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I have tried all the Fuzbaby products, I think. These diapers and covers are truly works of art. The quality is excellent and you can tell Lori has an eye for detail. They dying is beautiful and done very well, the sewing is perfect, and the fabrics are heavenly.

I find the Buzfuz (hemp) to be a little stiff for my taste (esp if you line dry it) but it is very absorbant. The Purefuz is my favorite and is very soft (even when line dried) and absorbant. The wool is so soft it is like cashmere... really it is. The Fuzbombs are trim, which is nice, but some bulky diapers do not fit under them. The diapers are nice and trim as well, w/ a narrow crotch, but no elastic at the back... beware if your little one can poop out the back of diapers. The Wool Almost-in-Ones are not bulky and very absorbant. The Easy wool covers are very soft, trim, and generously sized.

I have found that the bindings do show wear after a while, and there has been much discussion on the diapering board about this topic. I think it is just a product of using 100% natural materials for the binding and the fact that binding experiences more wear than other parts of the diaper, than a flaw in the sewing or the product itself. For me, my Buzfuz diaper showed wear in the bindings much sooner than other fabrics, and I have some Refuz AIO contours that hardly show any wear after 9 mo of use.

The sizing is very generous. The larges are very large, and even the mediums are pretty big, imo. Be sure to go by the measurements she lists on her site and ask her if you have questions.

Overall, an excellent product.
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Well, first I will say that Lori's diapers make catching pees and poopies fun! :LOL And if you don't know it already, you can find Lori's diapers at www.fuzbaby.com

We have (2) Fuzbombs for our youngest, Kenny. One is our cherished Ice Star and the other is of our alma mater. Both in size Medium and with room to grow - we hope he's able to stay in them a while. The Fuzbombs do not leak - can stand up to all-nighters, are beautifully made with hardy snaps that stay in place and leg gussets, plus her unique back gussets that capture anything and everything. They are easy to maintain and have softened with use.

We also have a Ice Star BuzFuz from the January 2003 Garden Collection and want to get many more of the BuzFuz styled fitteds. It IS the MOST ABSORBENT fitted diaper we own - as would be expected with absorbent hemp. The unique hand-dyed look of this particular one always puts a smile on my face.

I enjoy purchasing from Lori. Many have said they are a bit pricey, but I have found that they are well worth what I paid and worth more investment later. I use my covers especially all day, everyday and they look as new as the day they were purchased. I enjoy knowing that they are made from natural materials and that they are safe for my baby's bum and the environment.

Truly the most beautiful diapers on the world wide web.
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I have one Fuzbomb purchased used. It is warm gray from the March Diaper Garden, size medium. It is beautiful, soft, well-made and well-fitting. I absolutely love using it. It is of the highest quality.

I had an older Fuzbaby Wool in One that I purchased used- this was beautiful as well. It was made of a different wool that we were allergic to. The newer Fuzbomb seems to be a thinner, softer wool and even my sensitive-skinned ds can wear it.

Being right is not always fair, but being fair is always right
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I'm so excited that I can finally throw in a good review for Fuzbaby since my lone April Skies Buzfuz (snaps, medium) arrived last week. I admit I had to see what a thirty dollar diaper was all about and I will now admit it was worth every penny! the medium fits both my 24 baby and 28 lb toddler beautifully, the material is soft, and it's just plain stunning to look at. I finally used it on my baby today, aka the supersoaker and he barely put a dent in it when it was time to change.

I would definately buy more and the customer service is topnotch to boot.
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As far as Fuz diapers go, I ahve only tried the buzfuz. I loved the trim fit and quality, as well as the absorbability. They did seem stiff and not super cozy though, not very stretchy either.

I love the wool covers/Fuzbombs. Love the colors and trim fit, I do find them a tad too trim though and it really limits what diapers they can be worn with.
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I have two diaper garden WIO's (Egg; Blue Skies) and an "extra" Blue Skies fuzbomb with aplix. What I really like about the covers (besides the fact that they never leak) is that the wool gets softer and more luxurious over time. The colors are beautiful, and the AIO's are a great trim fit on my skinny toddler. I find the fuzbomb a little saggy in the seat, but I typically use trim diapers underneath. It's not that the fuzbomb is too big for my babe-- because he's not even in the smallest setting in the waist-- it's just that you need a lot of baby booty or diaper booty to fill that cover up. Said another way, this cover will fit over even the bulkiest of diapers. If you're more interested in trimness, go for the WIO's (the covers also fit over all my diapers). With an extra hemp doubler, the WIO's work great at night for my super soaker (even the purefuz, organic cotton, is super absorbent).

