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which can be found at

these AIOs made up the bulk of my stash for both my 5mo and 2yo at one time. her character prints are the SOLE reason my 2yo made the switch to cloth after her whole life in sposies.

as for sizing, my 5mo is in a Large at 15#s and my 2yo was in a XL at 26#s. if you check out her sizing chart, you will see it is dead on, but compared to most other dipes, these run small.

jennifer has excellent customer service, tons of selection (over 17 pages of fabric) and the price is right at $10-$12ish/AIO. even though you can custom order, you probably won't have to b/c she has TONS instock.

i have tried one front snap and would suggest that people stick to the standard side-snap. nothing wrong w/the front snap, just doesn't make much difference and it costs more i also have one of her cross back dresses, a swing top and two floppy sun hats. they are beautifully made and so cute on my girls!

i really like her QD AIO system b/c if you just have pee, you can snap in a new soaker and reuse the outer cover. i've also tried her night-time fold-ins and liners and they work well though i stick to them mainly for extra coverage on naps, rather than overnight as my girls both sleep w/out a diaper change for 10-12 hours.

other people have mentioned problems w/leg wicking on the boards and i will admit i've experienced a bit of it myself. it's not detergent build up and i'm not sure what the physics of it are (and trust me i've spent time analyzing the problem) but it primarily happened w/2 specific diapers which she happily refunded me my $ on even after over a month of use.

i think it might have something to do w/the soakers being fleece lined and if they don't press up against baby tight enough while they're peeing, water can pool on the fleece and thus, wick out the leg holes if the elastic isn't tight enough or through to the outer cover at the leg holes. : i'm not sure though. lots of people have suggested that it's the nature of a fabric over PUL b/c you can't get around holes in the PUL and that could be it as well. but i've heard that a little waterproof guard on the cover does the trick just fine!

jennifer also has the BEST return policy i've ever seen offered by a wahm - even on custom and used merchandise. if you're not happy, she has a satisfaction guarantee and i think that's spectacular. i had some custom trainers done that didn't fit my dd1 and she gave me a credit toward new merchandise no questions asked. like i said when 2 AIOs i had always leaked, she took them back after a month of use and returned my money as well (which i promptly spent on a swing top )

i think anyone who uses AIOs should at least try one of these b/c you can get such cute prints and at such a great price. just mho

WOHM married to SAHD, living the dream w/our: 3 girls (14,12,10) and 3 boys (7,5,3) and tie-breaker due Jan 2014

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I'd window shopped at Little Lambs for quite some time before I finally decided to try one. My mistake was to ignore her sizing page. I just went ahead and bought a medium since that's what DS usually wears. I think this is why I read a lot of reviews saying these run small. They really don't, not if you follow her size chart. I should have ordered a large.

Anyway, the medium still fits since DS is skinny, a large would have just allowed more room to grow. I didn't have any leg wicking or leaking with this Quick Dry AIO. I don't like how the microfleece goes all around the tri fold soaker, it adds bulk where it isn't necessary, but it worked fine. The interlock soaker shrunk & left the microfleece bumpy & loose, larger than the knit soaker part, but that's just cosmetic. I actually ended up making some more snap in soakers of my own fabric that I reach for before I reach for the soaker it came with.

Darling prints & a huge instock store. The price is really cheap & I always worry about wahms making enough to make it worth it in those cases so I always hesitate buying more. But they are darling & certainly a low risk "try it" since the price is so low.
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I agree the prints are great .... Jennifer her self is great to work with . But for some reason my aio quick drys don't hold what i would expect them too . Between 1-2 pees its out of the diper . I don't mean out of the legs I mean threw the fabric

I also have wipes , a hat , and 2 dresses and they all are very cute and work great .
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In spite of some wicking, I like using these. Quick to put on and cute. I change often and use them only when I know I'll change them within 2 hours. I got mine second-hand.

Being right is not always fair, but being fair is always right
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It is hard to beat little lambs for print choice, instock range and customer service.

We got the large size and they have fit ds from 5 -20 months!

We only used them occasionally in the beginning though and they definitely wicked for us. Even after washing and washing that soaker. I change my little boy when he wets, but I do expect it to hold up to a wetting.

I sprayed some DWR on the cover and ever since then it works great. The soaker is usually about half wet when I change him. I don't know if that's a heavy wetter or not, but the spray made the cover waterfproof enough to hold the pee in, otherwise it quickly found its way to the cotton outer.

For the price and with a little waterproofing spray I think they are a good deal. We use them a lot now and so far, so good. I know they work beautifully for some people straight off, so they could be worth a try at least.

