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I have one of the m/l tester pocketz from Shannon. We got it for Eoin when he was 6 weeks old and was about 15 lbs. I was going through diapers like crazy, as you can imagine.
Well, he is now 5 months, about 22 lbs, and around 27 or so inches--and the same diaper still fits him just great.

When I first saw the diaper I was skeptical--it was so thin through the crotch area I didn't think it would hold anything in.
In fact, it holds everything just fine

I also thought it was going to be a beast to stuff, since it is so narrow. DH can't stuff it (he has bear paws), but the pull and fleece are stretchy enough that I haven't had a problem with it.

The fleece is still soft as can be (I was worried at one point, because it got washed with a towel and came out linty...next wash it was back to soft and clean and no pilling) and we haven't ever had a problem with it leaking or wicking.

There are no leg casings--a first for me, so again, I was worried..silly me

There is a cross over tab, which we are *still* using. This dipe is supposed to last from 15-35 lbs and I have no doubt that it will really last that long.

The aplix is awesome--doesn't curl at all and is tough as can be. The laundry tabs are great too. They don't catch the tabs when you are trying to get the diaper on your squirming kiddo, but you don't have to be neurotic about checking to make sure they are closed. If that makes any sense at all...

I don't know what the turn around for an order is right now, but Shannon has a reservation list on her yahoo group (which is the same place you can view pictures and place orders--it is a pretty cool set-up, IMO)

Okay...in summary: I only have one. I want more. Lots more.

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I ordered 3 custom pocket diapers "Pocketz" from Shannon & then promptly forgot I had ordered them! In the meantime, I somehow collected some more pocket diapers made from others.
They were all pretty standard: pocket in the back, snap or velcro closure.
Well when Shannon contacted me to say that my diapers were finished I was a little bummed...I HAD SO MANY POCKETS & while that is all we use, I thought 3 more was too many. BUT, I had her send them & I AM SO GLAD SHE DID!!!
Her pocketz are amazing! The quality & construction of her diapers and her inserts is really beautiful & you can tell that she has an eye for detail. They are cut super trim & have no bulk in the crotch area & I have noticed that the insert does not "float" around inside the diaper. Her pocket is in the front which means no scratchy fabric or elastic in the back against baby's skin. Truly a unique & well thought out product!
The end of the story goes like this - I have listed all my other pocket diapers for sale & ordered all Harleyz!
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I am in total agreement with the post above about the quality and the capability of the Harleyz Pocketz. I definitely think that it is a fantastic pocket diaper.

The only thing that I don't like about it is that it won't lie flat (like a Fuzzi Bunz) so that I can get it on my ds quickly. It could just be that I'm so used to the FB, though. I'm also not a fan of aplix (ds can get out of them!) but the aplix that Shannon uses is VERY high quality (though still no match for ds!). I just make sure I put his clothes on when he's wearing his Harleyz!

This diaper is GREAT, TRIM (trimmest around!), passed the daytime, nighttime, and blowout tests on a 17mo, 25 pound boy, and comes in lots of nice color combos as well as prints.


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I have just one Harleyz Pocketz and I like it a lot - it is very trim and I love the crossover tabs. The microfleece inside is very soft. The only drawback for me is that it is hard for me to stuff (mine isn't stretchy - it is a laminated print) because it is so narrow - but once stuffed, it is great.
I have a RAVE for my Harleyz fitted dipe that I got with a Harleyz Limitedz cover on e-bay. The fitted dipe is awesome! It is the same style and fit, basically, as the pocket dipe, but it has a trifold soaker attached to the inside front instead of a pocket (and isn't laminated, of course - mine is flannel outside). The soaker is (I think) hemp jersey on the bottom and flannel and fleece on the top. It is so nice and trim - I love it!

