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This is a review for Patchwork Pixie :

I ordered one wool cover (woodland wool wrap) and one diaper (elfin unders)

The diapers are beautifully crafted! I like the design of the front snapping fitted diaper because the snap-in soaker is so quick to dry. The diapers come in a variety of prints and inners. The extra snaps eliminate wing droop which can be associated with front snap diapers.

The wool cover is also beautifully crafted. This is a front snapping wool jersey cover. The extra snaps allow for a nice snug fit and no wing droop!

I definitely recommend this WAHM for her talented sewing skills and great customer service!
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I have a Woodland Wool Wrap tester from Patchwork Pixie and it is wonderful. The wool is super soft, stretchy and a gorgeous plum color. The serging and snaps are flawless, even on the tester. The 2 layer cover is very thin, but has held up well overnight. It covers even my bulky nighttime fitteds perfectly and the extra snap to prevent wing droop is great. The sizing seems accurate, my 2 yr old dd is 27 pounds and still fits in the medium cover with room to grow.

Meagan is an absolute joy to work with. She was always very friendly in communication and helpful in picking out colors and coordinating trim and snaps.

Patchwork Pixie
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I love these diapers they fit my DD so well and they do not wing droop which is the best.

Mom to  Rachel 15 Kimberly 12 Chloe 10 and Nathaniel 8
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I love my Wool wrap. Its very lightweight but NEVER leaks. Never ever. Even on my heavy wetter.

Meagan is a joy to work with. I ordered a playsilk from her. She made TWO and let me pick which one I liked best. They were both so pretty. How nice is that?!

Married to my high school sweetheart. We have four awesome kids.
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I received 4 new Fleece Woodland Wrap AIO's today & they are AMAZING!!! The first thing you notice is the softest fleece you have ever felt!! Then there are the fantastic color combos (Let her pick for you! She is so original!) & the bright serging & snaps that make each diaper unique & so beautiful! Inside is a matching snap in soaker that is fleece topped. Her workmanship is really perfect too. She obviously is careful about every little detail. I told Megan I was gonna hang them on the wall as art!!
I had 2 smalls before & she has an great snap system to prevent sagging. They held up in the washer & the dryer & I never had any problems EVER!
Do yourself & your baby a favor & buy a Patchwork Pixie!!!
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I just love these diapers! They are so trim yet so absorbent, I can even use them at night and not have to worry about leaks. The wool covers are so trim and she has great customer service!!!!

I am totally buying from her every chance I get
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I love the PWP wool covers. So far I have tried the cashmere and the regular wool. They are so stretchy, soft and trim. Yet I can't remember one leak when my babe was wearing them. The cashmere one is particular made me do a double-take when I opened it. It was so beautifully soft that I thought it must be fleece or something. I liked it so much I checked the TP until I found one in the next size up, just so we wouldn't have to be without it. This is the one my dh always wants to put on her first. I haven't tried the diapers or the fleece wraps but I they are on my list.

Mama to 13, and 10 and 4.
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I have six PWP fitteds and recently ordered four more. The serging quality is the best I've seen on any fitted--her threads are perfectly spaced and even. The body of the fitted is one layer hemp fleece, one layer print, and dries very quickly. The snap-in soakers (2 layers fleece with an additional 3 in the wet zone) are slower to dry--I usually have to lay them out slightly damp from the dryer. Her microfleece is top-quality and is one of the few in my stash that genuinely doesn't pill. I've used mine pretty heavily for 6 weeks or so and have no complaints about construction or durability.

Her cotton-lycra prints are awesome. Lots of "give" and no pilling. Super bright colors that don't fade.

Fit: PWP "smalls" are significantly larger than other smalls. My 12-lber is on the crossover snaps in her PWPs, middle snaps on LCs and FCBs, outer snaps on Fireflys. I put the PWPs on the last snap setting and had my older daughter try them on--they were too tight in the thigh but she could get them around her waist (she's 5, thin, 37 lbs). So this is definitely a fitted you'll outgrow in the rise long before the waist. These are my widest-between-the-legs fitteds, and are too wide for me in covers. But when I go coverless they're absolutely perfect.

The leg elastic is looser than some others--this is a diaper that would fit big-thighed babies better than thin-thighed, I believe.
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I got my wool pants from Patchwork Pixie today! WOWEE! They are gorgeous! Perfect sewing! I was not surprised b/c I could tell on her site how lovely all her stuff is! I love the way she felted the wool! Also I love the little extras she adds to my pkg. Fast shipping too! I can't say enough about this super awesome wahm!!
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I was very fortunate to get a pair of periwinkle embellished wool pixie pants and these things are BEAUTIFUL! They are SOOO well made! Meagan is sooooooooooooo nice and so great to work with, too! I cannot say enough good things about PWP!!!

Mama K: Child of God, wife to S, mama to 3 little beauties and 1 handsome little guy!

