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I recently got a Luke's Drawers cotton candy side-snap diaper. I really like it! The print is cute, it is well put together, the velour is lucious.

The side snaps take a bit longer to put on, but they make the fit much better, I think, and better fit is what I was looking for. I like that the snap-in trifold soaker means that the diaper dries very quickly, but I think for a trimmer fit I will use a hemp doubler. Having options is always a good thing. You can see DS in it here.
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Lukes Drawers Wipes

I bought my first dozen in January. They are velour/knit. I couldn't believe how soft they were and the prints were very cute. They are generously sized. I now have over 2 dozen. They are the best I have tried. I purchased all of them from
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I also really like the fit of the Luke's Drawers Candy Wrapper. Here's My Baby wearing one.

These are my quickest drying diapers due to the velour trifold soaker, and is also one of the more absorbant diapers I own. I can use these AIO's even overnight with no leaking.

The customer service from Lukes Drawers is top notch. All my emails were answered quickly and my order was shipped promptly.

The fabric selection from Lukes Drawers is wonderful! Carolyn has many, many prints to choose from, and all are top quality fabrics that stay looking new even after many washes.

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I've never heard anyone complain about Luke's Drawers except for me! I had an ADORABLE Lukes Drawers Cotton Kiss AIO from and it just didn't work for my baby. The design allowed the wet cotton inner liner to wick directly onto Eli's clothes.

After a long public discussionhere at mdc attempting to resolve the problem, Carolyn sadly concluded, "I guess you are one of the unlucky people that they don't work for." She did offer to sell me a custom-made AIO with a fleece inner but I declined.

You can read the thread to see the exact nature of the problem.
Here's a link to the photo I mentioned in the thread:
photo illustrating the problem

I kept the dipe. I almost never use it... except very rarely when I won't have to put it under clothes. It is so darn cute.

So I'm the only person I've ever heard of who did not rave about LD's. I guess it was just too bad for me! It did cost $16.50 so I felt pretty bad! Hope this doesn't sound whiny... "Just the facts, Ma'am."
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I *adore* Luke's Drawers Cotton Kisses, both quick-dry and regular. I particularly love them for the 4 mos. - 12 mos. age range. The fit is fabulous with the side-snaps, and the dipes are very durable. I am particularly impressed with how the prints do not fade. They are very absorbent; probably my only complaint is that with the trifold soaker they tend to be a bit bulky. But before the baby gets walking, it did not seem to make much difference to us. Plus it is a snap-on soaker, so you can always remove/replace it if need be.

The selection of prints is very cute, lots of boy-friendly stuff! I also love that what you see is what you get - it's an instock only store. No waiting for 4 weeks for your dipes! Carolyn is friendly, responsive, efficient and prompt - great customer service. It is also nice that there is a small selection of other diapering items, such as Bummis SWW and some wool covers, too.

I have also tried Luke's velour wipes and they are delicious! Again, very cute prints backed with white velour. Thick and durable and very, very soft. The velour has a nap that really grabs onto sticky things well. Have not had any fraying or holes at the edges for over 2 years. If I had to do cloth wipes over again, I would buy these and only these.
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I think LD's are really cute, but I wasn't thrilled with the fit. They weren't as trim as the ME AIO's I was used to.
Mine also did some wicking.
I do really like the wipes I bought from her though.
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Candy Wrapper AIO
I love this AIO now that I have the new contour insert. I'm not a huge tri-fold fan (from any maker), b/c it seems to make a funny-shaped tush. With either the tri-fold our new contour inserts they are quite absorbant and perfect for longer outings/drives/naps.

GoodNight Kiss NighttimeAIO
This is a massive diaper designed for a massive job...Toddlers at night! We have never had a leak with this diaper. Sure, our kiddo has a pumpkin butt as he waddles off to bed, but it works, 100% of the time! Totally worth the price, I have another one on order.

All in Wonder Nighttime AIO
A Cross between the One Size WOnder and Goodnight Kiss. It has only failed us once. I think it's great, but I like the goodnight kiss better since it's a bit bigger on my toddler.

One Size Wonder Fitted
This diaper doesn't fit my son as well as others. I think b/c it's a one-size diaper, but has a pretty thick soaker (the tri-fold). I think it'd be perfect with the new contour insert. I don't use it often, but I am keeping it for a smaller baby some day.

Cotton Kiss Fitted
This diaper was super soft yummy velour, but bulkier than my taste so I traded it. It's basically the same size as the Candy Wrapper but requires an additional layer for waterproofing.

