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I can't believe no one has started a reveiw thread for these awesome dipes!! I love Kissaluvs. They are so soft and stretchy. They are super resilient and really seem to resist stains!
Front snapping with multiple settings to grow with baby.
They are super trim and are so adorable on the baby!
Diane puts out some great colors. I used to have some burgandy Kissaluvs I just adored! I have also had purple, ble, soft green, and natural with various colors of stitching... cute, cute, cute!!
Not as absorbant as hemp dipes, but definately well-made.

I have some Kissaluvs doublers, wich are also great. You can get all-cotton or fleece topped terry ones.
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I've also had lots of Kissaluvs and loved them.
They are soft and fit well. They also hold up to multiple washings with little to no signs of wear.
Their only draw-back for us was that they're not a super-absorbent dipe, so don't work especially well for heavy wetters, but would be awesome for a light wetter.
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Pros: nice soft material, very cute, good fit at the low end of size range, great poop catchers

Cons: not absorbant enough, really short rise
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I have a few Kissaluvs contours that we use at night. I love most everything about them, except that the front seems too short. It always seems to end up in dd's crotch. It might help if I added some snaps or velcro to them though.
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I've had kissaluvs come and go from my stash for around 2 years now.
*quality materials, all-fleece are really soft, and even dry soft on the line. Made to last through a lot of use
*Fit my babies during all kinds of shape and size changes.
*material perfect for breastfed baby poo
*one row of snaps makes changes quick
*low rise sits comfortably under a buddha belly
*2 size system is cost effective (well 3 sizes if you count newborn)
*newborn size has snap down front for cord care

*My dh always puts them on inside out. :LOL
*front panel can droop down if on a tighter snap setting, esp. with out using a cover
*not enough of the soaker panel is up in the front for boys
*not the best dipe for a really heavy wetter
*some people don't like a low rise
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I like the kissaluv fitteds. They are pretty absorbant and so soft and snuggly. I like the way the snaps are too.

The contours I didnt not like at all. They take even LONGER to dry then the fitteds and the sewn in doubler folds up and poop stays stuck in there even through many washings.

Mama to a teen and tween
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Kissaluvs 0's are the most awsome newborn diaper. They didn't fit Baylee at 5lbs at birth, but by the time she reached 7lbs, they fit perfectly with a small cover and I ordered a dozen more. She wore them until about 13lbs. I'm pretty sure they woudl have fit longer, but she was ougrowing the absorbency and the rise. We had mostly all cottonfleece. Even though I sew, if we are blessed enough to have another baby, I'll definitly be ordering at least a dozen kissaluvs 0's

Kissaluvs size 1's starting fitting right around 10lbs and wored out pretty well until about 16-17lbs and crawling. The fit just was funky after that stage.. the rise seemed too low and we got lots of wing droop (BUT, my baby goes coverless most of the day at home.. with a cover we never had wing droop) So we began to change our stash over to other diapers. At 20lbs and 16 months, she still *can* wear the size 1's, but sadly the absorbency has to be beefed up with a doubler. For the price, I still think these are decent fitted diapers. Quality made.

Kissaluvs size 2's.. We use one of these in our stash right now and it's okay.... not our favorite, but we like it enough to keep it around The absorbency is a bit on the weak side sincy my baby girl pees all up-front more like a boy would and most of the diapers absorbency in in the back. It's still very soft after using it for probably 6 months and the drying time is somewhere in the middle... I have diapers that take longer and I have diapers that take much less time.

I wanted to comment on the service I received with kissaluvs. Apparenlty I'd gotten a batch with bad elastic (too tight) and I didn't even realize it until at 14-15lbs (some of these I'd bought more than 7 months earlier and used for about three months), the diapers started not to fit anymore... they were just really tight around the legs. I emailed kissaluvs and asked if this was normal and gave them my baby's measurements. Very promptly, I got a reply saying they would send me out a new size 1 so I could see if it fit better. They didn't ask for the return of one of mine in order to send me that one, and they sent it very quickly. It did fit MUCH better, so I returned the 10 I had with tight elastic. Soon, I received 10 size 1's and a size 2 to grow on. I did pay the $12 shipping it took to get the diapers to kissaluvs, but in the end, I had an extra size one from the initial trial and an extra size 2 so that more than took care of my shipping costs (and I'd even put a not in saying they only needed to replace 9 since I'd already received one). Things like this can take a real financial and emotional toll on a wahm. I know there were many more customers that sent diapers back. But through it all, Diane was professional, friendly, and absolutly made me feel like my money was well spent buying kissaluvs. I look forward to buying kissaluvs when we have a new bum to diaper!

