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I have a bunch of diapers from Jen at Mom and Me creations. She uses a hemp terry fabric that is stretchy, absorbent and snappiable.

Fitted diapers - Samuels Fitteds

These fitteds are pretty trim. They come lined in a fleece of your choice and include a fleece topped soaker. They are quite absorbent. We can use them overnight with a hemp doubler under the liner. They are stretchy so they give good value over the sizes and line dry quite well due to the softness of the fabric.

Soakers- flats for nightime

These are substantial diapers. They really stand up to a heavy wetter. We can use the infant soaker on my 20 month old although we also use the premium and there is no way he comes close to exhausting that.

These are hemp flat soakers that you can snappi! We find this works even better with a wrap type cover such as a Bumpy wool or Fuzbaby with velcro to keep everything snug and just so.


These are lightweight but they hold a good deal of wetness. They are stretchy so give the snug fit of a fitted when snappied without any of the elastic and this makes the care and drying time so much easier.

I find the sizes of the prefolds larger than expected. I can put an infant prefold on my 20 month old without folding it up or down and it does perfectly for a daytime absorbency diaper. We tend to change him promptly when he wets. I really dislike the bulk and origami of folding the regular cotton premium prefolds up or down. Why are they so long? Anyway, these are great prefolds.

Just remember to wash them (4-5 times to start) with hot or boiling water (not boiling for the fitteds with snaps) and they will just get more and more absorbent over time.

Mama to 13, and 10 and 4.
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I, too love Jen's dipes. We have two of her fitteds, and I love how soft and stretchy they are - also very absorbent and the fit is perfect.

Samuel's Soakers are wonderful night time diapers. They are bulky, but are still stretchy and are the only thing that I use on my dd so far at night that doesn't leave her sopping wet in the morning. I have trouble getting my snappi's teeth to 'grab' them though.

I also have some of her daytime prefolds, they are trim yet absorbent. Wonderful to tri-fold and lay in a wrap.

's up for Mom-and-Me Creations
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OMG, these are my absolute favorites!!!

Fitteds- I like the unique snap placement and my dd is 18 lbs and fits on the tightest sdnap setting. Quite absorbent as well.

Soakers- These are my main system these days! I love them. dd wears the infant size though we have one premium, it'll be awhile before she outgrows the infant. These snappi and go into a wool cover perfectly. I thought I'd always need AIO's for the diaper bag, but I reach for our soakers first.

Flats- I have been lucky enough to be a tester for the 1 layer flats. Theya re great too. I love how quick they dry and they are functional for more than just diapering too!!!

Chris Mama of J, A, C and M
Surromama of four
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I have some hemp contoured doublers and absolutely love them-- and have also received great customer service. Would love to try some of her other products.

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i have a samuels fitted that i got used and it is trim and has great snap placement.........

i also have a samuels soaker with is great for night time..... bulky but it holds like the hoover damn......
i use the infant prefolds as a trifold soaker ....... her customer service it top notch
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All hail Jen and her Samuel Soakers......

After and exhaustive search that had me trying every night time diaper under the sun, I finally found my way to her. After a solid month of wet sheets we've had nary a leak since our Soakers arrived.

Premium Soaker, SMJAE hemp fleece contour doubler and a big old homemade fleece liner - all snappied into a large ME Airflow cover! Beautiful and dry, dry, dry!

I can't say enough!
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I have a few of the fitteds, and we them! They aren't the cutest diaper we own, but they are top notch quality, and serve as a great everyday work horse diaper.
The double row of snaps is AWESOME!! It keeps the front snaping diaper in place, so it isn't twisting or suffering from saggy sides.
Also, if you order the diaper with microfleece lining, both the diaper and doubler are lined. Over all, these diapers are quality throughout!
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i am just beyond thrilled with jen's products. where to begin?

the samuel's soaker is amazing. my super pee-er wets only the front and crotch after 12 hours at night. it is also so easy to use now that she has made these fabulous wool soakers. the diaper can lay in the soaker, and the snap placement on the cover holds the diaper firmly in place. no more pin or snappi struggles!

the woolly dream cover is a miracle! i tried for 6 months to find a wool cover that 1. kept my son dry, and 2. was really soft. the woolly dream does both. it feels like cashmere. i have even tried pouring and pressing water into it, and it doesn't go through! it is thick and cuddly, and positively lucious.

my fitted diaper is definitey my favorite of all my diapers (i can't wait to get more). the hemp is the softest of all my hemp diapers. the snap placement is excellent. the diaper dries quicky, and the lay-in soaker is sized well. i got mine with a layer of hemp fleece, rather than microfleece, and the absorbency is incredible. this is the only diaper that i can use under a day weight wool cover without leaks.