Also, fuzbaby is a great source of information about cloth diapering. Besides making stunning products that are worth more than what you pay for them, these people know a whole lot about wool and fabric. And they are super nice to boot. Lori called me once (about 30 seconds after I emailed her) just to apologize for mixing up my order, which I sure appreciated but certainly wasn't necessary.

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I have tried a Try-it Set (buz, pur, and re-, with fuzbomb) and a Fuz Easy (not sure if that goes here or in the Firefly reviews...). I was so excited to order my Try-it Set (dd's Christmas gift, LOL!). It was fun ordering and Lori took plenty of time to make sure what I wanted. Unfortunately the Fuzbomb just did not fit dd right - gaped too much at the thigh opening. But it was gorgeous and wonderful quality. I was able to easily sell it on the TP and order an Easy as a replacement. The dipes are very absorbent but are consequently one of my longer-drying dipes.

As far as the bound-edges issue, I must admit that I was dissappointed when they started to wear - they are such wonderful diapers, and come in luscious colours, but they just look so tattered once the edges start to go.

My Fuz Easys, however, are perfect. Trim, a great fit on my dd, fit over all my dipes, and come in the same array of colours (and sometimes more, I was pleased to snag an Alpine Blue one that had been the trim on the Blue Skies set).

I sold my original buz and pur (kept the re- since she no longer makes them) and bought an avacado L off the TP since my dd can fit those now (FYI, they are REALLY big for a L, but she makes that clear at the sizing section). I also bought a Burning Sun dipe from a mama on the TP (have lusted after it since they were first revealed). This time I will take more care to try to protect the edges (hang dry only) since they are great dipes and that was really my only problem (well, and the unfortunate wait time, but that's to be expected if you place an order).

You'll love Lori - pleasant, professional, and her updates are fun and informative.

Meghan, mom to 11yo, 8yo, and 3yo 

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My review is not as positive as those before mine. I've bought 6 Fuzbombs brand new from Lori~and two secondhand from other moms.

I cared for them all the same, yet one of them developed holes in the gussets after 3-4mos of use in rotation w/12-14 other covers.
At 1st the holes were tiny, & then got bigger w/washing. The cover cost $50 and is now USELESS to me.

I emailed Lori & told her my story, assuming she would have me send it to her for repair. No such luck. I'm on my own. She replied w/repair instructions & a "i'm at a loss, i've never heard of such a thing w/a fuzbomb..."

They're considered the MONET of 'diaper art', but I feel like I received a print.

I just inspected another Fuzbomb that was drying outsie on a rack. Ugh. A tiny hole has started in that one as well.
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On suggestion of everyone, I ordered a medium fuz bomb for my 20 pound daughter (EVERYONE said a large is just HUGE). Well, I have to say I was disappointed in how small a medium was. It only fit over my trim SOS's, and even though I could BARELY snap it on the smallest setting (so there was room to grow) because the rise was so low, it really cut into my daughter's belly.

This was a red cover with snaps, and it was BEAUTIFUL. It did bleed through to my daughter's outift one time, and anytime I hand wash it, it turns the water red. So, it's not something you want to get real wet.

However, to give a fair try to the fuz bomb, I ordered a large, velcro, natural cover. I LOVE this one. It is our most used. It is roomy enough to fit over our ME OS diapers, as well as our nighttime system (nighty newts). Because it's a nutral color, I don't have to worry about it bleeding, and because it is velcro it has a much more customizable fit.

I am going to order some other colors in the large velcro before summertime. I just need to put my vote towards buying these covers on the bigger side, so that they fit over a wider variety of covers.

Oh, and the customer service was good. Lori emailed me to let me know it would be 2-3 weeks, and the cover was delivered on time.
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May 2003
I received my long-awaited large Easy Wool cover. I observed the leg elastics to be wavy:
Easy Wool cover - flat

My children both had 10.5" thighs and the Easy Wool cover gapped at the legs:
Easy Wool cover on DD

Based on these two observations, I e-mailed Lori to confirm that this Easy Wool cover was her standard cover and not a second-quality cover. I also sent her pictures. She stated measurements were approximate and the cover did not appear defective. Lori offered to take it back for a refund or send it back for additional snaps. I chose to return it, at my expense, for additional snaps. I am pleased with the way it fits with additional snaps.

June 2003
Through our e-mails regarding the Easy Wool cover, Lori offered to send me a tester Easy Wool in medium. I am not sure if this is the same medium as she is selling now. The medium tester fit my DD (then 2.5 months) perfectly! I am very pleased with this cover.

