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I was really looking forward to trying out these rather pricey (I'd say overpriced) diapers. Most of the reviews I read were extremely positive, so I expected a great diaper. Sadly, we've had nothing but problems with them.

I initially purchased a package of six diapers with inserts. After one/two washings, three diapers had already lost their snaps. I'd heard very good things about the MOE return policy, but WOW, I couldn't believe how difficult it was to get replacement diapers. I had to write 3 e-mails, call them on the phone, and finally return the defective diapers through the retailer. When the replacements finally arrived, they were all different sizes (although they were supposedly all size Large). Despite this fact, I managed to get them to fit using different snap-settings for each diaper. I agree with pp that the new fleece is awful and repels urine.

Next problem was the leaking. There is no way I can take DD out in these diapers for more than an hour at a time, nor can I use them overnight. They leak constantly. I don't know why I've had so much trouble! Other people rave about leak-free fuzzi-bunz experiences. Our experience is exactly the opposite, even though I've tried many combinations and types of inserts with these diapers. On the other hand, we also use Mother-ease one size with air-flow covers and have never had a leak in over 20 months of diapering. Not one leak! Also, the Fuzzi-bunz look trashed after only a quarter of the usage our ME receive. The ME dipes look as good as new! And they were half the price of FB!

A few positives:

- nice trim fit under clothes
- easy to use and quick to wash/dry
- they can slip on and off like a training pant (now that DD is potty learning, this is a definite bonus)

Overall, these diapers just don't work for us. I wish I'd tried one out before wasting money on a package of six. I can't understand why they seem to work for everyone else, but not for us.
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We have about 3 doz. fuzzy bunz ranging in size from preemie to med. and 2 pt. toddler. They are a bit bulky and ours leaked often even with changing DS at least every 2 hours. I have found that DS is a very heavy wetter and does much better in a diaper wrap and a prefold. (bumkins are awsome and much cheaper.)
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Mixed review here. I really wanted to like FB, mainly because they are cheaper than a lot of others I'm trying (before price increase). I only have one diaper - a recent version, I guess, with the pointed ends. I'm not totally happy with the fit, and the bottom snaps have come undone on their own a couple of times (since he's only worn the diaper 2-3 times, that seems like a lot to me). I expect the diaper to stay snapped during normal toddler activity! He hasn't pooped in it yet, but the diaper held up fine during 4 hours or so of naptime/afternoon wear (varied inserts).

Mama to Marcus (1/05) and Arianna (3/10). hbac.gif

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A great buy . . . if you stick to the trading post or other mom-centered sites (NOT ebay) to buy them. Even new, the package deals look great.

I have 6 Large Round tab rainbow serged (2002) and 8-10 large pointy tab colors. I always use hemp Joey bunz or hemp wonderfulls with them. These almost never leaked as long as laundered and stuffed properly.
sometimes these can get a little skunky-smelling, in which case you need to strip them-- wash on hot with no detergent until there are no bubbles in the water.

the only problem we've had with them is that my mom can't snap things easily due to arthritis. So we had a few Happy Heinys (aplix closure) for when she babysat.

If you aren't enjoying your FB, adjust your inserts. If they still don't work for you, they have great resale value.
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I'm VERY surprised to find that people have had leaks. I can't believe how much I love our fuzzibunz! DS is in mediums and I have never had a leak. He sleeps in them overnight with a MOE doubler and it works grea! They're soooo soft, the colors are awesome and they seem to have a very comfortable fit. A+ in this house!

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Purchased Date - Nov 18, 2006
My new Fuzzi Bunz are irregular. The "red" dp the leg wholes are so big the pea just flows out the sides, it is at least a 1 inch gap. The white diaper fits perfectly, the orange dp one leg whole is bigger then the other leg??? For the amount of money I spent I just can't believe the quality control is so horrible. :

Moreover I called the store were I purchased the FB, Baby Belle Bottoms. The store did admit that this has been an on going problem with FB for years however they told me that I had to contact the manufacture directly per FB. The store was not “allowed” to handle defective items that were not new...sounds like BS to me.

I read some great FB reviews on this forum before I bought them. Out of my order half of the FB I purchased are irregular and leak because of it.

