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Environmental Reasons 19 12.93%
Both Economic and Environmental (which is primary?) 86 58.50%
Other 21 14.29%
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I am curious about this. My primary motivation for CDing is to save $$. Especially since DH and I would love to have a "quiverful". I know a lot of women do it for environmental reasons (hence the $40 dipes out there .

Please share your reasons.

Poll is coming!!

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Both environmental and money and other The reason I switched to begin with was that it just hit me one time when I was paying $35 for a big box of diapers that was just going to go in the trash. I started feeling like I was "literally" throwing money away. I'm kinda glad I don't know how much we spent on sposies for the first 15 months. The environmental thing is big with me now, too. Alllllll those disposable diapers sitting there in least when my CDs get to the point of being thrown away (after exhausting all other non-diapering uses for them), it'll just be a few dozen and not thosands.

And, the other: Cuteness! I use to hate seeing DS's sposies sticking out of the top of his pants, but I love seeing CD cuteness. Also, the health issues, more breathability, etc.

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Mine were environmental, financial, but most of all, the health reasons. Do you know what's in those sposies? Ew!

: Mama to ds (5) and dd (3) and .
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I voted both.

Plus, disposable diapers have always totally grossed me out...

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Hate to admit it, but I sposied my 1st dd...and after learning that I put around 10,000 dipes in a landfill for the next 500 years, that was enough for me! YUCK! Plus, I'll save at least $1000 cd'ing...which always helps! Kids are pretty expensive without the additional cost of diapers!!! And they're very cute!
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Both environmental and economic. Once I got into the swing of thing, I'd want to add "convenience" as well- no more running out to the store to buy more diapers, no more "uh oh, do we have enough diapers to last til the next paycheck?"- running low on dipes just meant doing another load of laundry and not having to GO anywhere!

Ruth, single mommy to Leah, 19, Hannah, 18 (commuting to college), and Jack, 13(homeschooled)
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It was actually DH's idea. His sister CD's her kids, and his parents used cloth too. Before his sister used them I didn't know cloth diapers were out there still... I later found out my mom used cloth of me because I had a reaction to disposables.

Anways, DH wanted to use cloth to save money since we'd get our strash from his sister. We haven't had to spend much on CDing at all. Apart from extra water usage to strip and whatnot.
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It started out being for money.

Then I did some research and found out what an environmental nightmare disposables are, so then it was more environmental. (Although, if it were MAINLY environmental, I would be using organic cotton flats and organic wool exclusively, which, um, I don't.)

Then I had an actual baby and realized that I could not bring myself to put chemicals on her butt and seal her up in plastic, not even while traveling.

So I'd say it's a mix of money, environment, and health. Besides, cloth is just nicer. Kind of like using real dishes instead of paper plates, only better.

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4 reasons that I can think of off the top of my head:

1. Environmental. We live on an island, the landfills are filling up fast and I don't want to contribute tons of paper, plastic and human waste to them.

2. Economic. We use pocket diapers which are not the cheapest option and it still saves us a lot of money.

3. They must be comfier than diaposables. Can you imagine wearing pads 24 hours a day for 2+ years? No thanks, I'd much rather have soft cotton or fluffy fleece against my skin.

4. They are so darn cute.
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Allergy to the disposables.. Nathan's little but broke out and bled

Jeana Christian momma to 4 sons Logan 18, Connor 15, Nathan 6, and bonus baby Jack 1
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I started because I didn't like the chemicals in most sposies. Then for environmental and economical reasons. Now I do it because I am a cd addict and I must feed my addiction.


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Listed in order of importance to me. . .

1. It's better for DD. We used sposies for the first month or so. DD's bottom was always on the edge of breaking out in diaper rash. The skin was always angry red. With cloth the skin on her bottom is the same color as the rest of her skin. I've found that a few hours in a specific brand of sposie turns my laid back, content baby into a screaming, inconsolable baby.

2. Cost. I hated spending so much on something I was just throwing away. Honestly, with DH's new job, we could afford it but my frugal nature was offended.

3. Environment. It's nice to be doing something to reduce the amount of waste I put out.

Kristy, wife to Josh proud mama to Katie: since 3/08 and Emma since 8/12.

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I'm not proud to say we used sposie's on our oldest and our twins. My mom used cloth with me and my brothers and suggested it to me (she used flats and rubber pants) and it sounded so unappealing to me plus I thought people didn't have to do *that* anymore.

I started getting interested in it when I was pregnant with the last one. I researched the heck out of it. For months. I researched it so much that I wasn't convinced until he was a couple weeks old. Then we ordered and started when he was almost a month old. He's 14 months now and I'm so happy with our decision and only wish we would have used them with all the boys.

Our primary reason is because of what's in the diapers. It's scary. And environmental reasons as well. Money is a nice benefit as well. I love not going down the diaper aisle! I remember a few times when the older boys were in diapers and we would run out and I'd have to call dh to bring some home on his way home from work. No more of that!
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it started out as pure laziness. I knew when I was pregnant that getting to the store would be a pain. DH travels and I don't have any family here, so it would be me on my own with a newborn to juggle. I wouldn't have to stress about if I had enough sposies to last through the day or did I HAVE to go to the store today. With CD I could through them in the wash and I really don't mind doing laundry. This is also the same reason I considered nursing. In the end, I learned a ton about CD and nursing, the many environmental aspect, the cost factor, the health factor.

