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turtlemamameg 04-22-2011 08:24 PM

Moms of EC grads, please share your success stories. 


I would get a boost from hearing some grad stories.  I know some other could too.  My trend is that I seem to come to this forum when I am struggling and looking for advice as I see is true for many others.  I thought it would be encouraging for everyone   to hear of all of the success stories out there. 


LCBMAX 04-24-2011 08:21 PM

I don't know what the success story is for us, other than to let you know that earlier this evening I was reminiscing about sending my son off to child care at 20 months, and the intricacies of instructing child care providers in our EC perspective, and just admiring my son in his underwear and being glad he's been so free in his body for so long...


Let's see - 

encouragement for someone who just can't get the night time piece to work for them - we NEVER could do this, since my son's sensitivity to becoming fully awake, and my exhaustion combined to make it impossible. Nonetheless, around 18 months - spontaneously night time dry every night. I think there've been 3 -5 wet pjs since then, all related to illness or incredible night time thirst and drinking. He's 3+ now.


encouragement for someone who wonders if part time is enough - yes. And when it's right for you to move into "full time", then you will.


encouragement for someone who wonders if all the questions and confusion of others is worth it - yes. The intimacy of supporting my son's physical autonomy and the trust he has in our respect for his autonomy gives me a lot of hope for our future as a family.


Anyway, here's general encouragement from a family who did part - to - full time ec, never worked at the nights, and have a child who considers his body to really be his own, and takes pleasure in his ownership of it. At 3 years I still check in to this forum just to reminisce and rejoice, myself.


Don't count the misses, just count the happiness. It's not a race or a contest, it's a relationship.


isabchi 04-25-2011 02:38 PM

Both of my kids are "grad",but I think EC is been successful for us form day 1. My youngest just recently stopped to had pee misses at play days, but he's been free of diaper since a year old and before of that he never spend more than a minute in a wet diaper, he's been mostly poops in the potty all his life. I think EC success is not about grad than mostly about to recognize what happen and understand our babies and respond promptly. This communication is something that grow between parents and child, something that I call an extra tool of parenting.

turtlemamameg 05-14-2011 07:09 PM

You're right, Isabichi, success is not about grad, but when you have been communicating with you baby about this for the entire duration of their life, it can be helpful to hear about how through the challenges and the joys, there does come a day when your child can do it on their own.  Thanks for sharing your stories and encouragement.

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