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I am REALLY in love with our Darling AIO, and I need more!!!! It is my favorite diaper in my stash! The small AIO is cute, holds in my son's river of pee (looks like all my kiddos are super heavy wetters), fits really well around his itty bitty thighs (I can't get a snug, leak-free fit with anything else), is so easy to get on with a great fit, is quick to get off (quick changes are a must in my house these days with two children with special needs), and it dries quickly because the trifold hemp soaker lays in instead of being sewn in. Also, it is great on the wallet! It is designed to fit up to 17 pounds (my son is about 10 pounds now) so it will fit for some time to come! Hooray!

So, now I'm probably going to put up some of the other brand fitteds that I haven't even been able to use yet (too big around the thighs so they gape -- pee and poo would roll on out) onto ebay to pay for more. Meanwhile, I'm haunting and stalking Amber's store daily to see if she's either stocked small AIOs or opened for custom orders. ag

So, two for:


Wife of 1. Mom of 3. Conquering disability challenges, one achievement at a time.

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yes, yes, yes. Darling Diapers are wonderful. I only have two but I think they are turning into my faves. They fit my slim dd ( 2yo, 23#'s) so well, better than anything else so far, they hug her thighs perfectly and the snap adjustment is perfect around her tummy. The prints are beautiful and the hemp diapers are soo so soft. The snap in soaker is a tri-fold and they snap together folded so they don't bunch up and move around on her. The fleece topped soakers are great and she can really soak them without a leak. I just ordered another one, and I will order more when there are more to be had!
And amber is an Angel.
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The most remarkable thing about Darling AIO's is that they just don't leak. It's the way they are sewn. The cover part actually holds back the pee long enough for the soaker to soak it up. The hemp soaker is sooooo soft and the microfleece on top is even softer. We have the front aplix and they are easy peasy to put on. They have fold back laundry tabs. The fit is very adjustable and works perfectly. Not only that but Amber does custom orders so you KNOW it will fit your little one to a tee.

We also use her pocket fitted diapers at night. I thought it was a strange concept at first. A pocket diaper that isn't an AIO. Why bother? Well, the adjustable absorbency is there, but we can use a wool cover at night. Because we can stuff it how we please without worrying about is the leg sticking out too much here, is the front not flat enough etc. Then we just pop a nice breathable wool cover over it and dry nights are ours. The fleece is remarkably soft and I find his bottom feels much drier than with his fuzzibunz. I think it is is miracle fleece or something.

Ah... Darling Diapers.

Mama to 12, and 9 and 3. 
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Two thumbs way up for Darling Diapers. These are my new favorites and I just can't say enough great things about them and Amber.

The pocket fitteds are great for daytime, naptime, or nighttime since I can customize the absorbency and use whatever cover I want. For daytime, I really like the regular front snap fitteds. She has now added an extra row of snaps for more size adjustability.

The hemp trifold soaker/stuffer is great because you get a lot of absorbency without sacrificing drying time.

The sizing has changed a bit recently, but Amber was wonderful in working with me to get the right size. I like that there are 3 sizes available now. With some 2 size systems out there, the size 1 is too small for my petite toddler but the size 2 is huge on her.

With the new front snap configuration, the small and medium should last us all of our diapering days. For larger babies, they could start out in the medium folded down and move on to the large eventually. So, it could still be a 2 size system, but it's customizable

Amber is an absolute gem to work with and won't rest until you're happy. She also makes adorable accessories (washies, baby bath sets, blankets, etc)--I want a yummy velour hooded towel for myself!
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I haven't tried Amber's diapers yet, but her wipes are my absolute favorite, and they seem pretty well priced for their size and materials. Most wipes are velour/flannel, although other combinations are available. They are larger than other velour wipes I have seen but still fit in a wipe warmer. The shape/size is very consistent - no crooked cuts or shrinkage.

