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I got my stuff today. And more stuff.

First, the dipe. I the dipe! I'm not usually big on velcro, but the fold-over tabs work better than any others! The workmomship was flawless, even with her son having been sick. The wipes are fab, and there's more!

There was lip balm, a wax tart(how do those work ?), a pin, and wow! The extras! I got my stuff very timely, and some silk liners I just ordered a few days ago!

All of this, and VERY low cost. Geez, Jessica, are you making any money at all? You deserve to be! I hope you stick around!
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Sadly, after over 1 month of waiting and promise after promise of delivery and changing dates and changing stories, I asked for a refund from this WAHM. She then said she could not give me one until yet another date further out. Rapidly approaching the Paypal deadline, I have been forced to file to get my money back. I am incredibly dissapointed as I spent a lot of money and do not have my diapers for my baby nor my money to spend on other diapers for her. I have never had to file with Paypal before. I am so very dissapointed
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i'm sitting here in tears and just can't beleive that this is happening.... i also made an order more than a month ago and i'm still waiting... i also heard the excuses and i just hate to beleive the worst and i'm still hoping to reveive my stuff but i have been trying to contact her on yahoo and nothing so i'm giving her until monday and then i would take whatever actions i need to take

i just hate that i have a feeling i have been taken advantage of, i don't have th emoney to buy more diapers, i had to sell stuff to be able to pay this person and here i sit a month later with no dipes for my dear angel and no money to order anymore...... i just don't know who to trust anymore
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I too sit here and wait for my diaper. I have been patient I have been understanding but I am starting to worry. Its been over a month since Ive ordered.
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Back in January I purchased 6 pocket diapers from BareBottomBabes

now known as Bugz Fuzz (www.bugzfuzz.com). They were customs

that I ordered during a special Jessica (the owner) was running. I

recieved them approxiamtely 2 weeks after ordering. The diapers

*looked* fine and I couldn't wait to try them. Well, they were okay at

first, but after a couple of uses they leaked. I tried various inserts,

various combos of inserts and nothing worked. So I emailed Jeesica

about my problem.

She offered various suggestions and nothing worked. I told her that I

noticed how they were so wide in the crotch that no inserts covered the

entire area. I was fairly certain that was the cause of the leaks. She

immediately offered to alter them and cut them down a little. She said

she had several people with this same problem and would do it no

charge. So I sent the diapers off March 1st. She let me know that she

recieved them.

I waited patiently until March 16th and then emailed her to find the

status of the alterations. She said she'd had trouble with them, but got

it done. She said they would ship out March 23rd. On March 29th I

recieved an email from her stating that my package was returned to her

damaged and one diaper was destroyed. She said it was the 3rd time

her post office had done that to her. She offered a replacement diaper.

I told her that was fine. She stated they were going out April 8th.

On April 18th I still had recieved nothing. She then tells me she forgot

to tell me and 3 other customers her son was in the hospital the past

week. I don't know what that had to do withmy diapers since they

should have gone out the week before that according to her email. But

she then said she'd ship them April 18th.

On April 27th, I still had recieved nothing. She still held firm that she

mailed them and offered to do remakes of all the diapers. I accepted

her offer.

On May 2nd, after still having no diapers, I told her I planned to leave

reviews unless she could ship these out with delivery confirmation the

next day and that I would also like a complete refund otherwise. May

3rd I got the delivery confirmation number. She also tells me that she

ended up *saving* the destroyed diaper, so she's just sending me the

extra...funny supposedly, the originals were lost in the mail a month

earlier and I was supposed to be getting all replacements....On May

7th, still no diapers and basically she told me tough luck. So once

again on may 10th I requested a full refund. She said that if I didn't

have my diapers within 2 days that she would send the funds. Funny, I

got the diapers the next day.

Now for a review of the diapers....yes these were customs that I

requested the crotch be trimmed down on a *little*. Basically, she snet

me back 5 of 7 diapers that are thongs. Even her own microfiber

inserts won't fit in them! My little guy's rear clearly is not covered and

there is posible way it will contain anything. The construction of most of

them was okay, however several had loose threads and very uneven

stitching. For the money and time I spent trying to get these, I

expected great diapers, not 5 useless diapers and 2 that may work.