Mama to 13, and 10 and 4.
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I have a bunch of these diapers. Some are AIOs and some are fitteds. Jen will custom-make whatever you want, it seems. I wanted gender neutral knit outers, one less layer in the soaker and fitted diapers, which I didn't look hard enough on her site to find. All are fantastic! My 19 month toddler who doesn't care about diapers grabbed them and carried them around with him for a while. He piled them on the floor and layed his head upon them, like they were a fluffy, soft pillow. He's never done this before!

Anyway, the sewing is nice, we've had no leaking or wicking with the aio at all. The fitteds are soft, absorbent and just adorable. They are way underpriced for the quality. Quick!! Run to Little Lambs and get some before she realizes this and raises the price to market value! I really love these and would not hesitate to buy more. Jen's a sweetheart to work with and ships quickly, even custom jobs. I don' t know how she does it!
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I also love Little Lambs!
Jennifer is an outstanding WAHM to deal with!
She has the absolute best customer service with a *satisfaction guaranteed or your money back* policy. Can't beat that for sure!
She has made me countless custom order dipes, and has custom ordered alot of the fabrics that she has used to make my dipes.
She isn't happy with a transaction until you are, so don't hesitate to give Jennifer and Little Lambs a try.
Two big thumbs up for Little Lambs!
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Just another thumbs up for Jen and her adorable dipes. I have 3 custom front snap and really like how they fit. I have tried the side snaps and they are just as cute and fit well also, side snaps just aren't my thing. I prefer front snaps.

I recently won an auction for a dress, hat and dipe set so I will post on that later.

I actually slip a prefold in if DD just peed after I take out the snap in soaker. I also have put in a hemp doubler instead. Works great.

I too had some slight wicking problems but I think this is to be expected with anything that isn't laminated PUL. I just spray them with Permanent Water Guard and no more wicking!! I spray ALL dipes that aren't PUL laminated with that stuff and it works great.

Jen is absolutely wonderful to work with. I love that I can buy with confidence.

I hang my soakers so that they don't shrink from the fleece.

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Another happy customer here. i only have one of jen's dipes with another one on the way and i really like how they fit my Ella.
i've also have had no problems with leaks.
i think i just found my favoite AIO, i usually use covers and fitteds/prefolds and i'really like Jen's diapers.
i plan on being a frequent customer!
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I would also HIGHLY recommend Little Lambs diapers!!

Jennifer has THE BEST customer service...I had placed an order for an AIO and 4 extra soakers. During her move, she forgot my order. I emailed her about it and she apologized and said that she would throw in an extra aio for me b/c of the confusion!

Can't beat that!

Not only that, her diapers work very well for us, and she has probably the biggest selection of fabrics I've ever seen!

Very nice price for the quality of the diapers as well.

Definitely check out Little Lambs!!!

Jessica, dizzy.gifmom to 3 little ladiesjumpers.gif and babygirl.gif babyboy.gif twins who can't figure out where her avatar came from.

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I highly recommend Little Lambs! We switched Dd to cloth at 21 months and at first she hated it. She would cry everytime I put a diaper on her. Then I discovered character prints!! Now she loves to show everyone her pooh and big bird diapers! Little Lambs has the best fabric selection I have seen and the diapers are a great price. Jennifer is awesome to work with too. I had some problems with wicking at first, but after treating them with some Permananet Waterguard have not had any problems. I just ordered some more in the next size up and can't wait to get them!
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Well I'm sorry to say i did not have a good experience with little lambs. I too though the sizing ran much smaller than i expected and although she seemed like a nice person i was not pleased with the customer service. She took quite a while to respond to emails and its been more than a month since i ordered instock diapers and the order is still not straight. At this point, i would rather eat the $10 than have to deal with trying to get her to respond to emails anymore.
That being said, she does have a wide variety of prints and lots instock. And though i prefer a soaker pad instead of a trifold it didnt seem to make it too bulky, just my preference. And at $10, its always worth a shot. Sorry to not be as positive as everyone else, but i had to be honest.
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I am sad to agree with the last poster. Jen did reply quickly to my emails, but it took quite a while for a custom order. She had said 2 weeks but it was over 4. I just would have appreciated an update. She did just go through a move so it's understandable at this time. SHe does have an amazing selection of prints and a resonable price,but I won't be ordering from little lambs again.

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I love my Little Lambs QD AIOs. They one of my favorites. They fit well and I have never had any leaking or wicking. Particularly, they fit my son's thighs and no poo leaks out.

Order by her size chart and they fit well.

