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I have one of Heidi's organic sherpa fitted diapers. The sewing is impeccable; she did custom placement of the snaps to fit my boy's chunky thighs; the sherpa is so plush and soft. The diaper absorbs like crazy! Her communication is excellent - she's prompt, friendly, doesn't mind answering my million questions. She shipped very quickly and kept in touch via email (I actually had my diaper in hand 3 days after I placed the order).

I'm trying not to sound downright giddy, but I just don't think I can rave about this WAHM enough. I have another dipe and a wool cover coming - you just can't beat the quality of work she does for such a reasonable price.

editing to say I received my wool cover and diapers just as promptly as I got the first order. I got another sherpa diaper, a hemp diaper - just as fantastic as the sherpa! - and a pull-on wool cover that is very trim and so far performing great!
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I ordered the nightime package, 4 hemp diapers and a side snap wool cover. I ordered Friday late afternoon and got my order on Monday!!!! Heidi answered all of my questions quickly and was such a sweety.
Last night we tested out sugarbums hemp fitteds. Both my kids fit the medium perfectly. DD is 24lbs and 2 years old fits on the middle snap. DS is 12lbs 2 months and fits on the tightest snaps. DD went over 12 hours in hers with an extra hemp doubler and the diaper wasn't even wet all the way through. She normal soaks her premium prefold and hemp doubler in 10hours. DS nurses all night he went 10 hours with his sugar bum nothing added just the regular snap in and the back wasn't even wet. He's been soaking an infant prefold with a preemie prefold doubler in the same time frame.
I'm in with these diapers. I can't believe I found the perfect night time solution for both my kids in the same diaper! They are wonderful, so soft and perfectly sewn. I haven't had a chance to try the wool cover yet since it needs lanolized, Heidi normally does this but I asked her not to since I needed my order quickly. I'll edit when I try it out it looks fabulous though.
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another rave!!

heidi is great! my first aio wicked a bit, she popped a new dipe/cover set in the mail the very next day!

new cotton is great! held in a very BF AND TEETHING watery poo! dried pretty quick too!

ordered 3 more dipes and hemp pf yesterday!
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I got an orange Sugarbums PUL cover a little less than a month ago. Initially, I loved it, DD loved it, it was just terrific! It is the stretchiest PUL cover I've ever seen, and works beautifully. The leg openings could be a little larger, even for my skinny toddler, but it works just fine the way it is. And the price was right!

...but, the elastic binding was sewn all the way around the edges using with a regular zig-zag instead of an elastic stitch, and is now starting to come undone in several places. The stitching is also a bit more uneven than I would let leave my house were I making anything to sell to the public, but white stitching on white binding doesn't show much and I didn't even notice this until it started coming undone. I am going to fix it myself, as it is one of DD's favorite covers, and she would never wait long enough for me to send it back to be repaired. My ancient sewing machine has several elastic stitches from which to choose and it won't be a problem.

Overall impression - Fabulous customer service. Great product. Good price. Average to poor workmanship.
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OMG! These diapers are awesome. Heidi offers great choices and if you don't see what you want she will customize. I have an organic sherpa and a hemp fleece. Both are side snapping. They are the nicest and best fitting dipes that I have used. The sherpa is bulkier, but super absorbant and amazingly soft. This is a super nighttime or super soaker dipe. I just love the way it feels. The hemp is really gorgeous and soft too. It is trim fitting with no excess ruffles or poofiness. They are very adjustable too. She makes them with a snap-in soaker so dry time is quick. I have never seen fabrics as nice and lucious as those in the dipes she made. I can't say enough about how great Heidi is to work with. She is super sweet, quick, and all around wonderful. You have to check out these diapers. Her prices are way too low.
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I bought a hemp fitted from Heidi for my DS to use at night because he's an early morning pooper and it was escaping out of his PF all too often and I couldn't be any happier. I love the snap in doubler and the fit is perfect. I just ordered a second one and if we have another baby i'll be buying some smaller ones from her as well. Her prices can't be beat either.

all good
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Heidi has the best customer service!!!!

I typically use all my covers over a toddler prefold or equally absorbant fitted diaper, my dd is a tall, sturdy (ie kinda wide but not skinny or chubby), 25 lb, 18 mo.

Sugarbums sidesnap wool cover-two layer pink mereno wool
I've used this cover for about 3 months so far...

Function - works just fine
Fabric - nice and sturdy, thicker than sugarpeas and bumpy wool fabric but not quite as soft
Fit - true to size but hugely poofy, very similiar in fit to motherease airflow cover, the elastic sometimes leaves dents in dd's skin
Workmanship - looks good to me

Sugarbums wool pants, two layer, double fulled, ocean blue jersey wool and Sugarbums fleece pants (both 2T)

Perfect in all ways!!!! Sewn exactly to my specifications.
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I got a PUL side snapping cover with cotton outer. I recieved it very quickly and it is very nice. Fits great and is so soft. The binding does not leave red marks on Camden's thighs either. I have not had any wicking, which is a problem with cotton outers sometimes. So far, I LOVE it!

