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I'm planning a nine day airplane trip with my 1 1/2 year old. I'm debating on whether to bring my CD and how much of a hassle it will be to wash. I'll have washing machine access for the 1st 6 days and probably not the last three. I really want to bring my CDs (b/c DS hasn't been in sposies since he was in the hospital), but I need some encouragement of how easy its going to be.

Also, if anyone has good recommendations on how to entertain a toddler on a 4-hr plan ride, please let me know.

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I don't know anything about CD-ing and travel, but for entertainment I would bring a mini-dvd player, new books, and some new toys that you can bring out just for the trip. Make sure your dc doesn't see them before you get on the plane, though! I just had an 8 hr fligt with my (then 18m) ds...I kept him up all night without a nap until we got on the plane and then he slept practically the whole way. It was great!

Mom to two fabulous boys! Ds1 (9 yrs) & ds2 (7 yrs)
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I chickened out on a trip across country this summer because the flight with my very active toddler scared me! I think the portable DVD player that the pp suggested sounds great! You can rent them at some airports now even. My dad just bought one not too long ago at Radio Shack for $150 I think? My son doesn't watch TV but I'd pull out all the stops to get him to sit still for 4 hours

As for the CDs, I'm the same, I haven't put a sposie on my boy since we left the hospital when he was 2 days old. We have done LOTS of travelling and a couple LONG camping trips. If you have access to wash them for the first 6 days then I especially think it won't be a problem. I actually ended up packing them in a large duffel that I bought at a camping store for $19. For the longest trip we went on I brought EVERY SINGLE one we had and didn't use them all. And I had to go much longer than 3 days w/o washing.

I don't think you'll have any problems at all. Have fun!

Erin sharing life with a burly husband and two rad boys 7/06 & 5/09 : : Zone 9-ish
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We do 3-4 day trips 5 hours away about once a month. We've also done a few longer trips more like 10 hours away. We've used CD for all of it. DD's never worn sposies in her life I wouldn't even know how to buy them for her. It's never been a big deal at all. You can do it.

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we've flown cross country and to Israel and back...this is like a full day of travel just on the plane, nevermind the time spent in one place or the other. No problem with cloth, just bring a wet bag for the plane and the trip and wash when you can.

Was super super easy.

We've even done it with TWO kids in diapers!!/pages/Wise-Woman-Fertility/182752565080597
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I just went the sposie route when I travelled. I didn't want to deal with carrying around a wetbag on the plane or with packing all of my cloth diapers (I'm a light packer). I'm also not super attached to CDing.

As for ways to entertain a toddler, my 21 mo old DD loved coloring in her coloring book (a bought a zippered pouch to put all of the crayons in) and playing with an elmo sticker book when we were on the plane over the holidays. I also bought a pill case (those with the days of the week on them) and filled each compartment with a tiny snack (dried cranberry, goldfish cracker, etc.) She had a blast opening and closing the compartments and eating what was inside. She also liked playing with the tray table, the arm rest, and the window shade (anything that she could put up and down.) Good luck.

mama to DD (7), DS (3.5), and another DS arriving in August!

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I def would not do CD on a trip...

and there is a great thread on traveling long times with a toddler in the past couple of days...

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We used/use disposables when we travel.

Mom to dd (8), ds (6), and dd (1)

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I've traveled with DS in CDs, super easy. we had access to washer/dryer, so it wasn't any big deal.
The flight w/ CDs wasn't any biggie, I just packed his diaperbag like normal, with an extra or 2 just in case and my wetbag. I tried to make sure to pack enough (in our luggage) for 2-3 days without a wash, but that was overkill, but better then underkill, ya know?

I had a travel bag for the Britax, to check, and so it was easy to throw the diapers in his seat (where he would normally sit), zip up the bag and away it went. I didn't have to worry about diapers taking up space in the suitcase.
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We do it. But to be honest, we also travel with sposies when there is no washer available. I use a dry bag that I got at MEC. Are you crossing any borders in your travels? Because if you are, goddess help the poor immigration official that has to search that bag!

As far as entertainment goes, I would invest in a handful of small toys (cars, planes, etc) that you can surprise him with once the plane gets going. And lots of little interesting snacks, maybe some new books, hand puppets.

Diane, SAHM to DD (June 05) and DS (April 07).
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I took my time traveling with just CD's, but I shouldn't have been so concerned. I make sure I've got plenty and I found out that a lot of airports have care areas where there's sposies, baby food, etc (Minneapolis is one).

I LOVE flats for travelling.. and even CAMPING! They wash out clean and dry fast. Flats and PUL covers are the best combo for light, quick dry dipes.

4 hours should be fine, the excitement of the trip will go a long way. I recommend not introducing the fold down tray, but supervision of the lights and air is good.

I also highly recommend taking a carseat on the plane. I find the 5-pt harness invaluable!


Alaskan Mom to 2 boys
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You can do it. Just maybe have an extra bag for the ones you cant wash. But rinse them REALLY well and your fine! You cna do this.
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What we did recently was a combo - sposies on the actual travel day and cloth while we were there. It worked well for us.
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I used disposables on a trip once, when my daughter was 6 weeks old. We've been on lots of trips since then and we've always used cloth. For us it's been really easy, just as easy as cloth diapering at home really, as long as we have access to a washer and dryer.

When I flew with my daughter from Atlanta to Connecticut, she had her own (small) suitcase. One half of the suitcase had clothes and toys, the other half had a couple of dozen diapers. I also took a large, clean wetbag (we use Swaddlebees, they run about $12.95 and have an elastic closure). All of that was checked with our luggage. I also had our diaper bag and travel-sized wetbag in there, as usual.

When I got to my friend's house I hung my wetbag on the door in our guest bedroom and put all of my dirty diapers in there. I had actually planned on washing and bringing back all clean diapers (I like to travel with clean clothes/diapers whenever possible), but it didn't work out so when it was time to leave, I put the wetbag with the dirty diapers into my daughter's suitcase. It wasn't a big deal, didn't leak, didn't smell, and when we got home we (of course) washed diapers and clothes as usual. Easy peasy!

You can do it, if you want to. I had a lot of reasons for wanting to try - cost, commitment to cloth, just curiosity to see how it would go. Once I realized it wasn't a big deal I just decided to always travel with cloth. I guess the worse thing that could happen would be that you decided you didn't like it and used disposables for the rest of the trip.

Blair, mom to the amazing Nora (8/06) ribboncesarean.gif, sweet Anneliese (2/10) vbac.gif, and super Henry (8/12) vbac.gif

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Don't forget to take a bottle or sippy cup to help clear the ears on takeoff. The sucking can help make them pop.
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We usually do half cloth and half g diapers or sposies. I keep the cloth for night time and travel times and use the sposies other times. This way I know the sposies are going to leak or explode on the plane/car ride nor at night in a hotel bed. We are going on a car trip next week and I got g diapers ( for during the day and we are taking our cloth for the rest of it.

wife to treehugger.gif, mama to carrot.gif(7/06) and joy.gif(4/09), plusdog2.gif

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I've always continued with cloth when traveling. If you have access to a washer, it's really not a big deal. You'll have to pack diapers anyway, whether they are cloth or sposie, and if you and your dc aren't used to sposies, there's always the chance that you could have problems using them (you might buy the wrong size, or ones that leak; some very sensitive children can have skin reactions to sposies).

The only advice I would add, if you are planning to cd while traveling, is to bring your own laundry detergent. I once had to use a different detergent while at my mom's house, and my ds had a bad reaction to it.
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we spent two weeks in costa rica and managed to cd just fine. it's possible and wasn't really that difficult.
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