I just ordered a Fruit Top and cannot wait to get it, too!

I love the selection of fabrics, she has excellent customer service (can I rate customer service?). I think she listens to suggestions for improvements and leaps on them. There were some complaints about expensive shipping to US from Canada, now she drives over the border to mail her diapers. There was some confusion about the different types of diapers, now she has an easy-to-read comparison chart on her site.
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I am new to CD and am really loving it! My Lukes Drawers One Size Wonders are just great! My ds was 26 months when I started, so all I know is they work great on a toddler, but I am looking forward to being able to reuse them on my next baby. The available prints are cute and they appear to launder well. The tri-fold soakers seem a bit too bulky, so we just use the fleece topped doublers that she sells. (Also, I got some great hemp/fleece doublers from that happen to snap in the the LD OSW's , I think they are trimmer even though they have two layers and they are super absorbent)

I think Carolyn is very nice, prompt and sells a great product! I will definitely look to LD to keep on building my stash!

Also worth noting is her flat rate shipping of only $4!! I think that is awesome! That way I feel like I can buy smaller quanities as I can afford them without dropping so much cash on the shipping cost.
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I'm also one of the few who is just not a big Luke's Drawers fan. I have tried a One Size Wonder, an All In Wonder and Candy wrappers.

The One Size Wonder was very bulky on my kids and the front drooped a lot.

The AIW is very bulky (she does state this on her site though, so I was forewarned). I did like the fact that this works well overnight, we never had a leak at night with it. But we prefer wool at night and find this too bulky for day. We also had a front drooping problem with this diaper.

The Candy Wrappers definitely fit my kids better than the other two we tried, the side snaps eliminate any drooping problem. The sizing doesn't work so well for my kids though. A toddler candy wrapper was just a tad big around the waist on my 29 lb. 2 yr. old (admittedly, he has a teeny waist). The large is too small, so neither works for him. My 20 lb. 10 month old wears a large fine but it doesn't look like it will fit her too much longer and I'm afraid the waist on a toddler sized would be too big for her also.

All of these diapers came with velour trifolds and I prefer contour soakers in my quick dry diapers. I also don't like how her trifolds fold up on the top, so that the serged edge is facing up and rubs on my babies' bottoms, that can't be comfortable. I would prefer if it folded downward, with the serged edge facing the diaper instead of my babies. Does this make sense? Sorry if my description is confusing.

In conclusion, most of the reasons I don't like these diapers are personal preference and the fit on my own kids. We have never had one leak with these though. I still own my candy wrappers because of this, it is a very reliable AIO for outings. I just lay a liner or doubler over the trifold so that the serging isn't rubbing on my baby. These diapers are all very well sewn too.
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One thing that I forgot to add in my first post:

I did try one of her new contour soakers in my AIW and I liked it a lot, it made the diaper trimmer and I prefered it to her trifolds. But, since the contours are $9 each, I just found it too expensive to buy a $19 AIO and add a $9 contour to each one. Or a $15 candy wrapper with a $9 contour added, For that price, I'll purchase a hemp diaper/aio from somewhere else!
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I have tried 4 different LD diapers.

AIW- didn't like this one at all. Too bulky and wicked for ds.

OSW- LOVE this dipe. One of my favorites in our stash! I think this is one of the trimmer LD diapers, although I really wouldn't call it "trim". It is very absorbant though, and fits both of my kids really well.

Cotton Kiss- These were the dipes I used when ds was a newborn. They were great. I don't think I ever had a leak or blowout with these. They were a little bit bulky, but that didn't matter so much with a newborn, imo.

QD Cotton Kiss- This one I liked okay, but it was too bulky to fit under most of ds's clothes, so I sold it. The person I sold it to really seemed to like it
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Not a big fan here, but I've only tried one type. I'm not sure what it is is a large AIO. Side snapping with 2 snap in soakers? One snaps in front, one in back. I'm thinking this is the QD feature? I think it is more of a preference. I'm a big wool fan, so I just don't care for it. Even though it is a side-snapping dipe it was way too tight on baby's thighs(I didn't realize didn't feel tight, but left horrible marks on him), and this was a large. He wears mediums in most dipes. It is very cute, but does not work for us.