Jen is great, too. She was sick the very first time I ordered and did not get my order out when expected. I emailed her and she promptly refunded my money. I gave her another try later and several times since and things have been wonderful. She even bought wool and made me a cover with her pattern since it is my favorite fit. I just emailed her with the request and she was great.
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Where else can you get a diaper that matches your kitchen?? I love, love LOVE my little lambs diapers. The one that matches my kitchen is the Mary Ebgelbreit one that Jennifer recently custom made for Maggie. I have never had any problems with wicking and all of the diapers that I have ordered look and work just great (have a problem with one of the snaps, but confident that Jennifer will work it out). Maggie is going potty more and more in her potty these days and it makes me kinda sad to know that soon I will have to pack up the LL until the next baby comes along. Another top of the stack diaper for this momma!!
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Well, I ordered a few of the AIO's only a few months before my dd was out of dipes, and I also loved them. I had the wicking problem initially, and it seems like once I washed the soakers in really hot water a bunch of times, they rarely leaked. What was happening, was that the pee was pooling up and running off the fleece before it had a chance to soak into the absorbant part.
The snap out soakers are so great b/c they dry fast, and you can but extra ones cheap and just change them out when it's pee. So, they are very cost effective AIO's!
They are slightly bulky in the crotch, but there I never really found an absorbant cloth dipe that was affordable and not a bit bulky. My dd was/is also a toothpick, which didn't help.
Anyway. I tried a bunch of AIO's (Kushies, Lukes Drawers, Motherease, Mommy Hearts, and several others) and of all of them, the Little Lambs were my fave!
Highly recommend!
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I am a big fan of Little Lambs AIO's! I love the selection and the prices are great. They are so very cute, too!

I have both the side snap AIO and the front snap AIO. I prefer the front snap AIO for fit on my son.

I have had nothing but good customer service experiences, too!

I would recommend LL AIO's to anyone!
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I really liked her diapers.

Until she emailed me and asked me to go on a board and defend her..... that's just not okay with me. You should never involve your customers in a situation like that.

The diapers are fine. The integrity... well, it's questionable.
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For the money, you can't beat these AIOs. Jennifer is wonderful to work with, and will do anything to help! The prints are great. I did have some wicking, but only when the soaker was well, soaked. A wonderful product!
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I have nothing but great things to say about Jen and her AIO's! For the past couple of days, I kept placing separate orders (as i my papal got replenished. lol) and I must have totally confused her with all my emails, questions, changing of my choices, etc but she was ABSOLUTELY amazing throughout the whole thing! She bent over backwards to fulfill my needs and she never got grumpy about my pestering. lol.

On top of her timely and kind customer service, she shipped VERY quickly and I do so love all the wonderful prints! woohoo!
I can't wait until she posts MORE fabrics to choose from because I will be ordering more AIO's from her!!

Way to go!
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These aios fit great on my skinny guy!
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I have several LL side-snap AIOs. I have been using them for about one month now. The price is great, that is why I was drawn to them at first. They are cute too. At first I had some problems w/ wicking though. I emailed Jen about this and she responded in a timely manner with lots of suggestions. I found that only the diapers w/ woven or knit outers wicked or leaked. I have 3 or 4 that are plain white pul outers and I didn't ever have any problem with them. I have been using these during the day and at night for my 4 mo old ds. I did have some trouble w/ leaking/wicking at night, but now I use only the plain pul ones at night and I put a doubler inside the tri-fold soaker. That keeps him dry for 10-12 hours, since he is sleeping through the night now.

Now that I've read these reviews, I think I'm going to buy some PWG and put that on the ones that I have w/ a print outer, just for extra insurance.

They are a little bulky and you do have to be careful of what size to order. Follow her charts. My 4 mo old is wearing a L.

Overall, I like them. I even ordered 3 of the front-snap for my toddler to try from her Custom Sale that she had last week. She had so many prints to choose from (over 900, yes 900!) that I couldn't resist ordering some that I know ds will love (train and tractor prints). Who else offers over 900 different prints to choose from?

I recommend giving Little Lambs a try. Once I got the hang of them I have really enjoyed using them.

Mom to 2 1/2 and 4 mo old boys
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I bought Onesize AIO Little Lambs. They were way too bulky for my 4 month old, and wicked like crazy on my 30 lb 2 year old. I emailed Jen, she gave me suggestions. I tried to work it out and they still wicked. I sent them back and I got a full refund from Jen! She is incredibly nice and the diapers are adorable., I am sad they didnt work out for us
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i just found this thread and have to say that we bought a bunch of her diapers before our daughter was born, we love them!!!! we had her in disposables for about a month and they always leaked, but we've never had any problems with the one size AIOs!!!!

