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these were the first diapers I tried and here is what i decided ...

they are cute AIO, but the breast milk poopies leaked right out the leg openings every time on the little one! Better for older babes...

The covers had exposed elastic on the back (hopefully they fixed that by now?!) that rubbed bean's skin RAW!

Potential to be good, but I was not thrilled...
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Our Kushies cover is in the pile of covers that we never use. Out of all the covers I have used, this is the one I've liked the least. It leaks, I don't care for the material used, and it stains AWFUL when poop gets on it. There are plenty of inexpensive, manufactured covers out there besides these ones if that's what you're going for. I have had much better luck with prowraps and they are comparable in price.
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I tried Kushies AIOs on both my children and could not get a good fit. They leaked out the leg holes no matter what I did. I also did not like the PVC feel of the outer layer.

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I have one Kushies AIO and one swim diaper. The swim diaper doesn't hold in poop, although I like the design of it in terms of its aesthetics.

The AIO leaks out the leg holes, the plasticky outside feels gross, and the fit does not work well on my tall, skinny son. The size that fits his weight range is quite large on him (as is true of other diapers).

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I've never used a Kushies on an infant. My son started wearing them around 10 months old. They were one of my favorite AIO's we had!

When he was smaller, they were a bit bulky. But, by toddler stage they were the main diaper we used. Never a leak, and they held in a LOT of pee. I would use a fleece liner to help him feel dryer, and kept the diaper on him for hours!

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I have been using the Kooshies/Kushies Ultra AIO for less than 3 months. I have 5, and they are in my regular rotation, but not exclusively used by any means. They are already falling apart. I could handle fuzzing on the APLIX but now the outers have small holes, rendering them useless. They were machine dried a few times but usually line dried... I promise I have treated these diapers very nicely! I am a cheapskate and I really really wanted them to last my 2yo thru toilet training. Grrrr!

I will not buy these again!

Also, the fit is odd... they are very narrow thru the crotch (which was ok with me) but tend to droop at the waist and expose the diaper material enough to cause major wicking onto clothing.
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i've been using the kushies aio on ds for about a year now. at first i liked them for when he was 4-12 months, never really leaked and he never had rashes or red marks around his legs. now that i got the next size for him i'm thinking about getting rid of them. they leak, they wick, he constantly has a red rash around his legs. maybe they're too wide? they don't seem to fit right. plus they get so rough and the cover got so hard around the waist, that it cracked and i will have to sew sth around it in order to use them for the next baby.
would not recommend them!
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We used Kushies for 2 to 3 months. I found that they run big. While DD was still on the small side they leaked out the legs, but once she filled out some they worked GREAT! These became some of my favorite AIOs. They where great for the diaper bag too. I never once had poop leak out when the fit was right. They are great for the price too. However I probley wouldn't buy them again because I like supporting WAHMs.
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I got a deal of some new Kushies Ultra AIOs a couple months ago. So far they have been a good deal. I don't have the option of line drying, but they seem to be holding up to all the dryer drying.
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I have 1 Kushie AIO and while I dont care for the flap inside, It never leaks and always holds in the poop. My dd is 8 months.
I would buy more!
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We have used Kushie Ultras almost exclusively for a while, though are now purchasing other diapers. We purchased ours used and noticed a few things over time-- as an infant exclusively BF between 2-4 months, we had issues w/ leaking poop out the legs and back. Now that she is older, they fit her much better, however, and they make for a quick diaper change. Line drying leaves them very stiff and a few minutes in the dryer doesn't do much to soften them. Also, because we purchased them use (had been already used on two children), they are nearing the end of their lifespan. Once these diapers start to fall apart-- they do so full force. Holes in the PUL around where the elastic is sewn in, flannel inside is ripping out in the wash, aplix is coming off the closure tabs. We also have had problems with the front folding down causing leaks on clothes.
Overall, these are very daddy-babysitter-friendly diapers for someone who is afraid of cloth to begin with, but there are indeed much better AIOs out there if you are purchasing new.
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they worked great for me! pm me if you have questions....

i heard from some that the aios leak and that the newborn size (up to 10) do not work very well.
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I have Kushies wraps which I use a lot for my babies. They do leak a bit out the leg holes but don't wick like other covers do. Also, they are very cheap and easy to purchase. I don't have to spend a pile on shipping.
I have had the original Kushies diapers. I don't care for these much. They are really bulky and look uncomfortable. They also took forver to dry.
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I used Kooshies for the first 3 months, and now I am upgrading. I like my FB's and Kissaluvs much more, but the Kooshies did the job for me fine.

