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We LOVE our Happy Heinys. I am a mom who converted to cloth on baby #2 when she was already 8 months old. After using trim dispoables for so long, I just cannot get used to anything but out nie, trim Happy Heinys. I love all of the cute prints and solids and we've never had a leak at all. Happy Heinys are our diapers of choice!
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Love our Happy Heiny's!
They make up a large part of my stash, in fact.
Here are my pros and cons. (Easiest way for me to organize my review.)

Pros for most recent design, particularly the solids:

Trim fit that is nice for day use. Narrower through the crotch than FB's. With hemp inserts, you get good absorbancy with a very trim fit under clothes.
High rise and gentle in the thighs. This is a pro for some with babes with long rises and chunky thighs.
EASY, fast aplix closures that stay shut in the laundry on their fold-back tabs. Daddy/care provider friendly. You get a nice looking, customized fit with aplix closures compared to front snaps, IMO.
Usually no leaks. This depends on some factors that I will mention in my "cons" list, but overall, these are one of my most reliable diapers, suitable for even a heavy wetter and long nights.
Come in cute prints.
All microfleece inside. The microfleece lining inside really helps keep skin dry and makes poop removal easier.
Durable. So far, none of mine are falling apart or loosing their waterproofness. I can put them in a 150 degree wash and dry them on hot and they look no worse for the wear.
No wicking at leg bindings or through aplix panel. I can't speak for older designs, but we have had inserts in our solid HH's be completely soaked and the outter does not get wet and it does not leak through the aplix panel in front. Only when the insert is dripping wet and there is nowhere else for wet to go will this diaper leak. And that is as it should be.
Stuffing options. I love that I can use almost anything inside this diaper. You can use a washcloth if you run out of inserts! lol One of the biggest advantages I see is the ability to stuff with thin items like prefolds or even flat folds. Easy/thorough cleaning and fast drying.
Linda is very helpful, professional and nice to work with. She cares about quality and good customer service.

Narrow through the crotch. This was also one of my pros! This can make it more difficult to stuff with certain things, though. For EXTREMELY heavy night wetters for instance, it does not easily accomodate a REALLY huge hemp fleece prefold. FB's are wider, so they are better for us in that circumstance.
High in the rise and gentle in the thighs. This was also one of my pros! :LOL This is a con when you need a low rise diaper or have a baby with super thin thighs. If your child has a short rise, a well stuffed HH can hang slip down off their ribs onto their hips, causing more gaping at the thighs, and give them a bee butt look,. LOL My son has very thin thighs, and we can still use these, but there are some conditions in which this is not ideal (more in the cons).
Aplix closures. Again, this is a pro for some. The aplix is durable and overall great, but not everyone likes aplix. For some toddlers, it makes the diaper easy to remove. Some people have issues with aplix looking less "nice" over time. And it may not hold up as long as snaps. So far, it is holding up pretty well for us, though.
Sometimes leaks under certain circumstances. As I said, this is one of our most reliable diapers. We usually NEVER have leaks. But here are some ways I can gaurantee leaks:
Wash them with the wrong detergent. There is a very long list of things I've washed my HH in that have made the fleece repell. When the fleece repells, the gentle thigh issue comes into play for us. Because it's not a tight fit around our son's thighs, the urine easily leaks out the legs when the fleece is repelling. I only have 4 detergents I KNOW will not cause my pocket diapers to repell, and unfortunately, they either have yuk perfume smell or are expensive or don't clean well. The one that smells great and works great is super expensive (Amway SA8 Sensitive) but I'm a detergent nut, so I keep trying new things out. So this con means that these MAY be difficult for you to care for to keep in good working order. Especially if you have a baby with thin thighs and haven't found a detergent you like that doesn't leave residues.
We also had some mild wicking to the outters with the PUL prints. They didn't do well for us overnight. I only use solids now because of this. The prints are a little too heavy and stiff for my personal taste, as well.
Synthetic. Well, most of us know that synthetics hold on to odors and don't breath well. Some kids are even sensitive to synthetics or fleece against their skin. If you wash frequently (every day or two) or don't store them in a stinky dry pail, you shouldn't have too much problem with stink, though. And so far, I have not notice my son being excessively hot in these, either.
Must wash after use. Unlike most covers, you can't hang it up and use it again a few times. And that makes them a little harder for some to afford.

