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Okay moms & dads, it's time to lighten up the message board - here's a quick questionnaire just for fun!

1. What is the most annoying comment (or misconception) someone made to you about EC?

2. Most memorable EC miss?

3. Most creative receptacle or place for elimination?

4. What has surprised you most about EC?

5. Explain a time you felt wanted to give up.
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1. "You're potty training already?!" at 9 months.
2. On my lap, while I was sitting on the potty. Pee only, thankfully, but still ewwww!
3. Holding outside the car door!
4. That more people don't do it!
5. During a potty strike where DS refused any and every potty place for a couple weeks. Frustrating!
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1. Someone telling me I couldn't take my dd to the potty when I actually was, at age 5 weeks or so. Telling me I had to wait until she was two. (But overall, I have received very few negative comments!)

2. The most memorable miss was when she was napping on my back in the Ergo and she woke up, I wasn't sure if she was awake, and she definitely was awake and peeing down my back, and it trickled all the way down the back and into my underwear and pretty much soaked my bottom!

3. Hmmmm..... my dd isn't so much for "creative" receptacles!

4. Biggest surprise was how natural the transition was to grad-hood or near grad-hood. It just happened!

5. Some nights I sure wish we weren't doing EC, because of multiple trips to the potty, and then multiple wakings for a diaper change. I just wished she would go in her diaper, fall back asleep, and we could get her a clean one in the morning!

Kimberly, in love with Hannah Rose! (04/08) EC grad!
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1. I just get when people aren't about it. The most negative thing I've heard is "it didn't work for us" and "hmm, interesting, but I don't think I'd like it".

2. Well the time I *knew* she needed to poop and couldn't get to a free way exit (and wasn't about to go to the shoulder in the middle of Chicago), stands out. But the worse was when I'd put her into the mei tai to get ready for landing on the *first* leg of our flight. I knew she had to poop, I knew when she was pooping, and I knew I wasn't going to get to deal with any of it until I dragged her, suitcase, backpack, and car seat off the plane and however far into the terminal to get to a bathroom.

3. before we started keeping a potty in the car I peed her into a grocery sack a few times.

4. I'm with hrsmom, the biggest surprise was how suddenly she started telling me when she has to poop. (Still waiting for pee to kick in. Which brings up another memorable miss, while sitting on my lap in the car waiting to pick up dh. Who, fortunately had his running shorts for me to put on.)

5. Not give up so much as "fine! We'll just do ordinary diapering today!" Only I don't know how ordinary diapering works, so that ended up with doing EC by timing and got us out of a rut of numerous misses each day. Come baby #2, if signs aren't obvious we're going to timing ASAP.
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1. "Can't she just go in her diaper?!?" From my dad, when he was driving on the road trip that DH and I decided to take with my parents. We will never do that again! Of course that was the ONE weekend that DD decided she was actually going to signal every. single. pee--usually she doesn't signal pees at all--and I just couldn't bear to ignore her. So I made my poor dad stop every single hour on the side of the freeway so she could pee.

2. On my friend's floor, on one of those foam puzzle floor things. I had stopped by uninvited on our way to the park because *I* really had to pee. DD refused to pee in the toilet and then immediately peed on my friend's floor. My friend took all the puzzle pieces off the floor and washed them...luckily it was hardwood underneath, but I was so embarrassed!

3. Over the side of our deck. Our neighbors on that side have never commented, surprisingly!

4. That everybody doesn't do it. Sure, it has its ups and downs, but I just don't think there's any comparison with disposable-diapering and conventional potty training. EC is way, way, way easier. IMO.

5. I've never wanted to give up, although I'm pretty frustrated right now! I just started putting DD back in trainers after her being in underwear during the day for a year. But I think it's a pre-grad pause...I'll keep telling myself that, anyway! (Saying it will make it true, right?)

Mama to DD, my 2/24/08 BIG KID formerly known as sling baby, and DS, my 12/23/11 train-loving, wall-climbing toddler! 
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Can I make all of the questions #5?

Andrea , child of God, wife of Tim , mama of L, B, J, J

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1. What is the most annoying comment (or misconception) someone made to you about EC? That it's training the parent, not the baby.

2. Most memorable EC miss? Oh gosh. We were at a park and YDD signaled that she had to poop. She was about 3 months-ish and EBF. I took her in and held her over the toilet and she didn't go after a few minutes, so I decided to put her in her diaper and go back out to the park. I set her on the changing table in the public bathroom and the poop shot out of her bum, splashing against the wall, floor, everything. AND there were no paper towels in this bathroom. I had to clean it up with toilet seat covers.

3. Most creative receptacle or place for elimination? We don't do anything creative. Just potty them over a bowl or toilet.

4. What has surprised you most about EC? How easy it has been to read my new son's cues and how much I have enjoyed it! We started ECing YDD out of necessity at 7 weeks (extremely sensitive skin) and absolutely loved it and I decided to do it again with DS.

5. Explain a time you felt wanted to give up. I have never felt that way, but I also have a very relaxed, low-key approach to EC.

Mama to DD (5) DD (3) and DS (2 months)
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