January 2004
I received a secondhand April Skies Almost All-in-One from original owner. The body of the Almost All-in-One cover is in excellent condition. However, both of the gussets have holes in the wool for the elastic casing. (It was not noticed by seller because she likely cherished this cover so much, she didn't use it often.)

Holes in stitching of gusset - picture 1
Holes in stitching of gusset - picture 2

I contacted Lori, asking her if she would be able to send me 2 wool pieces so I could have a seamstress replace the gussets. I heard from her after two days, and she offered to send me wool for the gussets for $1.50 postage. She did not realize I was in Canada but she sent them anyway, thankfully it was enough as postage was $1.10. I received them today (Jan 20).

Through my correspondence with Lori, she has tried to find a resolution to my problems: adding the snaps and sending the wool.

I have seen other items but since I do not own them, I cannot comment on them. I will not be ordering additional products based on my experiences.

(edited to clarify proper names of items, add my experience with the medium tester, and to expand on correspondence with Lori after she sent me a lengthy e-mail today going through the first version of the review)
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I loooove my Fuz easy covers, we have three and want more! They are my favorite wool, hands-down. I hand wash these and have had no issues with binding wear. I have an Ice Star cover but it is so beautiful and pristine that I am afraid to put it on him. Maybe I can save it so if he ever becomes horribly constipated I can put it on him for an instant BM :LOL

The Fuz diapers are super absorbent, but not a good fit on my ds. The legs are too loose, and the waist is too high. He has slim-ish legs and actually a slim tummy too. Because of the fit issues, I did not own them long enough to have any binding wear issues.

I love the workmomship and the beautiful colors, if she ever comes out with a side snapping dipe (best fit on our ds) then I am done for! My communications with Lori were courteous and professional and I will definitely be buying more Easys!
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I ordered a fuz garden....... (blue skies) and after a LONNNNNNNNGGGGGG wait i finally got the cover and it was way to big..... gave my DS a saggy butt..... nothing wrong wih the cover it is just not a good fit all though he is with in the measurments of the cover it was way to big......

wiht th efitteds they have a super long rise so the large was way to big and the medium fit but the snap place ment was weird.... not to mention the holes in the bindings...... beautiful dipes and covers but i wont order again........
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I have ten rainbow fireflys diapers in size small. I absolutely adore them. They are a great fit for my daughter and are very absorbant. They slightly loose aroung the legs, but it is because of my daughters legs, and not the diaper. I haven't ever had a blow-out with them. They are nice and slim, but very absorbant and wonderful to look at!! I highly recommend them. They are well worth the money.

wife - mother - midwife


The more you know, the worse it gets.

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I have a variety of Fuzbaby products. I love my 2 Fuzbombs, they are almost 2 years old and no sign of holes or wear. I also have a Fuzeasy cover that I hand dyed myself and I love how soft and trim looks on my toddler. The fit is great with both types of covers.
Not every product fit every baby and her product has been wonderful for my ds.

Lori is very friendly and professional. I was never sorry I brought from her. The packaging is well done and she adds information and wool wash samples.
I would buy again
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I have bought fireflies directly from Lori and they were perfect and lovely.
Used, I have found many garden fitteds and bombs/almost-in-one sets. They are awesome! I never get holes, and the fuzbaby diapers look like they were made for my son they fit so well. They lay so flat and trim against his body, but since they are quite thick, they absorb like no other. With the doubler the outside never even gets wet, and I can't say that even about other pocket fitteds that I stuff full of 8 layers of hemp! So these suckers absorb. The bombs fit awesome too--I love the trim front closure and soft wool. Never have seen any signs of wear on those either.

Can't wait to try an easy.
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I purchased a diaper garden fitted on ebay approximately a year ago, a true purple (which, though it faded quickly, still retains its lovely uniqueness. This medium BuzFuz (hemp/cotton fleece diaper) was part of the High Summer Diaper Garden (2003) and features a hand-stamped chili print inner fabric (and on one side of the doubler), with lime colored hemp fleece trim on the doubler (and back) and matching lime green snaps. The bound design of the Fuzbaby dipes creates a smooth edge against baby's skin. The elastic in the legs is sewn flat, although the bound edge that goes along it has small “ruffles” that stretch out as the rise is needed to accommodate baby's growth. Fuzbaby dipes are not quick-drying: the soaker is enclosed, and all snaps are hidden except the two on the very edge of the diaper. When open, the diaper lies flat, the soaker has not bunched up over time, and the diaper holds its shape extremely well. The diaper is cut a bit higher in the back for a relatively high rise, the crotch is narrow, and there is no elastic in the front or the back.