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I absolutely love my harlyez but there is one down side. No leg casings! DS can not be in the diaper all night long with some leaking and he wakes up with poop all over the place. Almost everytime he poops it gets all over the place . But I love Shannon and I have about 6 of her diapers. in summary without repeating

Pro's: Extremely trim, cute colors and great service.
Con's: Pee does not stay in diaper all night long and frequent blow out's (poop wise) I personally can't use this diaper all night with a changing
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I got my first Harleyz WIO in trade off of the TP. I posted here upset because this was the only dipe that ds was willing to wear and that would hold anything. When Shan saw my post she contacted me and told me she thought she could help. She kindly set me up with two WIO seconds at a wonderful price that I could actually afford. The WIO's are gorgeous, and I can't even tell that they are seconds. The craftmanship is exquisit. Plus she sold me a bunch of snap ins for my WIO's. She also included two AIO shells that she had made for her own son and turned into pockets. They fit ds like they were made just for him, and we love using them. Shan is so sweet to work with and her products are absolutely wonderful. I don't think I could have managed to cloth diaper without her.
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I bought several pocketz of the TPand they worked great and were very trim.
So i then placed a custom fleece cover with her and paid a deposit. After months of waiting and several emails asking when she might be able to get to my order I finally cancelled and had her refund my deposit. It would have been a great cover but i understand she had alot going on in her personal life so as a mom i do understand. the delays
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i just received two of these pockets off the t/p and they are awesome!!!
so so so trim! I was worried because they are very narrow in the crotch but it is by far his trimmest pocket dipe i own (lots of wahm dipes!)
i dont care for aplix but hers dont curl under and scratch his legs.
iso more!
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I just got my first Harleyz Pul Pocket and they are amazing...So trim between the legs! My ds is a chunker and I normally don't have a lot of success with front closure dipes but her cut works so well with those chunky thighes. And they fit my 36lb dd like trim underwear! Workmomship is great and the dipe shipped 24 hrs after I placed the order. I've already ordered more
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I ordered a custom dress/diaper set from Shan.
The dress is beatiful, made so well and the fabrics are heavenly! She is wonderful to work with!
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I ordered a trial Harleyz Hemp pocket diaper, and a PUL pocket. When they first came, I wasn't sure I would like them. They are so different from every other pocket diaper I've tried. But they are in my "out and about" rotation so everyone can see how trim and easy cloth diapers can be!

I want more!

For me, the trim fit is a plus. For dh, it's a drawback. He likes stuffing with Premium prefolds (Mr. Routine!). I haven't tried the Pocket Palz yet, but they're working fine with the hemp stuffers that I have.

Customer service was excellent. Speedy shipping!

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Just was wondering if there was a home site for the harleyz dipes, other than the yahoo group?

Renee Brown
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I also got a "try harleyz pocket" from HC for $10-can't beat that! and when it arrived i was initially bummed because it just looked way too small for my round little 28lb guy. Surprise, surprise! It fit awesome with plenty of room to grow. I am all about trim dipes and I;m off to search the TP for some more.

I also got a hand dyed hemp/OV pocket fitted, which is also a great fit. i love it, although i do prefer hidden snaps. But the snap placement is great, very close together so you really can't be between settings on this one. Oh, the only other thing I wish is that the pocket fitted would come with a stuffer, I know pockets often don't but a pocket fitted ($17.50) I kind of feel like should. I'd be kind of sad if I got a regular fitted and there was no snap in or sewn in soaker, :LOL

And I got some dip dyed wool interlock pants which are beautiful and rule.
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Another Harleyz lover here. I got one (PUL Pocket) off hyena cart at trial price. I fully expected to get nothing more than *just* another pocket dipe. Don't get me wrong I love my wonderoos, but a pocket dipe, is a pocket dipe, is a pocket dipe.
Well, this one is SO much more. It's very trim! It fits my DD great and I can tell she loves it! The fleece is super soft, and so far is coming really clean in the wash.

I can't rave more about the fit and design of the diaper! Had I known about these before I knew about some other diapers I own, I would definately own more than one!
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I just got in a dozen PUL pockets and let me say I am more than thrilled! The sewing is superb, Shan included some nice little surprises, and they fit like a dream. I wish I had known about her dipes before I had my ds or we would have been a harleyz only family! Shan is great to work with and *always* keeps in great contact with you about your order. Never hesitate to e-mail her if you have any concerns!
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