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I cannot RAVE enough about Happy Tushies !!!!!!

Kathleen's Wonder Bags, Wipes, Changing Pads, and Zippered Wet Bags make Cloth Diapering fun and stylish! Her customer service is excellent as well. If you only KNEW how much $$$ I spent on coordinating wet-bags (!!!!)
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I am also very happy with my two wet bags from here. Adorable prints and work well, although a saturated diaper tends to wick through the PUL. The price of style!
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I love the wet bag I have from her for my diaper bag! Her wipes are absolutely beautiful too. The one thing that I don't care for as much is my pail liner. It's very cute, but it wicks really badly since I always rinse out my poopy diapers with the minishower. It might work better for someone who does not dunk or rinse at all.
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I just recieved my order the other day for my Happy Tushies deluxe kit. The bag looks very very well sewn (of course I looked it over veryyyyy carefully ), the print I chose is gorgeous and the wipes look and feel beautiful! Bye bye plastic grocery bags for dirties, it's a Happy Tushie bag inside my diaper bag. Now I just have to go somewhere!

Also the customer service was excellent and friendly. I placed my order and my kit was at my door two weeks later.
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I just got my order of 2 dozen wipes, 4 different styles. Each one is perfect; I don't know how she does it.

I also ordered an instock deluxe kit for a friend's baby shower a while back--it was beautiful and arrived very quickly.

I can't wait to wipe some baby buns!
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I have both the "older" pail liner that were sewn together on all sides and one of the newer liners that is just sewn together at the top. There has been much improvement on the new design. My first liner wicked terribly. Kathleen was wonderful though and worked with me on the wicking problem. The new bag is GREAT. There is no wicking, whatsoever. And, it seems to dry a lot faster, as well. I am very impressed with the new style liners.

I also have a changing pad from Kathleen that I really love. It folds up fairly small in my diaper bag and works well. I love using it when I am out. It's much cuter than the bulky one that came with my bag.
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I just received two - one bag - one "kit" I ordered two - the kit was supposed to be a regular sized bag, the instock bag was supposed to be a large. They are the exact same size...I don't know what I received.

I was rather disappointed. The flannel is beautiful - and I've never seen this print, so I LOVE that!!!

However, the bags are made separately - the PUL is sewn first, then inserted and sewn into the outer. (If that makes sense)

The bags don't match up - the seams are a good inch or two off on each side - it doesn't lay nicely inside.

The wipes I ordered are fine - but thin - just one layer of flannel backed by a really thin layer of velour - and while the flannel is white the velour is a dark red which I am sure will bleed once wet. Also, the kit is pretty useless, since it is just a Ziplock "reusable/disposable" container that the wipes don't fit in when folded and the bottle for the solution is quite thin - you can get a travel shampoo bottle at Wal-Mart or Target for less than $1 that is better quality.

Sorry - I was just disappointed and had higher expectations for $40.
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I have one of her newer 2 part wet bags. The inner and outer snap apart and you can buy extra inners and outers..mix and match...well great concept! I paid $22 for my inner and outer. I get it and it still has the marking pen marks. Hate that! The zipper doesn't go the full length of the bag. The sewing isnt the straightest either. It works, don't get me wrong but I wouldn't buy another one.
So my bummi bag was dirty and aside from asthetics I expected my HT bag to work. Well I had to have my MIL watch my dd today. She put a diaper in the bag and zipped it up and sat it on the back of her couch. The bag leaked all over the couch. Talk about total embarrassment! I about died when I came back and she told me. It wasn't user error as my MIL used cloth on 5 of her own children and her nieces and nephews. SIGH
I got my replacement today. I need to wash it up and test it out. I pray that Im not embarrassed again.
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I have several Happy Tushies products. I ordered a deluxe kit a while back because I just LOVED the print offered (it's the orange one pictured for custom kits on her site). I knew at the time that I really didn't need the wipes holder or the solution bottle, and have not really used either-I keep my wipes dry and wet them with a water bottle as needed, but that's a reflection of my personal preferences not a problem with the product. I ordered 18 additional wipes at the same time.

I LOVE the wet bag and find the changing pad to serve its purpose well. I think that the wipes are nice overall and function well, but I found that the serging started to fray on them after 1-2 months and feel that similar or better wipes can probably be found for a better price elsewhere.

I misplaced my wetbag for a while and just needed to order another-I hated having to remember grocery or plastic bags for my dipes. By this time, the bags were available in the lager size, and I selected this option. I like the bigger bag. It does not take up much more room in my diaper bag when empty, yet affords me more space for the dirties if I need it. I love this bag too and found it well constructed.

I have not yet tried the snap-in bags or liners, although I have considered both, It sounds like there may be some bugs to work out in these areas, so I might hold off a while, but thus far I have been pleased overall with my Happy Tushies products and really delighted with the wet bags in particular.

Wife to my DH Mama to my two girlsĀ  hearts.gif'03 and love.gif '06 and my sweet babyboy.gif 3-'10 I am blessed.
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I love my happy tushies!! I love the changing pad and wet zippered bag! I haven't got to try out my wipes though. I am saving them for my new babe due in Nov.
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I got a beautiful large pail liner from Happy Tushies. I think it took about 3 weeks to get to me. It works well, but I do get what I consider condensation on the outside of the bag. We got that with the Bummis tote, too, but the cotton outter of the Happy Tushies seems to absorb some of it so it doesn't seem as wet. I hope this is just condesation and not wicking. It doesn't bother me much, cuz we use it in a pail, we don't leave it on a couch or on the floor. But if I need to travel with it, I'm hoping it won't be a problem if I use it for wet stuff.
The bag does have about 1-2 inches of seam coming apart (the outter woven print) after only 2 washes. Kathleen said she must have not caught the one edge when sewing it. I can much more easily sew this back together myself than send it back for repair, but let Kathleen know about it and she offered 10% off my next purchase for the woops.

After finally getting around to sewing up the seam, I also found that a corner where the zipper is sewn to the bag needed reinforcement (was coming unraveled), a 1.5 inch section of the zipper that was sewn to the PUL was coming unraveled, and an almost 5 inch section where the zipper was supposed to be sewn to the PUL was not sewn to the PUL (edge missed by the machine). After reinforcing the unravelled seams and tacking down the part that didn't make it in, the sewing on my bag looks a little botched at close inspection (I'm no seamstress). If I had noticed all of it before, I really would have sent it back for repair, as you buy such a thing partly for its beauty, no? I haven't totally made it ugly, but it does have a non-expert touch now. :LOL
Did not bother Kathleen with the new findings, but there is really nothing to be done, as I've taken matters into my own hands.
There are many, many satisfied customers that seem to not have any quality issues, but these things do happen, so inspect your products!
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I have a zippered wet bag and 24 cloth wipes from Happy Tushies.

I love the zippered wet bag, it holds soaking wet duds and does not leak. She forgot the snap tab I ordered, but I sent the bag back and she added it on and split shipping with me.

I have had mixed experience with the cloth wipes. Most of them do great. The velour really grabs bf poop and cleans up well. But a few of the wipes I ordered came with this weird puke green striped velour that doesn't grab anything or even hold water. I wrote to tell her about it and she never responded.
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