I requested a partial refund from Jessica since she pretty much

destroyed my diapers. She refused stating that she told me I could not

have one if this didn't work. I've saved all of our emails and proved to

her that no it was never told to me. She then stated it was her store

policy...well I ordered from BBB not Bugz Fuzz, so I have no way of

knowing what that policy was now. However, I respect that it is her

policy. She offered me credit for her store for $22. This in no way will

replace 5 diapers. I requested credit for 5 diapers. She then tells me

she will credit me $35 but there is no instock pockets and she's not

sure when there will be. So pretty much I'm stuck with a bunch of

useless *thong* diapers and she made a nice $60 something odd

dollars off of me after I waited for over 2 months to get them.

I DO NOT recommend purchasing from Bugz Fuzz. The diapers are

not the quality I expected for the price. The customer service is

definitely lacking. I get fairly prompt replies, but no offer to resolve this

problem now. I had repeated excuses as to why shipping was delayed

and quite honestly aside from settling this current issue I will never do

business again with Jessica. It is not worth your time or money to buy

from Bugz Fuzz.
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I placed an order with Bugz Fuzz on April 2nd. I have not received a single item form this wahm. I inquired rather late, on May 3rd about my order and I was told that my order had been remade since it had been lost and sent out that day and given a DC#. I was rather confused that she had decided to send out a remake when I hadn't even complained yet that I hadn't received my order. I told her this and she said that she figured since she hadn't heard from me yet and that others hadn't received their orders that mine must be lost too and just redid it. I feel that makes no sense at all. It is now May 19th and I have still NOT received a single diapering item from Bugz Fuzz. I have a DC# that says that the PO was to expect a package for me from her, but the DC# has since been revealed as unvalid.

I have filed with paypal to get my money back since Bugz Fuzz refuses to refund me my money or deliver the diapers I purchased. I made a rather large order too.

It makes me so upset to think that I was taken advantage of. How could someone do this to so many people??? It just isn't right.

eta - It is now June 9th and I have still NOT received my diapers or a refund. Paypal said that after careful review, they concluded their investigation of my
complaint and decided in my favor, however, they were unable to recover any funds from the seller's account. They said that they will make their best effort to recover the funds in question if they become available in the seller's account in the future and will also take appropriate action against the seller's account, which may include limitation of the seller's account privileges.

What I don't get is why some people got their stuff, but the majority of us didn't. I'm still very bummed.

Heather , momma to ' Parker- 10, Carlee- 7 and our baby Genevieve Faith - 8-27-10

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I ordered on April 24 and received my diaper today. I am glad that I didn't order more, due to the amount of time it took to receive the diaper. However, it seems to be very well made.
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I did a swap with Jessica on March 21st. I was to design her site in exchange for diapers & a soaker for my SIL. After a month, she said it was returned back to her by the PO. She said the soaker would probably not fit so she would make another. I have tried to contact her several times & have been ignored. She has a nice site & my SIL who is in desperate need of diapers is left without.
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Jessi was to send a large amount of diapers & a soaker to my SIL in exchange for her web design. My SIL never got it. Jessi gave me a story about it being returned back to her. Then the soaker wouldn't fit now it has been so long, so she would make another. I have tried to contact her many times & no response. It has been 2 months.
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Let's see...here are the facts:
April 30th--put down deposit on a wool soaker
May 1st--amount was paid in full
May 15th--she told me that the waist was done; however the other color yarn is on back order. She told me that the color that I wanted has been on back order for over a month.
May 18th--she told me that she got the other color in, but it was not what I ordered. I told her to just use that color then.
May 19th--she confirmed that she will use that color and stated that it will be done by the weekend.
May 26th--- she tells me "I'm about half way through! Things are going a bit slower than I had hoped...but on the upside, I've learned to hang drywall, lol."
May 27th--I tell her that I need it by June 6th at the latest because we are going away. She tells me no problem and it will go out on the 30th.
May 28th--she tells me that it is done and will be shipped on the 31st.
June 5th--I remind her that I need it by the 6th.
June 6th--I sent the following e-mail "Hi!
Just checking in once again. It is June 6th and I have not rec'd. So i would like to know where we should go from here...
June 7th--nothing. No response to my e-mail, no soaker. I filed with paypal

June 13th--Jessi replied saying it would be sent out first thing on the 16th
June 17th--Paypal has ended their investigation in my favor. Unfortunately she does not have any funds to cover the amount owed to me.

ETA: June 20th---I GOT IT! I must say, it is SO cute! She did a great job. Jessi also added some wash for it and wrote uo a nice letter with care instructions!
It really is adorable!
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UPDATE-Well I finally got a hold of my SIL. All she got was some wipes, 5 pockets, chapstick, soap & bath salts. Plus a $75 gift certificate. First she has no internet access, second, why would she trust her to send more??? I am VERY disappointed. It was suppose to be $250 worth of diapers.
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