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Yep. I love our wipes and every diaper I've tried from Amber. She makes the most absorbant (most layers) hemp fitteds I have and they also dry faster than any of my diapers!!! Seems like a contradiction, but her designs are quick dry. And she doesn't compromise good fit or quality workmanship anywhere.
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Yes - in fact her design is similar to CB except there is no sewn in soaker. The only thing I would change is I wish it were a front snap soaker instead of a rear snap. Otherwise they dry fast, fit well and are very absorbent - I have one with a velour outer and I don't even have to use a cover with it.
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I LOVE my Darling Pocket Fitteds. Pocket AIOs just did not work for us. But, with these, I can have the fleece against baby's skin, customize absorbancy, and still use my own choice of cover. And, if I have them pre-stuffed, they are easy for dh to use at night. The large fits my 18lb baby and my 35lb toddler (with room to grow).

Amber is great to work with.

These are my FAVORITE night dipes.
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Though I have never tried the Darling Diapers, I did want to rave about her changing pad covers. They are very well made and so soft!
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I got 2 all-hemp DD fitteds with snap-in contour soakers off of the TP. I am very pleased with their fit, construction, and quick dry time. They are favorites amongst the other fitteds in my "collection" which include SPs, SOSs, Kissaluvs, etc. I would liken their fit to that of an SOS but with a much faster drying time.

My only complaint is that I wish custom slots were more readily available. I have browsed the site MANY times to find only one dress set, or one diaper, or one bathtime bundle in stock that I love at any given moment. If they were all in stock at the same time or if I could place a custom order, I would make the purchase, but my aversion to paying shipping for one item at a time has kept me from making a purchase so far....I'm watching though and hope that big order day will come soon.

Wife to my DH Mama to my two girls  hearts.gif'03 and love.gif '06 and my sweet babyboy.gif 3-'10 I am blessed.
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Side-Snapping, All Hemp Fleece Fitteds

Fit: Excellent! Snaps are placed close enough to get a good fit, the crotch area is wide enough for coverage but not excessively so, and just enough of a leg ruffle to contain leaks without adding bulk. Also, this is the only diaper company I know of that offers intermediate sizes (such as S/M and M/L). For a hard to fit baby, especially in terms of rise, this is essential!

Absorbency: My daughter is a moderately heavy wetter, and the 5 layers of hemp fleece (plus an extra 2 layer doubler) are adequate for a 2 hour period. The diaper is wet, but not soaked. This, of course, is very individual! For custom slots, you may customize to have more or less layers added.

Customer Service: Very prompt and thoughtful communication, fast turnaround time, and superb problem resolution.

 2/02, 4/05, 2/07, 11/09, and EDD 12/25/11 wave.gif



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I recently bought several dozen wipes from Amber, and they are SO nice! The sewing is awesome and the prints are so cute. The velour on the back of these is SO soft - my baby is so lucky to have wipe her face and bum!!!
Amber is awesome to work with, too. She is so nice!

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I have hemp fitteds, hemp and velour fitteds, doublers and washcloths from Amber. All of them are great. She does excellent workmanship and she is so great to work with that I always go to her first for any custom needs I have.

I prefer her contoured soakers to her trifold ones for their trimness. Her diapers are quick drying, which I love.
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I will never be able to rave enough about Amber! We've never tried her diapers, but I've ordered numerous cloth wipes from her. She is fast! And, she goes out of her way to make sure I know exactly what I'm getting in terms of fabric! She always includes extras which just puts her in a class of her own. She's even provided me with instructions and scrap fabric so I could try my hand at making my own wipes on my sewing machine at home with no serging capabilities.