I have fitted dipes, not AIO's or covers and although they are not the most absorbant, they are a good deal for the money you pay for them. You get what you pay for!

I would buy them again, knowing what I know, as they were affordable and worked good for me.
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After reading a bunch of reviews of Kushies I decided to take a punt on them for my big, solid toddler. Well, so far they've been great. Not one leak and I love the stretchiness of them - I get an excellent fit on her around the leg and waist. I don't love the feel of the outer cover, but I can live with that. Cute prints too. I'm a cheapskate CDer so I've always used overs and prefolds before this, so I feel spoiled! I use Kushies Ultra.
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I just got some of the Toddler size AIO's and I was pleasantly surprised. I had heard awful things about leaks and a terrible fit, but I got them as a gift and decided to give them a try.

They are definitely not my favorite diaper. I would not recommend them as the main diaper in anyone's stash. There are tons of better AIO's out there. However, for the money I don't think these are as bad as some reviews make them out to be. They are an inexpensive, functional, "good enough" diaper for occasional use.

My DD is tall and thin and 26 pounds, and the fit on these is okay. They do gape a big at the leg openings, but my DD has solid stools so we aren't worried about leaks. These would hold softer stool in, I think, but DD hasn't put them to the test. These are really big in the waist for DD; I have to cross the velcro tabs to get it to fit. So these would work well on a chubbier toddler.

They are not for heavy wetters or super-soaked situations like nighttime, unless you add extra absorbency, but they can last my medium wetter more than two hours during the day, which is pretty good for an AIO with no doubler. The flannel inside is soft.

These do not feel nice on the outside. They are stiff and vinyl, and I would guess that on some babies you would get awful red marks. However, they are narrow enough between the legs that my DD is comfortable in them, and they are not overly bulky so that most of DD's clothes fit easily over them, which is not the case with a lot of the diapers we've tried. We have had no red marks.

I don't think these are hard-wearing diapers, like the kind that will last you through all your babies. Also, they take forever to dry, but that's the case with many AIO's.

All in all, I'd say these are the bargain-basement of AIO's, but if you just want a few AIO's to round out a stash, and you don't have a ton of $$$, you might consider giving these a try.

I have not tried the infant size of these, but I've seen them on a friend's 3-month-old and they seem huge and hamper the baby's movement. I don't think they would work on a newborn. Haven't seen the infant size on a larger baby, so I can't comment on that.

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I found the ultra AIO's to be bulky and ill fitting. I used them 3 times before deciding to use flats and covers instead.

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I bought several of the Kushies covers. They're supposed to work for like 7lbs through 30lbs, so the lady at the cloth diaper store recommended them.

They are awful!! They wouldn't seal around my son's legs until he was over 11 lbs, and by the time he was 15lbs we could only get the legs to seal well by cinching in the waist too tight. Granted, different babies fill out differently so not everyone will have this problem.

But the WORST part was the wicking around the legs. The whole cover is vinyl or some kind of plastic, except the trimming around the leg holes. I guess they wanted something soft against the baby's skin, but the problem is that as soon as he pees and gets his prefold wet, the cotton around the legs on the cover wicks the moisture out, and gets his clothing soggy. These are awful covers! I am getting rid of them.
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JUst wanted to update my Kushies review.

After months of using ME Sandies, I'm back to using Ultras. Largely because of my toddler, who has made it clear she prefers them. I haven't used them for ages, and she's much bigger now, so maybe that's why I find the fit so much better. And they seem so much easier to get on - never realised how tired of I was of snapping a gazillion snaps with a wiggly toddler every diaper change. They are less high maintenance in the front loader than the Sandies (I guess because they aren't so thick and absorbent). All in all, I'd buy these again. In fact, I'm thinking about replacing my Sandies with Classics. Having washed both in hard water, the Kushies are maintaining their softness much better.
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I got some because they were one of the few dipes that come in preemie sizes, but they do suck because the leg holes are HUGE. I'm hoping in a month or two they will fit a bit better so that I can get some use out of them.

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I have 5 Kushies AIO's and my baby is a 14 pound 3 month old and they seem to fit her pretty good. No real complaints here. They aren't my favorite diaper in my stash but I don't reach for them last or anything. I wouldn't want to do these ones full time but they do what they need to! I have such a variety of things, since I tried to figure what I like best I have a little of everything, that I am not entirely dependant on them. If they crap out then we will be okay without them. I paid about $9 each for them and they came with fleece liners and additional hemp doublers for free so I can't really complain. eBay is a wonderful thing!
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