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I ordered from . I ordered some wool care products, and some other items.

My order was shipped SUPER fast! I couldnt believe it arrived so soon! Everything is wonderful!
The liquid wool wash is great, as is the baby lotion. I got it in watermelon scent, and it smells sooo good!

I cant wait till they stock more cuz I want to try lots more of their products!!

Highly recommend!
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I just got my Monkey Sudz order(2 bottles of WOW), and I'm very pleased. It was shipped quickly and the communicaiton was excellent, they let me know when it shipped. It smells great too!
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I just got my order from Monkey Sudz. It arrived amazingly fast (ordered on Tuesday, here on Saturday.) Whitney went out of her way for me when I posted that I was sad that they didn't have my favorite scent. She went looking for it and found it and then pm'd me. I got 2 bottles of WOW wool wash in Kudzu Blossom and Cucumber Melon scents and I am in love with these smells! I ordered the EeZee Lanolin in my all time favorite scent, Spiced Plum, and the Monkey Sudz version is true to the original NS scent.

I can't say enough good things about Whitney, Kat and Monkey Sudz. I am sure they will do a booming business with their great combination of customer service and fabulous products.
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i ordered from monkey sudz as soon as they stocked their new WOW. i'm so glad i did! my order arrived FAST and everything smells wonderful! the packaging is adorable, too. and my daughter LOVES the pen that was included. :LOL
i'll definitly be ordering from monkey sudz again!
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I recently purchased some wool wash, body soap, shea lotion, moisturizing scrub and liquid spray lanolin from Monkey Suds. The customer service was amazing, with prompt friendly emails. My items were shipped two days after I placed the order (I ordered Saturday and it shipped Monday) and everything is perfect. The box smelled so good and now my house is filled with the sweet smells of Monkey Suds products.

I will def. order again

Mom to 4! Welcomed Aila Wren on Friday, February 25th!
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I ordered on Thursday May 5th, I ordered 2 bars of WOW soap and 4- 4 oz bottles of liquid WOW soap. My order arrived today Monday May 9th, and it is AMAZING!! The smell of the package was so heavenly my kids wanted to eat it (me too!) and the product was neatly (and safely) wrapped up and included a personal thank you (which I love ) and a free lip balm and pen! I am amazed with the wonderful customer service, Whitney has totally impressed me, I can't even say how happy I am that the wonderful WOW product has now found a WAHM with equally wonderful customer service as Monkey Sudz is proving itself to be! VERY HAPPY customer that will be returning again and again as I have LOADS of wool and wash often!
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Oh my goodness! I am absolutely in LOVE with WOW!!! I purchased a bottle in Oh Baby,and WOW I love this stuff! The c/s is EXCELLENT! Shipping was SO fast on this,and I definitely will be purchasing some other scents soon!
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I really like the Wool Ones Wash bar soap from Monkey Sudz. It cleans great, is easy to use and smells wonderful! I tried the lanolin spray for the first time today ans found it very easy to use.

My order was processed and shipped quickly (with no shipping charges! ) and I will certainly reoder when I need more wool supplies!
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* CONTAINER: The Balm comes in a tube container similar to lip balm/chapstick. The top screws off. It is slightly more child-proof than the other containers I've tried, which I like, as my 3-year old likes to diaper all her animal friends. What I like best, though, is that I don't have to stick my fingers in the balm. I screw open the base of the tube, and apply the balm directly on baby's bottom. It's like painting. The tube can be tossed in a diaper bag or purse very easily.

* CONSISTENCY: The Balm glides on smoothly, much like a beeswax-based lip balm/chapstick. It coats the skin in a similar way. It doesn't blend in and disappear into the skin like a creamy lotion, nor is it thick and sticky like those zinc oxide creams. The Balm leaves a nice layer of oil on the skin and really protects it from touching the pee-pee and poo-poo. This skin protection is what I was looking for... at night, when I know I won't want to wake up to change a diaper... and when I leave DD2 with DH or drop DD2 off at daycare, in case she isn't changed as fast as I might like. ... When I have failed to change her fast, I've put the balm over her pink spots, and they heal very fast because they are not exposed to more pee and poop ... and because the balm has many healing ingredients.

* ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS/SCENT: The Balm is made of all natural ingredients: oils, beeswax, and extracts. Combined, they create the scent of the product. This scent is mild to moderate in strength and pleasant. .. I personally would prefer an unscented product, but I haven't found one that I like as much as this Bottom Balm.
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I just recieved my first order from Monkey Sudz. Super fast shipping and great customer service. I ordered some WOW wash in Cherry Garcia and it smells fabulous! I will definately order from these great mamas again.
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, love, love all the Monkey Sudz products we have.. WOW wool wash bar, liquid wool wash, body wash, butt balm and lip balm. They're all truly wonderful, and smell soooo yummy

Kat & Whit are so friendly, and always so willing to help you out. They ship promptly, and keep in great communication about your order.

I would highly recommend Monkey Sudz
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I love to buy Monkey Sudz products! The scent free baby shampoo is a winner

Terri, sewing mama to 4 beautiful girls and the boy, Finn. We novaxnocirc.giffamilybed1.gifh20homebirth.giffemalesling.GIFcd.gifsewmachine.gif since 1996!
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Wow! excellent customer service and the products arrived very quickly even though i am in canada!! emails were answered promptly and i got extra stuff and samples that made me very happy. everything smells yummy. i cant wait to try the wipe concentrate and the wool wash stuff!!! i would order again from them no problem which is great b/c i was worried about cross border stuff but nothing happened!!
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I've ordered from Monkey Sudz twice now and both of my orders arrived super fast. I also got a sample in each order: diaper balm in one and body wash in a scent I had previously ordered in the other.