12/28/03 I have now had my PUL cover for several months and I still love it. I wash it on hot and dry on hot and it has held up well, still looks great. I have never had any wicking and the FOE holds everything in very well if it happens to escape a cpf.
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I also want to sing the praises of Heidi at Sugarbums. I ordered her "On the Go" package (4 fleece AIO's plus a wetbag) - the diapers are so nicely made and really cute too. I loved that I could custom design my AIO's and I really, really, really love the design of them. They are well elasticized for a beautiful fit. My son is at least 28 lbs (22 months) and his large bikini cut AIO's fit him with TONS of room to grow still.

I will definitely be placing future orders with Sugarbums (I'm going to try her hemp fitted and covers for baby #2) and highly recommend them to everyone!

Laurie wahm (virtual paralegal) of 3 wonderful boys (11, 9, 5). 1st by c-section for breech, 2 by VBAC (one miscarriage between child #1 and #2).

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I love Heidi's covers so much - great prints, excellent quality. I was so happy to retire my plain old proraps! Her fleece aio's are so soft and her prices are very reasonable. Next I'm going to try some of her dipes.
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I am a repeat customer of Sugarbums. It is one of my favorite places to shop.

I just recieved a large order of fitted diapers from Sugarbums and they are fabulous. The workmanship is flawless and the prints are gorgeous. I ordered 6 print diapers with Hemp inside. They are very generous in size and are beautifully sewn.

I have previously ordered two organic cotton diapers and those were fabulous as well. We have had them in heavy rotation for about 3 months and they still look great and work well.

I also have 4 AIO's from Sugarbums and they were made very well too. My son wears these around the house with a T-shirt. I have found them to be great for when I leave my son at home with DH.

I also have a medium side snap wool diaper cover from Sugarbums. It was sewn beautifully and is a nice marigold color. It works just like a cover should. For us though, it ran a bit small compared to the fitteds so I am saving it for the next baby as a small/medium cover instead of using it for my son now who needs more of a medium/large type cover.

I cannot even begin to explain how nice Heidi is and what great customer service she has. She let me customize my order right down to the snap placements and the rise of the diaper. She also was so understanding and friendly when I kept changing my mind about which prints I wanted to choose. Excellent customer service, selection, and great prices are what make me keep going back to Sugarbums when it is time to shop.
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I am absolutely amazed by these diapers and by Heidi's service. I worked out a trade with her and couldn't be more impressed.

I got a nb fitted, all hemp with snaps, and an adorable cover. The FOE she uses on the covers is very plush 1", not the narrow, cutting type so often seen. The fitted is sewn flawlessly with a unique quick dry soaker that folds under for extra absorbency for my yet-to-be-born baby boy. Genius!

She shipped way faster than I expected, expecially at Christmas with all the other chaos happening. Really, since my baby isn't due for months, I expected to wait quite a while. I had the items in my mits within a week!!

I had planned to buy a bunch of kissaluvs 0 or make my own nb fitteds, but now I think I'll just order from Heidi.... with so many fabrics to choose from, this babe will be the fashion king at playgroup!

(and she way underprices her products!! Get em while you can!!)
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Well, I was really excited to get my Sugarbums, I ordered fleece pants, and they were probably the most anticipated fleece pants ever. I didn't see anything on the site about whether they were made to order or not, but being a fellow WAHM, I fugured they were, so I allowed for some time, but I never recieved a confirmation email, so I sent one and she said she'd probably finish them by the end of the week and that she'd email me letting me know they were sent. I think it was about 2 weeks later when I recieved them, and I hadn't gotten an email letting me know they were coming, which probably would have saved me a few days of worry. Anyway, when I got them they were about exactly the size of the 2T size pants I have as hand me downs that are still too big for dd. I had ordered 18 mos, but these were really long and very wide. I didn't mind that, as I could roll them up, but I was a little irked that it took so long and the seams and the bottom hem were crooked. I am planning to alter them to make them trimmer, as I was planning to use them as a cover. When I posted a review in a thread here, I recieved an email from Heidi offering to alter them to fit dd better, but it will be simpler for me to do it myself. She was very nice and aside from the crooked seams and missed communication she was very friendly.
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I love Sugarbums! I couldn't be happier with my stuff from there, I have a whopping 15 fitteds, I have organic sherpa, organic fleece, hemp fleece, and cotton sherpa all done with the same care and quality I love from Heidi! I also have a number of AIO's (7 I think) 2 fleece covers that I love, 4 PUL covers and a wool cover as well. I have more on the way and I couldn't be more thrillled! I have never had anything but wonderful communication and service from Heidi, I think her sewing is perfect! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE my Sugarbums! ~
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Just another rave for Sugarbums! DH insists that we sell everything and use nothing except Sugarbums AIOs!! They are so trim and absorbant. And others have mentioned the fabulous customer service, the great price, the customization options.