I got a bunch of sposies at my baby shower that I used, then I bought a pack or two after that, mostly for ds to where out of the house and to help DH transition. It took me a bit to jump in, but now I am totally hooked. I can't stand putting sposies on ds, in fact, we are currently traveling out of state and he is in sposies right now. It absolutely is revolting to me, they smell so bad and I feel guilty about 'putting him through this' for my convenience. (He actually doesn't seem to care what he is wearing, but I can't wait to get home and put something fluffy on his behind)
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I chose "other". I CD because it's healthier for my children. The environmental and cost benefits are bonuses.

Mom to DS March '05 and : DD Feb. '08
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Economic, but I never would have done it had I not discovered EC and read that cloth made it easier.

I acknowledge that it's better for the environment, but... I wouldn't do it just for that.
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For us it was the cost and the environmental benefit.
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For me it started off as financial reasons but since switching I have realized how much better it is environmentally so that keeps me going. Well that and the fact I have realized it really isn't any more work than disposables!

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I started for financial reasons with a very "well, we'll do this around the house to save a little money" attitude. Then I found this forum and got hooked! Now I do it because it's more fun than disposibles, which keeps me from resenting having to do it, which makes me a better mother.

Financial and Environmental benefits are great. But I do it cuz I really like it.

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My best friend was pregnant with her first and I had just had my second. She told me she was going to CD and I secretly thougth she was crazy. I talked to my older sister about it, who doesn't have children but changed my cloth diapers, and she said it was super simple and really sparked my interest. I started researching and decided to give it a try when my DD2 was 3 months old. I fell in love with it mostly because they are so cute! CDing has actually led me to be more aware of the environment.
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Both. Environmental reasons are probably more important to me.

Jam 7, Peanut Butter 5, and Bread 2.

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I voted environmental, but my list in order would be:

1) Health - no icky chemicals from disposables.

2) Environmental

3) Cuteness, softness, traditional.....

4) Money savings

Me and my brother were both cloth diapered too!

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We CD for a variety of reasons as well.

1. Health/Comfort - I know that I got rashy when I used disposable pads. I couldn't imagine what 24/7 for close to 2 years would be like for my LO. Plus fabric just feels nicer than paper and the gel just creeps me out.

2. Economics - It's been mentioned before, but I just couldn't justify spending all that money on stuff that was only destined for the garbage.

3. Environmental - See #2 - That's a whole lot of trash that we're not generating thanks to cloth!

4. Convenience - No midnight diaper runs.

5. Poop containment - With the exception of this morning when I decided to nurse side-lying in an uncovered PF (silly me!), we have only had blowouts in sposies.

And of course there is the added bonus of the cute factor.
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Only environmental. And because the thought of disposables on my child makes me sick.
I would spend a lot less money if used pampers.
But I am a high end fitteds and wool girl.

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other: better for baby. echo pp: do you know what they put in disposable diapers!?!? yuck!

environmental and economic reasons were great upsides as well, but they weren't the primary reasons for us.
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My reasons for CD'ing...

1) Baby's comfort (who wants to wear paper diapers?!?!)

2) It's fun! (too many cute dipes out there!)

2) Environmental concerns about waste

3) Save $$$

Libby blahblah.gif, momma to my precious little girl (6/29/07) 
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I voted environmental because that was my first and last thought when making the decision. Then I went and did some math (I'm compulsive like that). So far our stash has cost ~$1,000. That feels like so much money. Some of it came from our baby shower or gift certificates so I don't feel too bad. We also plan to sell some of the Swaddlebees because ended up with too many and don't get through them before we need to do laundry anyway. So a little bit of that will come back. We will be buying more in the next couple sizes, but not that many because we are already starting EC and we're doing really well.

My guesstimate is that we will actually spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500 by the time we are done with diapers. (I like pockets a fair bit.) I may get this amount lowered by asking family to buy diapers in the next sizes for Christmas.

If I spent $15/week on disposable diapers (which seems to be about what it would cost based on my research) I would be spending $780/year. We are planning to have three kids. This means that I will have made my money back on a little over three years of diapering babies and I will probably have somewhere between 6 and 8 years of diapering babies. w00t.

My advice may not be appropriate for you. That's ok. You are just fine how you are and I am the right kind of me.

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1) better for DS
2) cheaper for us
3) not wasteful
4) cuteness!
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We chose to for environmental reasons. But to be honest, now it's all about the cuteness.
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I chose both. Originally it was for financial reasons. We are a no income family (ha!) because my husband is in school full time and I'm a full time mom. Our goal is to live on only what we need, live simply. We do this because we believe it is healthiest spiritually, and that includes being good to the environment. I pretty much do it for all the reasons listed above (including a pretty bad addiction to the cuteness!) , but the main reason is living a simple life where we aren't just CONSUMING everything in site.
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