what really makes jen stand out, imo, is her attention to detail, and her customer service. jen seems to have spent a huge amount of time thinking about little ways to tinker with diapers to make them more functional. for example, she sells microfleece liners, but she lines them wih 1/8"jemp jersey to give them a little bit of "body" which helps them stay in place in the diaper. it's a helpful little detail that you won't usually find. she has also turned her hemp terry so the flat side faces inward, b/c she has found that when the terry faces inward, it has the potential to get lumpy over time.

her customer service can't be beat. i'll admit, i'm a big pain in the a** customer. my son is hard to fit, and i've had so many diaper failures and disappointments in the past. i felt very comfortable talking to jen about all the little details and issues that made my previous diapers a disappointment. she has patiently tinkered with her already fabulous products in an effort to make me the "diaper of my dreams." she has been willing to make every custom change i have requested, and she hasn't charged me extra for any of it (though i have insisted that she do so). communication is always prompt. she even answers emails before she has had her morning coffee. and she will actually answer all of the questions you ask her (i tend to ask lots and los of questions in my emails). she ships orders out fast.

oh--and her snaps are STRAIGHT and EVEN. i was beginning to think i'd never get a diaper with straight snaps!

in sum, i have been a fussy, disappointed, jaded, grumpy diaper user in the past. nothing in my stash was ever quite right. but now, thanks to jen, i am a happy, fullfilled, excited diaper user.

alas, my son is almost 2. i'm afraid he'll want to use the potty soon. but i'm determined to keep him in jen's products for another least!
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Samuel's Soakers are a treat to put on baby at night! Soft, stretchy. I still can't get my (older and probably duller) snappis to latch on effectively, but I appreciate the flexibility of the fit. They do absorb more than a CPF, but I don't know that they're enough solo for the very heaviest wetters. I like mine with a Samuel's Prefold folded inside -- big, but effective.
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I have some hemp contoured doublers that I love from here.

I also tried a Samuel's fitted. The diaper was very stretchy so had a great fit! I got one in a beautiful blue color. I like that the snaps facing baby are hidden. It was very absorbant.

However, I found that it was definitely not quick drying.
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Samuel's Fitteds:

I love the superb fit of these diapers. Especially on the lower end of the size range (my boy is very skinny so they tend to be a little bigger on him). They are so trim and stretchy and hit him in just the right places.

They dry fast and clean well because they are not too many layers sewn together.
The microfleece lines ones are nice for keeping skin dry and dealing with poops.

On the ones I have, the microfleece inside got really pilly. I have some other ones that I got used where the fleece never got pilly, though, and both were supposed to be Malden Mills fleece, so I don't know why one was nice and the other not so nice.

The lay in soaker is hourglass shaped, but not perfectly so. I guess it's hard to serge curves just "so" and the shape looks a little wonky. Just an aesthetic thing, though, that may not even be there now, I don't know.

Samuel's Soaker:

These are super absorbant for the heavy wetter. We sized up to the Premium from the infant at around 9 mos. for the extra absorbancy and used them inside pocket diapers. Never a leak with the premiums for us!
Being flats, they fold up nice and narrow without lumps (like prefolds) and bumps and fit well in all of our pocket diapers.
If used with pins, they have nice stretch to them, for a nice fit.

These are supposed to be snappiable, and at first, I was able to snappi them, but after several washes, for some reason, they became impossible to keep snappied. (Mine are hemp terry with the loopy side OUT, unlike what the poster below me describes, so maybe that has changed since I ordered mine.)
Although there was some change made to make these not collect linty lumps inside the layers in the corners, mine did develop those lumps. It's not a big deal, but it may bother some people.
Stink. Some people seem to have it and some not. Some seem to think it's normal and SAY they don't have it. I have it and can admit it. I have tried miniscual amounts of things like Sport Wash, stripping, etc. etc. ad nauseum, and the only thing that gets rid of the strong morning ammonia stink is to either boil these or use a little bleach on them occasionally.
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We use Samulel's Soakers for nighttime and they hold their own against our mega-wetter. We tri-fold them and lay them in a wool cover. We also have her hemp prefolds, I love them when out and about because slipping a trifolded PF into his cover is so much easier then getting him to hold still for a fitted. If I were to order more of the PF's I think I would ask her to make them smooth-side out, but that is a personal preference (the soakers are smooth-side out FWIW).

Excellent quality, excellent customer service!
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I really like the Samuel's Soakers also for my super wetter, but I agree with Holly that it's hard to get a snappi to 'grab' them, so I end up tri-folding them in a cover also. Then I feel bad because my dd is a back sleeper and it must feel like she's laying on a 2X4!

Jen is wonderful and I enjoy all of her products.
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I have one of her fitted dipes and love it. They are nice and absorbent, and the legs and waist are separately adjustable which works great on my baby.
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Samuels soakers-nada more absorbent, but I have not been able to use mine too often because I CANNOT for the life of me get a snappi on.
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