Fuzzi Buns is going to send me new DP to replace the irregulars. I have to pay for shipping which just stinks in my book. I just wanted to say that my fuzzi buns that fit work great. If you do go with Fuzzi Buns find out how the store will handle any irregular size issues.
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Another mixed review...
Overall I love fuzzi bunz, they are my favorite diaper. We've had a few leaks, but nothing too major. The thing I hate right now is that XS's are too small in the legs on the largest setting, yet S's are too large on the smallest! So we're having to use disposables right now because I just haven't liked prefolds and we don't own any other diapers and don't want to buy any just for the transition from extra small to small.
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FBS worked great for my DD when she was in smalls but never fit again there after. the mediums not only had a huge leg gap (and my dd isnt skinny she has chubby thighs) but they leaked horribly (and it wasnt from the detergent i used)and i dont mean a little pee here and there i mean she just peed through the leg gap so id have pddles of pee on the floor and her diaper would be perfectly dry : i wont be buying fbs ever again!

Waldorf mama to Autumn DD 9/05 and my Spring DD 4/08 Winter baby due 2/11
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Even though I sew my own diapers I have to say that I love FBs since they are a great workhorse diaper. Smalls fit my ds until he was 4 months old, and he is still in mediums at 2 years old! I have 14 mediums (the newer ones) that have been going strong for almost 2 years with constant use and I still have 12 smalls for the next baby that are in perfect condition.

They are leakproof as long as you don't use a detergent that causes them to repell. I had problems with Charlie's Soap, but once I switched to cheap Sun they work perfectly. I have never had snap or elastic issues. They are all slightly different sizes and loose threads are a problem so quality control is not so good. But the differences are minor enough to cause no problems. This is a great diaper for someone who wants something easy and that can last through 2 kids.
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I love fuzzi bunz! I have used them on a 2 year old as an overnight diaper, size smalls on a newborn-4 month old, and mediums now on my 6 month old. So far, they have always seemed to fit right and no real leak issues. These are the diapers that we use when we need to be sure baby stays dry, so for long car trips and overnight.

Erika, mama to three beautiful kids (plus one gestating), and wife to one fantastic man.

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Originally Posted by melaniewb View Post
I had the newer style FBs and didn't like them at all. They did not fit well on my son, who has chunky thighs. And, they wicked at night.

The wicking was out of control for us. Constantly looking for that one wayward piece of fleece responsible for soaking our bed.
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Fuzzi Bunz are the gateway drug for cloth diapering and I really like them for that purpose. They were the first diaper I tried and I was able to get my husband on board using Fuzzi Bunz. That being said, the FB just didn't fit my son well and I wasn't as impressed with their quality once I tried other brands.

I appreciate how FBs got me involved in cloth diapering, but I am a Happy Heiny fan now.

Katie, mama to Jackson (1.2.06) and Hogan (1.2.09)
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Ive only used them a few times but they were to tight on the tighgs and lose on the waist. They r older stlye but they were ok.

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I have been kinda disappointed with FB and now I hear they moved production to Mexico. Argh!!!!
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I don't really love the fuzzi bunz. I have one of the most recent incarnation of this diaper of the one-size-fits-all variety. It is just too complicated for me. I have tried the elastics at various sizes, but I can't get a good fit. But my main issue is trying to fasten 6 snaps while my wriggly toddler is trying to escape. My husband still can't figure out how to snap it correctly.
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I love my FuzziBunz!!!

homeschooling, breastfeeding, cosleeping mama to ds1(7), ds2(3) and dd(3 months)
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We love FB (sized) and use them almost exclusively. I bought them mostly used off Craigs List (pointy tab) and have some square tabs that I purchased new. Wash with Charlie Soap. Wash with White Vinegar. Air dry. Never stripping or leaking or issues. No blowouts, ever. Nanny is very impressed. Husband loves them.

I don't c/d as a hobby so I like having one system that works all the time. My kids tall to be tall and medium weight to lean.
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With DS2 I have tried several different diapers and FB were my fav and so that is all i got with Panda. we got a super good deal. i bought used for about $6 shipped per dipe and got over 2 dozen in med and large. I have to say I prefer the older style better. I have super skinny/long babies and these are the best fit and least bulky. Never had a leak

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