Single mama to Alex(13), Maddy(12), Sam(8), Violet(6), and Ruby(3). fly-by-nursing1.gif
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We have a big stash of Lukes Drawers diapers and I love them all. They are bulky, but that doesn't bother either one of my girls, so it doesn't bother me. My oldest always picks out an AIO or the AIW that we have to wear to bed each night, and she has a "diaper dance" that she has to do. They are so soft and dry very quickly in the dryer and on the line. I really like the snap in trifold soaker. I feel like being able to take the diaper apart is getting it cleaner. She has great customer service and a great product. I like the high rise and flexability in her diapers. I really feel like all of my childs bum is being covered. We have never had a leak or blowout and the girls wear these diapers to bed all the time! She also has a lot to choose from as far as a variety of colors and fabrics and her cloth wipes are wonderful!

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I have a few of the OSW

These diapers are great they fit from my newborn (10#) up to my toddler (35#)

They dry fast and have the cutest prints

Customer service is great and shipping is fast (coming from Canada to the us I am talking 4-7 days!!!)

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I Luke's Drawers! I think I've tried most everything from there too...

Newborn Hugs
These are very cute diapers. They fit a newborn nicely and the umbilical notch is great. I did find that they were a bit difficult to get in a wrap, and I often wanted to pin them to keep them snug. Overall a very nice, inexpensive nb diaper.

Original Cotton Kisses
These are my favorites! They are very absorbant and not too bulky. The fleece topped doubler keeps baby dry. The only negative thing about these is that they take quite a long time to dry.

Quick Dry Cotton Kisses
Same great fit as the original, but w/ 2 doublers that snap in: one in the front and one in the back. I have had some problems w/ the front doubler appearing bunched up, but it's not that big of a deal. Very quick drying.

Cotton Candies
These are my second favorites! Excellent fit and very quick drying. I prefer these to the QD Kisses. The trifold soaker can be fanned out in the back for a trimmer fit.

Candy Wrappers
These are very cute, well fitting AIO's, but I always had wicking issues w/ these. They wicked around the legs and waist on my boys. If I don't change them quite soon after they pee, then I get wicking. They are cute and work well as an AIO around the house, but I never put them on them when we would go out.

One Size Wonder
These are a nice front snapping diaper w/ no wing droop. I find that I prefer a one size diaper w/o exposed snaps when you fold the front panel down, however. Also, the trifold soaker that comes w/ these doesn't work well on the tall rise setting (esp for a boy). It just doesn't come up far enough in the front. I have had good luck using a toddler soaker in there on the tall rise setting and that worked much better, but then you have to buy another soaker.

All In Wonders
These are virtually leak proof! Very cute fleece prints as well. These are very bulky though, esp if you use the doubler. I think they would be too bulky for a small baby if you had to use the smaller rise setting.

Cotton Kiss AIO
These did not work for my boys as an AIO either. I had lots of wicking problems. Fine for at home when it doesn't matter if a diaper wicks, but not for going out.

Overall, Luke's Drawers is an excellent WAHM biz. There are *always* tons of gorgeous diapers in stock and the shipping is super fast. The fabric used in these diapers is first class and I have many diapers that are close to 2 yrs old w/ bright prints still.
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LD was the first AIO I ever got. It is still our favorite. They are well made, and withstand my heavy wetting dd better than any other I've bought.

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The One Size Wonder makes a great, easy-to-fasten diaper for the diaper bag. Their waterproof layer keeps outings "safe." The snap-in, fold-out soaker is a little too short for front-soaking children; you'll want to lay in a doubler toward the front. I've found other AIOs I prefer, but I never regret getting my OSW and it's the standard in my diaper bag.

I found Candy Wrappers hard to snap, and it was very bulky overall.

Both of these diapers exhibited impeccable craftsmanship!
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I recieved a LD's AIO second hand. I'm not sure the exact design. It is a little bulky, and seems to run a bit small, but the quality is good. I like that I can use it as a cover with my prefolds if I want, though it doesn't offer the best coverage. I have yet to try it overnight. If I were spending money on AIO's, I'd probably go with a different style, but if you like this type- with the snaps on front and the snap-in liner, Luke's Drawers are nice. As I said, it appears really well made and I am impressed with the fabrics.

I am editing this to add that I did not have a good experience with LD's overnight, I had to add a prefold underneath to prevent leaks. I also had a daytime incident, in which it did not contain dd's BM, resulting in lots of carpet-scrubbing. I think I may sell this one.

Just your typical non-theistic, liberal, blended family.

Thank you, Mothering, for the past twelve years of support and community. I look forward to many more.

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