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This is a one-size diaper made by lots of different WAHMs. Mine are made by Amy at Storkcrossing. They started to fit my ds around 10 lbs and they are amazing! *Beautiful* quality, relatively trim, very absorbant, nice fit. They do well with my front soaking ds. I like the way the snaps don't press into the baby's tummy when they are folded down for a littler baby -- and when it is folded up for a larger baby, the soaker snaps into them so they never come into contact with baby and leave marks. She makes velour, sherpa, hemp diapers, and they come with matching soakers. She also makes bikini cut ones that are supposed to be quite trim between the legs. I have a bunch on order, so I'll update this when I try them. They are absolutely adorable -- different super-cute prints. The diapers are so cuddly that I can understand why they're called cuddlebuns.

Amy is a very nice WAHM, who is very accommodating and answers emails quickly.

Generally a good experience all around. Highly recommended.
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I have several diff Cuddlebuns, from several differnt whams. I think the maker does make a big dif, but the design is great no matter what. My son has gone from 15 to 25 lbs since we started Cding and my CBs are still going strong. The fold down system works great when baby is smaller and they still are a perfect fit for us now that DS is using the larger settings. Depending on what material they are made from, they can have a pretty long drying time due to the C shape, but you know what that means, very good absorbancy.

I think everyone should try at least one.
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I have several Cuddlebuns - I think they're a great diaper!

From Sharon at Lil' Munchkins I have: Appliqued wool cover - this cover is gorgeous! Well-made and just looks great. I haven't used it with the fold-down front, so not sure of the fit of it that way. Like all my coloured wool covers, it is losing some pigment on the inside of the crotch. I also have a matching hearts/velour dipe. Usually I like "naked" dipes, but I couldn't resist the matching set on auction. It is very soft and well-made. B/c of those dipes, I ordered a Minibuns and a newborn CB. There's nobody here to try the newborn size but it is absolutely perfect, and when there is someone to fit it, I will be ordering more. The outside is organic flannel and so soft - I couldn't stop petting it. The Minibuns is great - I like the ease of these - not really sure how they would fit for a smaller baby, though. I got a pink leopard print for the outside and it is adorable. Sharon has tons of cute prints and I'm glad she has the option of hemp soakers.

Stork Crossing - a Minibuns bought 2nd hand here at the TP - great diaper, soft knit outer. A basic dipe, looks very nice though of course the white knit stains easily.

back2basicsbaby - all hemp fleece dipe. This was my first CB - fits smaller than my others. Perhaps the hemp shrunk too much? Anyways, we've had tons of use out of it - just now beginning to show signs of wear. I like plain hemp and have been pleased with the look and function of this dipe.

for cuddlebuns. I've seen some turned-and-topstitched ones and bound edge ones that look really cute, too!

Meghan, mom to 11yo, 8yo, and 3yo 

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All I can say is beware, all Cuddlebuns are not created equal. I learned that the hard way.
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I have a few CB's and they are a nice diaper. However, the way they make their AIO's didn't really work for us. They only put in 200 or WP fleece, and no PUL unless requested. I like to have PUL as a full shield between the soaker and the outside, and the fleece as extra insurance. But that's me.

I have two appliqued ones I simply love and am excited to have another custom ordered from Girl Woman Goddess. She does wonderful work.

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All Hemp Bikini Cut Nighttime Diaper
If you need absorbency, the nighttime hemp bikini cut is your ticket! This is the best fitted diaper we've tried for my heavy wetter. Very thick, so it takes a loooong time to dry. Not too bulky, though. Sizing seems to flexible and comfortable on my 27ish-pound 24-month-old. I do wonder if the (small) ruffles around the legs aren't going to start turning under toward DD's body when the diaper gets a bit older.

CuddleWraps wool covers
Shockingly light, thin and stretchy! They seem to do the job, though, with no leaking or wicking. I don't know that I would trust one to a heavy-wetting situation, though. I couldn't test that out, however, because I found the fit around the waist to be sorely inflexible. On one snap setting, the elastic at the front of the waist was slack and the cover hung loosely in front, exposing the diaper underneath; on the next tighter setting, it was just too tight around the waist.

I got my CuddleBuns diaper and cover from Girl Woman Goddess. The sewing was immaculate.
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I am a huge fan of CuddleBuns, I have some from Amy of Stork Crossing; Melissa of Posh Punkins; Kristin of Lovey Baby and also several from Lil Munchkins and a few others(Tushie Toppers, Rocking Horse Babies, Little Caboose, New Creations, Bebe Bottoms, Bear Bumz & My Little Tribe). They are always beautifully made and all the CB WAHMs have been fun to work with. I really like the one-size feature and think even at the price they are good value, because they will take you through to toilet learning with most babies.
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I love my cuddlebuns! I think they are as good, if not better than a lot of the similar style wahm diapers out there, but so much easier to find!!

I started using ours right away at birth - 8 lbs. The fold down did make the diaper a bit bulky, especially if putting a cover on it as well. I found that either no cover or a super light weight pull-on cover was best for that newborn stage.

Once my daughter was around 12 pounds, I didn't have to fold the diaper down anymore, but did use one of the smallest settings on the snaps. It fit a lot better this way.