If you don't own a sugarbums, you should definitely try them out!

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I currently have 4 bikini cut fitteds in large from Sugarbums, hemp inners with trifold soakers and print outers (all with smooth side out). I also had a medium hemp fitted previously.

I'm really happy with the Sugarbum fitteds. The bikini cut work great for my lil chunky thighed guy! They are the only side snapping diaper that works well on him these days.
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Heidi is #1 with great customer service!!!

I have 2 large covers, 3 large bikini cut hemp aio's, and 1 large fitted print diaper. I them!!!

Very good workmanship, great customer service, super fast shipping! I plan to buy more from Heidi when I can.
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#18 of 25 Old 02-02-2004, 05:16 AM
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Another rave for Heidi!! We got a "second" fleece outter AIO and we love it! Doesnt even look like a "second" at all!

Mama to a teen and tween
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I ordered 6 covers from Heidi. She was very sweet in offering to make covers for my DD w/ and extra 2 inches in the rise. They arrived quickly, and where just beautiful! Although 1 of the covers did not have the extra rise she promised. Plus, when I washed and dried them, the PUL came out of the dryer with holes in 3 of the covers. I emailed Heidi, and she agreed to replace them for me. The replacement cover got lost in the mail, by no fault to Heidi, the mail just sucks, lol. After 3 weeks they finally found their way to us. However 2 of the replacements where "2nd Quality". One of the covers was sewn with white thread on top of the FOE and YELLOW on the inside! The other was a layer of poly/PUL with cotton print over making it a bulky cover! I feel as though I paid full price for my covers, and they didn't come w/ any washing instructions, so they shouldn't have been replaced w/ 2nd quality. I also feel as though she doesn't have alot of consistancy in her sizing if she can forget to add the extra rise that I ordered. Although the covers are cute, and she is a sweet person to work with, I will not order from her again.
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Just to clarify, the PUL used in making the aforementioned covers has never developed holes when cared for in the manner listed on the Sugarbums site.

As listed on the site, all print covers are made with a print outer and a PUL inner, therefore a cover made in this fashion is not a second. The other cover was intentionally embellished with a different color thread on the inside to give it more pizzazz and we did not consider this cover second quality. Our return policy is also stated on the site.
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I've placed several orders with Heidi. She has made me some fitteds, covers, and a fleece aio, all of which were beautiful! I'm a very picky person, to the point of being a total pain so when I wasn't 100% happy with the inner color used on one of the diapers I ordered, Heidi took it back, remade it and sent me a new one, all with a cybersmile! And when I had some specific color requests for another diaper, she made it exactly as I had asked. She's one of the sweetest wahms I've dealt with and her workmomship is amazing.
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These are my favorite diapers! I am so happy with them. Heidi is very sweet to work with and her diapers are adorable! I also like the wool covers. I only have a front snapping one, but it is great- very pretty and soft.

Amanda, mom to dsd (16), dd (11), dd (8), and ds (born 11/12/11).

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Heidi is my absolute FAVORITE wahm! Her diapers are AMAZING -- so well-made! VERY absorbent, even for a HEAVY wetter all night... And the price is right, too! Heidi also has AMAZING customer service. I HIGHLY recommend Sugarbums!

Mama K: Child of God, wife to S, mama to 3 little beauties and 1 handsome little guy!

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I recently received a pair of reversible wool jersey pants for my dd and am quite pleased with them. These were made to my dd's custom measurements and the sewing is very neat and allows them to truly be reversible; I am able to both fold up the cuffs and fold down the drawstring waist and still have a neat, tailored appearance. I find the two layers of jersey to be plenty absorbent for my dd over both prefolds and fitted diapers.

Heidi was very nice to work with and I received my pants promptly within the time specified for the custom slots. I would happily do business with her again in the future!

mom of  dust.gif, ROTFLMAO.gif, and jog.gif
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I am a HUGE fan of Heidi's diapers. The quality is top notch as is her customer service. We have different combos of organics and some prints and we love every last one and I am picky. The one time the serging was loopy after washing Heidy promptly made me a new one. Her diapers are super absorbent and all of them are trim except for the OV which is no problem for us because they are little clouds of softness. I would be completely happy if my stash of fitteds only consisted of her stuff.
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