Many of those cons, as I noted, are not even really cons for most people, as they are issues of preference, but I thought it was better to be as thorough as possible.
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I tried one of these recently. They are designed for people that want a more "natural" alternative to the synthetics of microfleece and PUL in most pocket diapers. They are designed to be used with a cover over them.

I stuff mine with a ducky buns insert and cover with a wool cover. A super heavy wetter might need more in terms of stuffing, but you can add more to customize. You won't need as much stuffing as when using a Happy Hempy b/c the diaper itself is two layers of hemp, unlike the non-absorbant outer and inner of a PUL/micro pocket diaper.

For nighttime I still use a regular HH (I don't fall into the "syntheticphobic" catagory), but this is a really nice "natural" alternative. I like that I can use less stuffing for a nap or more should I use it for nighttime. I would have *loved* this when my baby was smaller and I was using a fitted and aristocrat at night!
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Happy Heiny's

I bought several HH pocket diapers. Two diapers leaked at the velcro closure around the stiching. My son cannot wear these diapers because he needs security in the front (of course). Strip washing did not help, they were a month old. I am very disappointed with this product and will never purchase again. My product was not accepted for return or exchange. 2 thumbs waaay down.
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It took me awhile to get up the courage to try one, but once I had one, it quickly became 13!!! I love love love these diapers! I love the adorable prints, the fit is great on my little one. I love the adjustability (is that a word?) of the velcro. I haven't had any leaks - bf poo included. I haven't had any problems with wicking or repeling fleece. The only con I have with this diaper is the narrowness (again, is that a word?) through the crotch. While it makes for a nice trim fit, and makes it easier to fit under clothes, it also makes it difficult to stuff sometimes. Other than that one minor thing, these dipes are just perfect for us!
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I love my HH's!!! I have had them in small, medium and now large.

I do agree that the prints are more prone to wicking than the solids,and if you don't get a good fit around the thigh, you're toast (but that can be said about any diaper I think).

My prints still look great after 6 months of use. My only issue would be with the inner fleece. For some reason, I get these weird dark "shadow" looking stains in them after a short time of use. These stains are unrelated to poop or pee as far as I can tell (i.e. I've gotten them in dipes that have ONLY been peed in), but I also get this on ANY white fleece I use, so I can't say it's a problem specific to HH.

I've had to re-spray mine a couple of times with waterproofing spray and that seems to make the stressed areas more prone to wear (the crinkly elastic parts and the edges of the tabs).

I also have three happy hempy's and LOVE them. I use them exclusively at night now with a HH stuffins (boy) and an extra hemp stuffer (SMJAE), cover it with wool and I'm good to go. My ds is a super duper heavy wetter and he can go 12 hours at night with this combo (I add a fleece liner to keep his skin dry). I can't say enough good things about these dipes!!! I even hand dyed mine to make them a bit more fun

Linda is a dream to work with. She is always willing to answer questions and goes to long lengths to be certain you are happy.

Linda does happen to live up the street from me (lucky me!!!) and I consider her a friend, but she was my diaper connection before I even knew where she lived!!!

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These are the reason our switch to cloth was successful. I don't think there is a better dipe out there that is just like a sposie. My dh and my dcp can both use these with no problems at all. Once I figured out that hemp made a better stuffer than prefolds were were sailing.

I think I have every style ever made (I bought a lot used) and they all work. All the prints wick a bit if they are over wet (which IDEALLY shouldn't happen:LOL ) but he solids are fabulous. I even like the non-laminated prints (better that the laminated ones which are a bit crunchy in my opinion).

It's the only velcro dipe I use - everything else scratches my son's tummy and/or thighs, but not these.

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I recently bought 3 of these from Christy at Fussybutt to try. DS had been wearing Happy Heiny's to bed until a couple months back, until he started leaking out the leg holes - but there was no more room to stuff the dipe!

So I thought the pocket fitted might work well under a wool cover. Well, they do! The hemp pocket means I can stuff it the same as for a Happy Heiny, and yet get 2 extra layers of absorbency, and it all stays in beautifully under his Celtic Knight cover.

