

1 carrying case
12 plastic pants
45 cloth diapers
33 covers
15 pieces of clothing
4 toys
4 pr socks
9 pr underwear
3 pr shoes
10 lbs laundry soap
8 AIOs

about 40 lbs total.

I have more stuff still to go, but am waiting for a full box. I would like to thank the folks who've sent stuff:
someone from C'ville, GA
someone from Virginia Beach, VA
someone from Peoria, AZ
(I don't know your screen names! PM me so I can put 2+2 together!)

Did I miss anyone? We want to thank you personally, so PM me how you'd like to appear on the loving hearts page (i.e. anon., or name and city, or whatever).

Thanks again, and I'll post you on the next shipments!

jmundie's Avatar jmundie 07:17 PM 08-07-2003
I have some new receiving blankets that I would like to send to you. Please tell me how to get them to you!

~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 07:25 PM 08-07-2003
I have some blankets and I can make some hemp prefolds tonight.
Melaniee's Avatar Melaniee 07:31 PM 08-07-2003
Melanie it is so wonderful that you are doing this! I sent them some stuff to babymarketplace in Canada and I can only imagine what a 'gift' you are giving in the shipping alone!

Are you in the US or Canada as well?

Next time I meet up with some moms I will bring this up, because I had so much stuff that I didn't need it was unreal. I am sure they can help these little ones out some more!
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