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I jave bought almost all of my Kissaluvs through their outlet so I'm just adding that disclaimer in the event that any of my comments are not relevant to their first quality dipes. That said, I first have to say that I really appreciate that Kissaluvs has an outlet page. It allowed me to try their dipes at a discounted price. It also made me realize how particular their quality control dept must be as the seconds and "kissanots" I've bought all seem pretty excellent to me.

All of the dipes I've tried have been all-fleece, so I can;t comment on the fleece-terry although I just received some and they look very nice.

I LOVE the size 0s. I had 13 of them for my babe and was very tempted to buy a dozen more (I didn't at the time, but have already grabbed up more for future babes). They are just about perfect for a newborn and fit her well from birth (7lb 3oz) until about 10-12 weeks (approx. 12 lbs.) She currently wears size 1s and while the rise is low, we have never had a problem with leaks. We have the occasional blowout - usually from around the legs, but these have been caught by her covers. At 4.5 months, the rise is seeming to be too low and we may need to retire the size 1s. They have ample room around the waist and legs, but they are coming close to not covering her tushie due to the low rise. My DD is slender and long however (approx. 14lb and 26").

I am interested to see how the size 1s and 2 may fare after she begins to creep, crawl, and toddle.

As an aside, I recently ordered more size 0s and they looked larger to me than the ones I bought 6-8 months ago. When I held them up to my (used) size 0s and size 1s they seemed to fall somewhere in the middle. I don't know if the size 0s are now being made slightly larger or if they just looked larger because they hadn't been washed up and shrunk yet.

Very nice dipes that have worked well for us so far. Overall cons: low rise, long dry time, and lose their fleecy softness with washing.

Wife to my DH Mama to my two girlsĀ  hearts.gif'03 and love.gif '06 and my sweet babyboy.gif 3-'10 I am blessed.
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I bought one to try, and although it was cute, it was just waaaaay too short in the rise for my tall DS. The size two came right above his "bikini" line, and then, of course, sagged when it got wet. I can see how these would work for a newborn or shorter baby, but not for a tall toddler.
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Another Kissaluvs service and diaper lover....I have a stash made up of Kissaluv diapers and another WAHM made diaper...Both of these make up my stash and even though i find the kissaluvs to not be that absorbant i dont mind because i love the fit on my son....I change diapers frequently and have never had a leak or poop blowout with these diapers...They are stain resistant and super soft and streachy...My son is a chubby baby and the size 1 fits him at the tightest snap.....I also love the service Dianna gives she is awsome..We had a problem with sizing and some diapers and she inmediately sent out the diapers i needed without anything in return...She called my home to make sure all my questions were answered and i loved that about the service...She went through limits for me to be satisfied with my diaper and i am....

I recomend this diaper to anyone that has a light to medium wetter...We thought our son was a heavy wetter but it turns out hes a light but frequent wetter so it all worked out for us and the kissaluvs....The are a great daytime...

:My 7 year old boy Ari, my fun loving husband and my life!
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kissaluvs fitteds - love 'em!
the low rise doesn't seem to be a problem. ds is in size 2. downfall is, they are really not very absorbant, so definitely not a good nighttime dipe, but awesome poopcatcher! can't wait to use on my newborn just for that reason!!
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I usually hear two complaints about Kisslauvs fitted diapers - not absorbant enough and bulky. Then occasionally I hear that they take forever to dry.

We love Kisslauvs so here is my theory on those complaints:

First of all, I'm not sure how a diaper that takes too long to dry can be not absorbant enough. I don't put Kisslauvs on Ben and expect to not change him for 3 hours. I have other diapers we use for trips to town when I think that might happen (we're talking 9 layers of hemp which people gasp at when I mention it).

As for the bulk issue, I don't find them bulky at all. DS has a buddah belly, and if we use fitted diapers with a higher rise, the elastic just works it way down to ride below his belly. That creates this huge bulge in front because the fabric is now folded over. So diapers which are trimmer when lying on a table are actually bulkier on Ben because of how they fit. Diapers without elastic in front (such as prefolds in BSWWs) tend to gape in front rather than riding below his belly like the fitted ones with elastic do. That gaping creates bulk and leaves the door wide open for leaks (fountain style if certain things are pointed in the wrong direction). Kisslauvs are designed to ride below the waist so there's no bulge of extra fabric in front like there is with other diapers. Are they bulkier than disposables? Yes. Other diapers may be trimmer when I put them on him, but after he's worn them for a half hour, they're actually bulkier than Kisslauvs because of how they fit him. So I don't think Kisslauvs are "bulky" like people say they are. If you have a child with a very high rise and no buddah belly, they may not be the most ideal diaper. But not every diaper works for everybody. Kisslauvs happen to work for us in a way that most other diapers don't.