She's so awesome!
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#15 of 26 Old 02-21-2004, 04:13 PM
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I bought a few custom diapers from Amber and she is the sweetest, most friendly WAHM! I kept changing my mind and she was so patient and thorough!
On one of my diapers, she said there was a "serging mistake" and insisted on taking a few dollars off, but when I got the diaper I could not find it! Her sewing is immaculate!
Beautiful, well made diapers made with top notch fabrics and absorbant too! I thought they were going to be bulky, but they aren't!
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#16 of 26 Old 03-27-2004, 02:20 AM
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I've gotten diapers, wipes, and a changing pad cover from Amber and all are gorgeous! Her wipes are my absolute favorite. They are adorable and oh so soft. I love my velour changing pad cover, and so does dd Amber is super nice, answered all my questions very quickly and shipped out sooner than I had expected. I'll definitely order from her again.
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#17 of 26 Old 04-01-2004, 12:50 PM
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We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Darling Diaper fitteds! I haven't had the chance to try an AIO yet, but our custom fitteds are a perfect, trim fit and I will certainly be ordering more!
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#18 of 26 Old 04-18-2004, 10:24 AM
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We have a pocket fitted that I love to use at night with an Aristocrat. The diapers are similar to cuddlebuns without the elastic in front, and the crotch width is between the cuddlebuns and bikini cuddlebuns, which is about perfect IMO. This is definitely one of the diapers I save for when I need it (nighttime or shopping) and I always feel good when I use it. Most of my other diapers I just use - this one I treasure.

Tana, wife to Steve (5/02), mom to Ben (7/03), Joey (10/06) and Caroline (9/09)
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My praise for Amber and Darling Diapers is long overdue. I have been ordering things from Amber for 5 or 6 months now, and everything has been wonderful. I started with wipes and bibs, and then moved on to diapers. The workmomship is awesome and her customer service is the best! Amber is so nice and just great to work with. She has done a few custom orders for me and they have turned out even better than I imagined!

I her bibs. Not only are they adorable, but they are so well made. Now they are the only bibs we use, the snaps are great, I love the micro on the back and the cute prints. We also have a few embroidered with my son's name and nicknames. They make me smile every time I put one on him. I highly recommend these, they make a perfect gift.

Today I received my first AIO from Amber, and I can tell it is going to be a favorite. I love the soaker design, and it is embroidered as well. So cute!

I have to say that Amber is one of the nicest WAHMs I have worked with. She really cares about her work, and the customer, which is so important in this business. I give Amber a HUGE
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#20 of 26 Old 09-23-2004, 10:26 PM
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Darling Diapers are our FAVORITE. They are ALWAYS the ones that we choose for outings and for times when we don't want any leaking. They last longer, dry faster and are so much cuter than ANY other diapers we've tried.
What would I do without all of Ambers cloth diapering advice??? We'd still be in sposies if it weren't for Amber

The customer service and product quality CANNOT be beat.


Wait, did I mention the WIPES?? Oh, one has not lived until they've used a darling wipe!

Cannot rave enough!!!
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#21 of 26 Old 10-01-2004, 11:16 PM
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I purchased a Darling Diaper approximately one year ago from another mama and it was in near-new condition. It is a size large fitted, natural hemp fleece diaper that is serged in variegated purple thread and has contrasting lime green snaps. The hemp fleece is fleece side out to baby. The quick dry, trifold soaker snaps into the back of the diaper and is topped with cream microfleece. The soaker design is a stand out in the trifold soaker field, because of the snap on the lower third that holds the soaker together; this helps to prevent the soaker from slipping down inside the diaper because it “fans” out. This snap is on the back of the soaker so it doesn't rub against baby's skin-all of the snaps on this diaper are hidden. The microfleece is sewn only to the middle third of the soaker: this is advantageous because microfleece on the entire trifold adds no absorption or wicking problems, and may prevent moisture (however briefly) from passing through to the next layer of the soaker fabric. The sizing information available on the website reports that size large diapers should fit from 18-32 lb, waist 16-24 inches, thigh 9-15 inches, and rise 18 inches. I would estimate that these run true to size: my son fits into this diaper on the smallest setting: the rise is perfect on him, the waist fits well, and the thighs are a bit loose given his body structure.