I have the wool wash and spray lanolin in five different scents and unscented and I LOVE them! I actually look forward to washing my wool now. I have Eucalan too, and I like it, but it's just not quite so fun to use.

My favorite scents are honey almond, peach and black raspberry and vanilla. I also have pixie dust and soapy clean, which is my least favorite but my oldest daughter likes it best. I guess I'm just not into the "fresh" scents.
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Thumbs up for customer service and fast, fast shipping.

I ordered some wool wash and two bottles of body wash and I love the products! The scents are great and I keep sniffing my wool. LOL Samples were included, which is a nice touch.

I will definitely be ordering from Monkey Sudz again. :-)
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The chai tea body wash is TO DIE FOR!!!
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I've ordered from MonkeySudz over the last year or so, most recently when they reopened a month ago. Their products truly make washing our woolies fun! I look forward to the wonderful scents (my favs are Peppermint Ice and Belgian Chocolate)! Their body products are awesome too. Wonderful customer service, I won't order wool wash from anyone else.

mama to a sweet girl , & 4 silly boys

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Another rave for Monkey Sudz! I just received my latest package and this one contained stuff just for me! The bodywash is so rich and the herbal shampoo leave my hair thick and shiny. Great products from great ladies.

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The first thing I ever ordered from Monkey Suds was WOW wool wash. I loved it so much, that's now the only kind I ever use (and I use a lot lol). Since then I have tried the shea body wash and shea shampoo and love them both as well. I've always gotten free samples of things like diaper rash cream, soy lotion stick, even pens and again, love everything. I've become a bit of a Monkey Suds junky. I even won one of the Valetines day gift packages (and I never win anything, what a great surprise!) The foot lotion, bath salts, and especially the edible perfume are huge hits around here. Kat and Whitney are very nice, they have wonderful customer service and even better products.
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#20 of 28 Old 03-10-2006, 06:10 PM
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I'm so pleased with their wool wash and spray lanolin, though I must admit I prefer the bar style wool wash to the liquid. Mmmmm... chai tea! rise -n- shine! ...and numerous other fragrances make washing day a day that I look forward to. I honestly think my switch to wool was due to the fabulous fragrances Monkey Sudz produces!
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Well, Monkey Sudz is now a solo operation run by Whitney, and she has changed the name to Naturally Luxe, which just got up and running this past week.

Whit kicked off the new opening with a great sale I found out about through her Yahoo group. She will still be carrying the Monkey Sudz as a product line under the new Naturally Luxe umbrella, but her product line is diapering and so much more, now. Great organic products for babies, mamas and papas, too.

Anyway, I just placed an order for some more of her Baby Bottom Balm in the tubes (I like this for daily preventative use), a squeeze container of the Soothing Diaper Ointment (this works wonders for treating the occasional rash that breaks through when I haven't been using my balm), and some Soapy Clean organic WOW wool wash (mmmm!). I have never had to lanolize my wool when I use Whit's WOW wash - the wash alone keeps it sufficiently lanolized.

Not only did Whit give me double the amount of WOW that I paid for, she also upsized my diaper ointment to a larger bottle, threw in 2 free bars of organic Almond Joy body soap, and a coupla pens.

She also turned the order around in about a day, even though she had asked for 5 days when she announced the sale.

I'd have to say that Whit's debut as the single-WAHM operation Naturally Luxe was nothing short of spectacular in my book. Thanks, Whit!
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#22 of 28 Old 07-08-2006, 02:29 AM
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I purchased some doggie paw pad balm under the new Naturally Luxe name from Necessitae It was shipped immediately, priced great, packaged beautifully, and is of very high quality.
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I just got two bottles of wool wash in the mail and they smell absolutely divine. I mean really, really delicious, pink sugar and tender touch. And as a bonus there were two soap samples which also smell great.
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#24 of 28 Old 11-01-2006, 03:17 PM
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I have ALWAYS bought my wool wash from Monkey sudz, now Naturally Luxe, and last order decided to branch out. I got some baby head to toe wash and some excema care cleanser.

the customer service was great, shipping to canada was quick. and of course all the products are great. smell great, look great, work great!

and the freebie samples Whitney sent! they're HUGE! thanks so much!

I highly recomend this wahm.
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#25 of 28 Old 01-09-2007, 06:24 PM
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I bought some soap (for me!), lip gloss (for me, too!), spray lanolin and the butt balm. Very fast shipping, the balm is wonderful and I love the tube! The lanolin if the perfect tough-up for overnight wool and dh loves the smell of it. The gloss and soap also rock!

Miriam , mom to jumpers.gif
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I have been in love with W.O.W for a couple of years now. I am so glad that Whitney is now the one distributing it. Her customer service in amazing and her products are top notch. I recently recieved an order of WAHM samples. She went above and beyone with the labeling of each sample. They look spectacular. I can't wait to order more
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I LOVE THIS STUFF!! Everything has been absolutely amazing, from the quality and wonderful scents, to the great customer service and wonderful samples (I'm in LOVE with the orange chocolate truffle lip balm!!!!) Love the WOW wool wash, the spray lanolin (so yummy!! Fig, baby bee, mint and rosemary, soapy clean, oatmeal and honey) and I'm already in love with the bottom balm sample she sent - it smells delicious too! Thanks so much Whitney!!
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I just wanted to say-I bought Monkey Sudz liquid wool wash in 2 scents, as well as wool wash bars in the same 2 scents. I have had these for over THREE years now and they still work great and smell just as good as when I bought them! So I can attest, this stuff also stores great and keeps on working!

Cari-mama to Eriq, Lile, Paikea, Kaidyn, and Mieke is here!! 2/9/10
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