I do like the overall fit of this diaper, which is achieved in part because the legs are high cut (allowing more freedom of movement and thus comfort) and the diaper closes with two rows of snaps. The first row is the waist adjustment, which offers three settings on each side, or 6 total adjustments, and the second row of snaps adjusts the leg. As with side snapping diapers, this allows the waist and legs to be adjusted independently. The narrow crotch also offers more comfort for baby, without sacrificing much absorption. The lay in doubler is as wide as possible without interfering with the fit of the diaper, and it covers nearly the entire length of the diaper, which increases the absorption of the diaper substantially.

The bound style fitted diaper is relatively rare in the cloth diapering world, and that is at least partly due to the fact that this style takes longer to sew (and more steps) than a serged or turned and topstitched style diaper. The consumer can easily see the care that is taken when constructing Fuzbaby diapers: they look professionally sewn, the snaps are evenly spaced, and the inner and outer surfaces are smooth, without any bunching up of the inner fabric. The fabric is high quality, the crotch is narrow, and the fit is pretty trim over all. Absorbency is about average. Even when I use this diaper with a doubler, the wetness seems to stay localized and seep through to the outside rather than spreading throughout the soaker first. This diaper is also unique for its two row front snap design, which is especially effective for getting a closer fit around the legs. To me, this diaper seems built for the tall, slender-waisted child with chubby thighs: even at the tightest setting, my skinny toddlers thighs swim inside this diaper (like the Fireflys). In general, I suspect that Fuzbaby dipes would be a good fit on average build to heavier build babies, especially since many consumers complain that most diapers are too tight in the thighs, relative to the waist.

I find the fitted Fuzbaby diapers to be less stretchy than the average diaper. I am fairly sure that this is because they do not have any elastic in the body; only around the legs. So when active toddler goes from running to squatting the spinning within a few seconds, the snaps come undone because there is not enough give in the fabric around the waist to accommodate this high level of activity. I do think that this spontaneous unsnapping of the diapers is unique to my son's body type and activity level and not a flaw in the Fuzbaby design.

I do find the Fuzbaby fitted diaper design problematic in several interrelated ways. First, the elasticized legs are sewn to the bound edge gathers in such a way that creates 2 edges: 1) the covered elasticized edge that is intended to fit snugly around baby's thigh, and the “ruffled” bound edge that is stiffer than the elasticized edge and can work its way between baby's skin and the elasticized edge. This means that the bound edge can create gaps around baby's legs, which more than once for us has meant messy poop blowouts. I have also experienced a binding hole problem, where the bindings of the diaper started to first get holes, and then shred, after a dozen washes. While these binding holes do not affect the performance of the diaper, it does decrease the appearance value of the diaper. The holes may be my fault-- the result of washing Velcro diapers that may come undone and snag the fabric along the edges. The holes may also develop as the fabric shrinks ever so slightly with use and the fabric threads around the edges underneath the bound edges act like miniature saws in the wash. This may be especially true in the case of BuzFuz rather than PureFuz, as the stiffness of hemp may encourage this “sawing” motion even more. Regardless of the source of the binding holes, I do wish that a diaper that costs this much were more durable.

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Ok, so I don't usually feel like I need to leave reviews for such amazing products as Fuz. However, today I got my first Fuzeasy and I absolutely *love* it. Its well made, cute, fits well, and is absolutely the softest wool I have ever felt.

I put it on my daughter straight out of the package and it has worked well through two naps today so far.

I will definately be ordering more. I ordered this as a custom with Lori over the phone. She was very nice to talk with and helped me choose just the right colors.

Great customer service and top-notch product
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i LOVE the fuz! the fuzeasy's are THE softest and THE stretchiest covers out there. plus, so many pretty colors to choose from. and firefly dipes are trim and absorbant - a really original design. fuz fitteds and fuzbombs didn't fit my DD too well but man are they purty! of all the fuz items, i'd say my fave is the fuzeasy cover and it's a bargain compaired to some other similarly priced covers out there. plus, laurie was REALLY nice to order from. in this age of all internet orders, some mamas may hesitate to call a "live" person (as odd as that sounds) but she is very sweet and easy to work with.
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I have been a Fuzbaby customer for 2 1/2 years. I have owned 9 Easy covers, countless Fireflies and a WIO. I appreciate Fuzbaby's commitment to a certain philosophy, i.e. "smallering" and think that aesthetically speaking, the products are quite beautiful. The colors of the wool are amazing.

I am editing my review. Lori and I had an issue and have been able to work through it and I will continue to be a Fuzbaby customer.
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