When open, the diaper lays flat, its wings even and the serging around the legs is symmetrical. The fabric and serging have held up well over the months that I have used this diaper, and the sewing is perfect on this diaper. The waist and leg proportions are right, and there is plenty of adjustability in both. For average or heavier build babies, I believe you would get a wonderful fit with this diaper because the front panel, when snapped on the baby, seems to have a slightly rounded shape. On my skinny toddler, this roundness translates into extra fabric around the lower belly and hips, which results in the diaper sagging down below his belly. In my subjective experience using this diaper, I have been pleased with the absorbency-even though the diaper has a tendency to slide downwards and bunch near his crotch, I've never had any leaking or wicking. The fact that the crotch of the diaper shell is much wider than the soaker allows you to either use a larger soaker (available in custom weights/layers) with this diaper, especially good for nighttime, or add additional doublers. I have used this diaper at night with a hefty doubler and a wool liner and the wetness has been contained to the soaker (not the diaper body) when my heavy wetter wakes up in the morning. In my opinion, Darling Diapers have the potential to be a reliable workhorse diaper stash, transitioning from daytime to night time with ease. These diapers are marvelously designed, well-constructed, and should last well beyond one child's cloth diapering time. I would judge the fit as excellent on average or chunkier body type babies, and I highly recommend this diaper for those body types. I have seen the adjustable rise front snap diapers in person (but not used them) and have viewed the pictures of the “Simply Darling” diapers, and I suspect that these (in size medium) would be a better fit on my son, especially the more closely spaced snap settings on the “simply” diapers. These diapers are a great value for their customizability, and are impeccably sewn by a well-established WAHM.

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#22 of 26 Old 11-02-2004, 07:01 AM
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This is a review of Darling Diapers' customer service.

I placed an order for a pair of instock trainers for my DS who is day potty trained but has occasional night accidents. After placing my order, I replied to a post here on MDC's diapering forum about trainers, and mentioned my purchase and hopes for a nighttime solution.

The next morning, I had email from Amber at Darling Diapers. She had seen my post and wanted to let me know that the Potty Dance Pants I ordered were not designed for night use and probably wouldn't hold up to our needs (though she may offer some in the future that would). She offered to cancel my order and refund my money so I could find something that would work. I was floored!

That was the only item I'd ordered, so she lost the entire sale. Talk about great customer service! I have been drooling over her bibs and other diapering products, and will gladly be purchasing from Amber in the future.

HeatherB ~ mama to 3 wonderful boys:  reading.gif 03/02; modifiedartist.gif09/04; sleepytime.gif 09/07 - and Eliana, babygirl.gif 11/13/10!  
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i have 2 pocket fitteds from DD and i think they are great they are well made and well priced (think FCB nightlights but with cute prints!) AND in-stock! also, her wipes are the very best out there. soft and pretty. she always ships fast too!
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#24 of 26 Old 01-12-2005, 10:53 AM
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Just put my first side aplix AIO on dd this morning, and wow. I have long time been a fan of Amber's wipes and bibs...but this dipe is trim and awesome. Amber is a joy to work with, and she is super nice. If there is something you need, she is willing to modify it for you and make it to help you out! Please try a side aplix (or front closure) dipe of hers. They are now my new favorite trim AIO choice! (There aren't enough thumbs to put up here for this dipe )
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#25 of 26 Old 01-16-2005, 10:39 PM
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I have a Darling Diapers AIO and I it. It's a great diaper, very reliable, very well made, and just GORGEOUS! I don't know what else to say, other than the diaper ROCKS! I have a bib from Amber too, and it is by far the nicest and the best bib we have.
I highly recommend darling diapers, Amber's stuff is great, and she's an awesome WAHM
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I bought Ambers fitted pattern and the diapers I made from it, so I imagine the ones she makes would be even better! :LOL She had GREAT customer service - my spam guard kept bumping the pattern to my bulk folder and I deleted it without looking, twice! She was very patient and even posted here to make sure I was contacted, then sent the pattern again. I highly recommend Amber!
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