Cat, Mama to Luna Aislin
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I hate mine. I have 8 or so that I got for a deal on ebay. They wicked terribly, even the brand new ones. Not only that but they fit really funny. The AIOs are super bulky, even on my 38 pound 3.5 yo. They bulge in odd places, and re super trim in the waist, so that they HAVE to be on the biggest setting (and ds has a very skinny belly). Never getting them again.

AP Mom to 5 knit.gifhomeschool.giftoddler.gif

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I just had to try these diapers because they are soooo reasonably priced, and they have worked well for us. We ordered a one size AIO and a large AIO. They both work perfectly. They are a little bulkier than some other diapers, but I have had NO problems with leaks or wicking. I don't know if the one size will fit up to 35lbs but I think they will be close. I also really like the side snapping diapers and the cute print selection.
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i absolutly love Little Lambs os aio's! we used em for the first time all day yesterday and overinight, and to my surprise he stayed dry ALL NIGHT LONG!! i was amazed! it is a bit bulky looking on my 7mo, but the fit on his thighs and his unusual rise is perfect! they get a 10 from me
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When I first wanted to get into CDing, before we went organic, I bought a pack of a dozen AIOs, some doublers and wipes from LLs.

As stated in the auction, it took a few weeks for her to make and ship them. When they arrived, I was very disappointed. Per her "money back guarantee" I wrote a nice letter explaining that these dipes would not work for me, and requesting a refund.

I received a very unprofessional, defensive reply, and the terse statement that my refund would take 4-6 weeks to process.

After waiting 7 weeks, I wrote her a polite inquiry on the status of my refund. Since the paypal refund window had passed, she sent it to me as a payment, which I had to pay fees on.

Additionally, she deducted her ebay and paypal fees. Nowhere in her money back guarantee did it state that she would deduct her ebay and paypal fees, only that I would be responsible for shipping.

All these fees amounted to me being shorted approximately $13 from the money I was due. I respectfully wrote to her once again, explaining my position, and refunded the "refund," requesting that it at least be sent to my funded PP addy.

She never responded to my note, and about a week later, again refunded the same amount to my CC PP addy, causing me to lose fees, and charging me HER PP and ebay fees. No note, no explanation.

I found her conduct unprofessional to the extreme. Not impressed with the product or the service, and would steer anyone far, far away.

After purchasing, I took a closer look at her feedback record and found that a lot of the positives aren't really positive, and that when someone dares to leave a neg or neutral, she leaves emotionally charged retaliatory feedback. Had I noticed this before, I would have saved myself a lot of money and aggravation.
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I also had a negative experience with Little Lambs. Back in early December, I won a Little Lambs auction for hemp liners. I immediately paid for the items upon winning the auction. Two weeks later, I contacted the Seller as I was curious when exactly she was planning to send (or had sent) the items - she apologized and said the items would be going out that week. I waited until early January at which point I contacted her again and she told me the liners went out at the end of December - a date different than the one she originally stated but no "big deal" right? She said she had been "sick" which seems valid except looking later at her feedback, I noticed this is a frequent reason she gives for a late delivery.

In my case, I waited until a couple days before my family and I moved residences and still no package. I had instructed my post office to forward all mail to my new home but, still, I was curious if indeed the package was coming or if not, could she now send it directly to my new home. I contacted the Seller several times - each contact was a polite curious email on my part and she didn't respond. Finally, towards the end of January, I told her if I didn't hear a response, I would forward my complaint to PayPal and Ebay authorities.

I received no replies so I went ahead and left negative feedback. After I gave negative feedback, she refunded me the price of the item but gave me absolutely no explanation or apology - strange since she originally said she sent my package!

The Seller THEN filed a complaint with Ebay saying I had NOT paid for my ebay win. Of course, that complaint was untrue since I paid the day I won the auction. She then sent me a personal email saying how could I expect my package since I didn't pay. I had to go through several weeks of appealing this accusation as well as deal with the negative feedback she left me on my profile. She also sent me a request to withdraw my feedback with an implication that my comments were defamatory (I said I paid for item, she said it was shipped, it didn't arrive).

Finally, everything was okayed with Ebay and the case was closed since the Seller had no proof I hadn't paid for my items (and I had sent the receipt for my payment to Ebay and Paypal). But, I was very disturbed by the unprofessional service and the fact that there was never an explanation as to why the product I paid for was not sent to me.
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Little Lambs is no longer a registered ebay user. Hmmmm....
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