She is now 18 pounds, and these fit like a glove on her! I am on a middle row of snaps, so this will continue to fit her for some time.

They dry fast, absorb well, are so soft and cute....just a well designed diaper. I bought mine from Stork Crossing and Little Caboose.
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I have tried Cuddlebuns from several different WAHMs:

Hubba Bubbas - Excellent seamstress. Excellent Product. Great Customer Service. Highly Recommend. Easy to work with - custom orders not a problem.

LoveyBaby - Also an excellent WAHM. The diapers are sewn to perfection. The prints are quality fabric. Great customer service! Also Highly Recommend!

MyLittleTribe - This Cuddlebuns is a bit thick - but we like it for that reason. It is great for a car ride. We even used it at night once in a pinch! Great customer service.

Stork Crossing - I wasn't thrilled with the quality of the knit fabric outer and the sewing. But Amy was a pleasant WAHM and gave me a full refund even though I had washed the diapers. She also uses metal snaps while I prefer the plastic.

Back2BasicsBabyCo - The first time I tried Cuddlebuns I was very dissapointed. This WAHM has since closed - it was about a year ago. The diapers were much smaller than the Cuddlebuns I am seeing now! It really is amazing how each WAHM is different!
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This is my new favorite diaper!!! I just received about 10 new bikini cut cuddlebuns from a few different WAHM's. They fit dd perfectly, are very absorbent, very cute, and readily available, though they are a little pricey. I especially like my cuddlebuns from stork crossing. They are hemp and are made really well. Amy was really great to work with. Of course my RB cuddlebuns was what turned me on to them in the first place. Her diapers are also beautifully made, though they got pilly very quickly.
Anyway I give cuddlebuns, bikini cut a two thumbs up!!!
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I only have CB from Stork Crossing. I love them! I thought I'd share my personal preferences on fabrics, though.

I find that, in my dryer at least, the velour-inner diapers dry the best and stay SO nice and plush. I have some microfleece and one sherpa inner, and I really prefer the velour.

Also, i LOVE the wool Cuddlewrap made with wool jersey. SO lightweight, trim, soft...and I have never had a leak with it. My son is a very heavy wetter, too! He is 3 months, 19 pounds, and can completely saturate a premium-sized prefold.

Cuddlebuns do the job for us!
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I have tried several different cuddleWAHMs. I bought these thinking they were so very cute and since they're one -size they would be a good value. Now dd is over 20lbs and I still don't care for these diapers.

They are bulky. I don't think anyone could describe a CB as trim ever. Even the bikini cut is bulky. I have trouble fitting dd's clothes on over these. The worst part is these diapers have a tendency to become stiff in the soaker and when dd sits the front of the crotch of the diaper poofs out and forms a sort of pouchy hump and it looks rediculous.

I believe I prefer sized diapers because the fit is much better. If you're not worried about trim and want a diaper that will last from 8-35lbs then Cuddlebuns may work for you.

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I have tried regular and bikini cut Cuddlebuns. They are one of my favorite brands of diaper. They just fit my skinny boy really well. The snaps are just in the right places and it is a trim fit on him, compaired to most other fitted diapers I've tried.
My only cons are that they are a bit expensive, and I don't like them made with sewn in hemp soakers due to stink issues.
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These are by far my most favorite fitteds!
All but 2 of them were made by Amy at stork crossing, now Amy at fluffymail.
My other 2 were made by Sharon at lilmunchkins, but she doesn't make them anymore either.
I prefer them with hemp soakers. It makes them trimmer and more absorbant.
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I have a bikini cut CB from Amy at Storkcrossing last year and over time it has become my favorite diaper. It has a hemp toddler doubler and is extremely absorbent as well as being soft- she worked with me to find the softest fabric and still have toddler absorbency.

My ds is almost out of diapers- he's two- or I'd want a whole lot more of these. At this stage, if I had a dozen of these, they'd be all I'd need. Quick on, absorbent, not stiff and cute on top of it.

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I had a vlecro version of a CB the fit was okay the absorbancy was not much..... Not my most favorit dipes but i do reach for it if nothing else is clean...Needs a doubler
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I have Cuddlebuns that I bought in 1999 right after the business started, so I don't know how they compare to the newer ones. When she first started, she used a different kind of snap and some of mine in the matching doublers fell out. I didn't use them as much with my first daughter, but I use them all the time now and really like them. Once I realized I should just take the doublers out and actually fold them over and use the top row of snaps, they fit well. I have photos of my children at 3 months and 3 years wearing Cuddlebuns.
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I love the cuddlebuns I have
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I LOVE my bikini cut Cuddlebuns from Rocking Horse Babies, . It is an absolutely beautiful diaper and it works great!!!!
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I have a CB diaper and a cover and I just love how they fit my daughter. I also love how easy they are to care for. They wash really well and are really easy to clean up messes from. I mostly love the fit though. She has chubby thighs, but a tiny waste and they are very trim fit, but do not pinch her chubby legs. I wish I had many more. I love the cover as well. I have never had a leak yet. The only problem I have had with them is that the snap for the liner came out, but these are still my favourite diaper. I also love that the cover fits over any kind of diaper I have and NO VELCRO.
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