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NJKim 12-21-2009 11:32 AM

We started ECing DS at 8 months and immediately he always pooped on the potty. He did really well with peeing too and we only put diapers on him when going out. We always had the potty in the car in case he needed to go and to give him opportunities to go. At 18 months, I knew he could hold it but when he had a diaper on, he would pee in it so one day I just decided not to do diapers anymore when going out. We had a couple of accidents but I just brought a change of pants and now, a month later, I can say we've graduated (for day-time) I just constantly ask him if he needs to go potty when we're out and remind him "no pee pee in your pants" if he tells me no. DH took him into the mall restroom 2 weeks ago and had him pee standing up and now he loves to do that, it makes it so much fun - and definitely easy when going out so I don't have to bring the little potty with me!

We'll work on night time soon once he stops nursing all night.... although he does wake up dry 1/2 the time. Maybe after this horrible round of teething is done, working on the canines now

So keep doing what you're doing, mamas! ECing is wonderful, especially when you have the end in sight

andtay23 12-21-2009 03:10 PM

DD just became a day-time graduate too. She's 22mo and been wearing underwear successfully all day for the last couple of weeks. It's so exciting to know that the bit of extra effort that went into EC was worth it. I would never raise a child any other way!

I'm just newly pregnant now and nursing has become painful, so I might start the process of nighttime weaning and hope for completely dry nights soon as well!

Meksmama 12-23-2009 12:56 PM

We are new to EC but have heard about it before ds was born. We started at about 11 months with pooping because he wouldn't go in his diaper he would walk around stomping and whining so I would take off his dipe and hold it under him. Just recently about 2wks ago he started peeing on the potty as well!! So this past week when we go out I put undies on him and constantly ask him is he has to go... at 20 months no one has believed me when I say he is wearing undies.

At night he is still nursing but he sleeps naked and only twice we have had a wet bed. I am SOOOO THRILLED and wish I would have done EC from the beginning!

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