Tana, wife to Steve (5/02), mom to Ben (7/03), Joey (10/06) and Caroline (9/09)
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I have only tried Kissaluvs size 2 fitted diapers, and my review is based on that experience.

It is hard to believe that these diapers would work for any toddler boy. There is very little absorbency in the front of the diaper. There is a lot of absorbency in the butt of the diaper, which IMO makes the diaper appear very bulky (won't fit under a lot of my boys' pants), and also makes it take longer to dry (2 full cycles). My babies are NOT heavy wetters, but they pee THROUGH kissaluvs within half an hour (meaning that if I pick them up and they're not wearing a cover, I get soaked).

I find them to be great at containing poop. We use our kissaluvs as poop-catchers. I put my boys in kissaluvs when I am expecting a poop because I know it will be well-contained, it is easy to rinse off of the fleece, and I don't care if my kissaluvs get stained (which they are).

I would not recommend kissaluvs to anyone looking for an absorbent, trim, or quick-drying fitted diaper.


Mindfully mothering SIX kids (ages 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 & 12) in a small house with a lot of love.
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Sorry all, I agree with the above poster. Kissaluvs size 2 just did not work for my toddler. He would pee through them in a matter of minutes, and they took FOREVER to dry, and we live in an apt with industrial dryers. They are also super bulky under clothing, and I prefer a trimmer look.
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I have 3 size 1 kissaluvs my first daipers i bought to start cd'ing and they are okay but even with the super soaker doubler they still dont absorb much and they take forever to dry.

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Kissaluvs are our workhorse dipe, and they do very well in that role. ITA with pp's that they are great poop-catchers! As for absorbency, I think they work just fine with a doubler, and since I try to change quickly after wetting, I haven't had any problems. I'd never use them overnight, and if we're going to be out & about for a while, I like hemp-stuffed, fleece-lined pocket dipes better, anyway.

They are well-made (and I'm using seconds--most of the flaws are undetectable to me; none affect performance), and service from the company was great. I have the Colors!, and I also just think they're pretty, folded & stacked on the changing table shelf.
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Originally Posted by tippytoes26
The absorbency is a bit on the weak side sincy my baby girl pees all up-front more like a boy would and most of the diapers absorbency in in the back.
I'm so glad to hear someone else's girl pees like this, I was beginning to think mine was weird(not really). And then any kind of doublers I put in just bunch up between her legs and somehow pee gets past them right onto the dipe anyway...

I do like the kissaluvs, she fits better in the size 1's at the moment although I do have a size 2, but it gaps a little at the legs. Not terribly absorbent and a little bulky(I think it's more poofy) in the butt. It looks cute though with the ruffled edges. And it does contain poop pretty well. At 10 months my almost ebf girl still has sort of runny poops. I still kind of wish it was 100% cotton though...
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Well, I really did love my kissaluvs for when ds was firstborn, they fit him so well and held all the bf poops in, but as DS got older they didn't work as well.
First of all, it seems the elastic in these gets shot fairly quickly. It doesn't matter as much when the diaper is on the tightest snap, but when on the looser snaps the elastic just doesn't seem to hold anything in.
Also, like other people say, it's not absorbant enough. Again for a newborn this doesn't matter, but once baby gets a bit older they'll pee right through it.

I would not buy these diapers again for any size baby, they just didn't hold up for me the way I'd expected they would.

Non Practicing Midwife, going back to school! Mamma to my 3 loves, living each day to the fullest.
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I love Kissaluv 0's for a newborn. They truly fit and I believe that the unbleached cotton probably fit longer than most other newborn diapers. I find the unbleached stretchier and more absorbent than the colors. I find in the larger sizes the butt is unnecessarily large. I must say these diapers are lasting simply forever. My toddler has been using the size 2 for probably 2 years now and the darn things won't wear out so that I can have an excuse to replace. them. These dipes are cute and you can get a good fit with them, so if you don't mind the back bulk they are a good choice. The Kissaluv outlet often has good prices on seconds.

Mama to 13, and 10 and 4.
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While I agree the diaper has a few drawbacks -- mainly a low rise and not the best for a heavy wetter -- I find them absorbent enough for my heavy wetter, combined with a doubler of course, for nighttime use.

I like the ease of use, the material and construction, and the cuteness factor. I've had good luck using both first-quality and seconds.

Would recommend!

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I bought these for my newborn DD, and we temporarily very discouraged about the choice to use cloth, because the yellow liquidy stuff in the BF poo leaked thru to the cover. It took me a while (i know, hard headed) to realize I needed a doubler. But I loved the way they fit with a snappi and a bummis sww, I was determined to make them work! And w/ a doubler, they did.

I think they are a great, low priced choice for a NB because the fit is great!
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