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I have 2 medium elfin unders from Patchwork pixie and I LOVE them. They are very trim, yet can be used as a nighttime diaper for my little boy. I love how they have the crossover snaps, allowing for much longer use than they would otherwise.
The only thing is one of the knit fabric outers I have did fade a bit with the first couple washings, but that's no big deal, and wouldn't affect my buying many more


Non Practicing Midwife, going back to school! Mamma to my 3 loves, living each day to the fullest.
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Love how thin the diapers are! Wish they were cut a little trimmer though the stride, and didn't come with micro on the soaker, and they would be my perfect diaper. I found that they are bulky between the legs, but then hug the hips/bum nicely because of such a thin, stretchy shell! So love the fit in some ways, didn't love the fit through the legs. Great workmomship.
The cashmere wool wrap we have rocks. I got a size small for the next babe but my 1 year old was able to wear it fine! It holds contours really well, and I would even just lay a trifold hemp soaker in it and wrap it on him for a super trim 'WIO' type deal--the wrap fits so nice and nothing shifts around at all! I'm a little in love with non-stretchy, front snapping covers right now, so forgive my enthusiasm! It's just so neat to be able to lay-in a diaper and wrap it on, AIO style, and all these stretchy side snapping covers don't work for that, as much as I love the idea of a WIO--just not snug enough.
Anyhoo, love Meagan, love her diapers and covers, love the pictures I see of clothes--must try some!
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patchwork pixie elfin unders are my FAVORITE FAVORITE fitted diapers!!
i bought one used off the tp and immediatly fell in love with it. the fit is very generous, so it will fit my daughter for a long time. it's super absorbant and i LOVE the no-droop wings! i immediatly ordered another one for my daughter's christmas present!
when she released the yps holiday-themed dipes, i purchased a penguin print that arrived just a couple days later. unfortunatly, a snap had gotten caught inside, so i emailed meagan and she asked me to send it back so she could fix it for me. not only did she do a FLAWLESS job of fixing the dipe, she got it back to me nearly instantaneously and included the cost of shipping it back in a sweet christmas card!
meagan has top notch customer service and wonderful wonderful products. i urge everyone to try patchwork pixie-- you won't be disapointed!!
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I've been using a Patchwork Pixie diaper on Bret for several months now and I love it! First, the sewing is exceptional There is not a stitch out of place! Everything is perfect! Secondly, the fit is amazing! Bret is very petite w/ a short rise. The medium PP fits him like a GLOVE! I am very pleased w/ the fit on him. Thirdly, the absorbancy is great. Sometimes I cannot even feel wetness on the outside of the diaper after he's wet (he is a light to moderate wetter). This is a good diaper to go coverless in.

This diaper has shown very little signs of wear. Meghan is wonderful to work w/. I was going back and forth on sizing and she was very patient w/ me and helped me figure out the perfect size. She sewed the dipe very quickly and the shipping was fast as well. Perhaps the cutest thing is the little logo snap instead of a tag... just adorable and clever!
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I have some of her elfin unders and one of her wool covers. I LOVE them! The workmanship on the diapers is just wonderful. I love the attention to detail. The fit my daughter great and are very absorbent. I was a bit suprised because they are quite trim. I haven't had good luck with trim diapers being absorbent so I was VERY nicely suprised. GREAT diapers and just gorgeous.

Suzanne~ wife to Jesse, Momma to 3

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#16 of 22 Old 02-23-2005, 11:33 AM
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There aren't enough good things I can say about PWP items and the momma who makes them. I love the diapers -- they look fantastic and fit perfectly. the wool covers are impeccably made and super soft. and trim. and the fleece AIOs are the trimmest full system out there. Plus, I don't know what it is about the fleece she uses, but it stays super soft and doesn't pill up as much as other fleece I've used. oh, and her wool pants are perfect. I've loved everything I've gotten from Meagan. If I weren't such a freak and didn't "need" to have one of every type of diaper out there, I'd just use PWP. (maybe for the next one... ) She's wonderful.
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I have Woodland Wool Wraps, Woodland fleece AIOs and Pixie Pants. I love them all!

Meagan is amzing! I emailed her about purchasing more AIOs and she immediately added me to her list. She kept in constant contact with me about the order and the AIOs are absolutely perfect. I really love the new trim cut design, too. These AIOs are wonderful for summer time and so soft. Meagan's workmomship is top notch and she is one of the sweetest WAHMs to work with. I highly recommend PWP!
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I just received my second order from Meagan and I absolutely love her diapers. My first order was an Instock WIO and I loved it so much, I emailed her to ask about a custom waiting list. She added me then and there, and I ordered 2 covers and 2 fitteds. The first set was one I had seen in her Gallery (the Starry Night set) and I just had to have it. Her embroidery is beautiful and the velour of the diaper is so soft. I chose a blue poor boy ribbed for my second cover and asked her to choose the details and the material for the diaper. I was not disappointed. She gave me a cute car print in velour for the fitted and the cover's snaps and serging are a perfect match for the colors on the diaper. Meagan's work is impeccable and the attention to detail makes her diapers and covers almost too gorgeous to wear.

Two thumbs way up for Meagan and PWP!

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I finally was able to snag a brand new PWP diaper from a stocking and I am absolutely in LOVE with this diaper. I've never seen such a beautifully made diaper. She really takes pride in her work. The fit...oh the fit is a dream! I wish her diapers weren't so hard to obtain because they truly are amazing amazing diapers
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One of my all time favorite wahm's!! Meagans customer service is awesome! her diapers and wool are perfect! And her hand made kids clothes just rock!! I will always be one of her customers!!!
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I can't say enough good things about PWP. We have 10 fitteds, a wool wrap, and a custom clothing set that is wool pants and a kimono-style top. They are our favourite diapers, quite absorbant, super soft, and beautiful. The wool wrap I got used and it is still in wonderful condition. The custom set was supposed to just be for pants, but Meagan offered to make a matching shirt and diaper and even found the correct colour pink to match -- she is so wonderful to work with and has great design ideas!
I'm a little worried about posting all this praise because I want more PWP for myself!

Obstruct livery vehicles!

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I got a used wool wrap. It is GREAT. I'm really impressed with the fit, and it's super cute!
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