Christy at Fussybutt has awesome service as well. After one or two uses, the elastic on one of the Hempys came loose, and Christy immediately contacted Linda (owner of Happy Heinys and Hempys) and Linda offered a replacement as all her products are guaranteed. So I got a replacement shipped out to me immediately at no cost!

These Hempys are now part of our regular overnight system unless they are in the wash.

Oh, I must add that Christy does really beautiful embroidery work on the Hempys as well, if you wish - great for those who find them a little plain - otherwise they are just 2 layers of cream-coloured hemp sewn together... can be a little dull for those used to prints!! She is the sweetest to work with.
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I am a huge cloth diapering advocate. My 3yo was in cloth from birth and so was the baby. At the time of her birth we had ME OS and some prefolds, which worked fine for my 3yo.

My baby developed GERD (acid reflux) and soon got a really bad diaper rash from the acid in her urine and bm's. The only think that made it better was Pampers, which I discovered during her week long stay in the hospital. Got home, put her back in cloth and the rash returned with a vengeance.

Now I'm not a fan of velcro, and I had tried FB in the past and found them to be a hassle to stuff, but the idea was cool. But pocket dipes are $$$$. Decided to try HH over FB because of the cute prints, and the fact that when my 3yo was in a couple HH's the snaps would sometimes pop open if I had it stuffed too much. Bought a couple and held my breath. They worked great from the start, and the rash improved a bit. With meds the rash is almost totally gone but will come back if I put her in anything not fleece lined.

Sold all my ME OS and used the money to buy a full set of 18 HH's! Found them on sale for $12/each in a few places. Yeah, expensive but I'm really dedicated to cloth and these things have never let me down. I stuff them with infant prefolds rather than hemp, because they dry faster that way, and somehow cotton wicks throughout and hemp stays in one place so the cotton seems to hold more. At night I fold a premium prefold in half the wrong way, then in half again so the padding is between her legs and that works great. My dd is on a feeding pump at night and gets 10 oz of formula and the HH will hold up for 10 hours even under those circumstances!

My only gripes are:
1) the prints tend to leak faster than the solid colors, I think the cotton in the prints starts to wick if the stuffing gets too saturated. I never use prints for nighttime diapering.

2) The elastic in the back is too tight and my dd gets red marks on her back. I try to help this by pulling some of the fleece up and out of the back of the diaper to pad her skin a little more.

3) The prints are kinda stiff, even though they are super cute and I get a lot of compliments on them. I think when I go to larges it's going to be all solids.

So yeah, I recommend them. Just saving up my $$ to by larges in a few months. I wish they cost less . . . . by the time I add up the diaper and stuffing it's like $15 each even on sale. With hemp stuffing it would be more like $20.


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Well, not sure I can give HH high marks. I recently bought a new one, and it wicked the first time I used it. I was so disappointed because the print was soo cute! If I remember I will get a waterproofing spray to try to seal the seams, maybe it will help. I think the problem may be that the rise is too high, but not sure! It is great to hear that so many mama's have great experiences w/ them, because they are so cute, and so easy to use!
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I love my Happy Heiny's. They always work well for me and when I have had leaks in the past with them I know it was the way I put it on that caused the gap that caused the leak.
It is my favorite pocket dipe and I like aplix so that is a plus for me.
About the only thing that bugged me was The time I had to wait to use my mediums. She outgrew the smalls but the mediums were way too big for months unless I stuffed them a lot! I like trimness so I really only did that at night if I wanted to use them.
I have all solids now and love them all.
Linda is a very nice woman and makes wonderful diapers!
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HH have been out nighttime diapering system for over a year now. Never had any leaks, and with a super-skinny toddler, they work great!!
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i just received eight of the prints and they are the cutiest....and so easy to use,even my mom who hates the fact that i would use cloth on our precious baby because they keep the wetness next to her skin has totally fallen in love with these dipers.the only thing is they dont work for us during the night....she has been totally soaked in the morning even stuffed with two CPF's.i have heard that the solids work better for night time so that is what we will try.will post again when we have tried this.

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I love the Happy Hempy's. I use them with the Stuffin's at night, topped with a So Simple cover. LOVE THEM!
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