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APhiscator's Avatar APhiscator 06:29 PM 04-25-2011

Does anyone have suggestions fo training pants for my 8 1/2 month old?   I am willing to make some if someone has a pattern and directions...if not what would you recommend?



nstewart's Avatar nstewart 10:44 PM 04-25-2011

Yes, I do! Check out the pattern for the Tinkle Time Trainers.



My DS (9 mos) is a size small (he's really skinny though, and I made the pattern with a longer rise than suggested as he's long). They are actually very easy to make after the first pair (really, I hadn't sewn anything since grade 8!).  I made the pull-up type as we very very rarely have poop misses so there's no real mess when we do have a miss.  You can also make them with snaps.


You can order the pattern on line and there are various places to order fabrics from, but I've been pleased with  



APhiscator's Avatar APhiscator 07:51 AM 04-26-2011



Thank you so much for the information...Now this may seem like a silly question but ... what type of fabric do you use?




nstewart's Avatar nstewart 08:57 AM 04-26-2011

Not a silly question!  I had no idea when I started either.


For the outer layer, I used a printed PUL fabric so that they'd be waterproof.  You can use a printed stretch cotton or polyester if you don't need them to be water-proof.  I like the PUL because DS can wear them under clothes when we're out and about and if I have a miss his clothes stay dry.


For the inner fabric, I used a bamboo velour.  It is very soft and when we've had a poop miss it hasn't stained, which I was impressed with.  However, it is hard to work with, so I've also made a few pairs with plain old flannel lining and they were much easier to make.


For the soaker I used 2 layers of diaper flannel.  They're reasonably absorbent.  Not like a diaper obviously, but enough to hold one pee.  You could use the same flannel for your inner layer.


For the stretch sides, I used a stretch polyester (like would be used for athletic gear or t-shirts).  You really only need a tiny piece of this for each pair of trainers.


And it's all held together with FOE (fold over elastic).


My trick was to order 1 pair of trainers already made off of Hyena Cart so I could get a sense for the fabrics and how they were put together.


They're pretty fun to make and as you can see pretty darn cute!


Robot undies.jpg

APhiscator's Avatar APhiscator 12:43 PM 04-26-2011

Our 2 our close in age...Briana was born on July 30th.  I just saw where your little man was born in July also!  Thank you for all of the information!! 

We just starting the potty thing...and I wanted to find some training pants for these are going to be perfect if I can do them...




nstewart's Avatar nstewart 07:10 AM 04-27-2011

Very close in age!  My DS was born July 26.  


We started EC at 2.5 months.  These boards can be a good resource.  


Good luck!

Ma Cactus's Avatar Ma Cactus 12:22 PM 04-28-2011

Hey there

in case you want to buy something to bridge the gap until you get sewing, we have used Imse Vimse training pants (waterproof, abourt $14 each) since age 8mos and they work pretty well (and surprisingly still fit at 16 mos, although they are getting leaky now).  For non-waterproof, we use gerber pants ($11 or so for 3 at any baby stuff store, size 2T shrinks enough in hot water, and sometimes we put two on under wool longies for going out).  My sister uses EcaWare trainers which are more expensive ($19 I think) but have a neat drop-front feature that if you use split-crotch pants makes potty breaks super easy.  We had already bought the other kind or we might have gone that route. 


eastmillcreekmama's Avatar eastmillcreekmama 01:13 PM 04-28-2011

When my DD was ready for some underwear, she was about a year. We have a used kids clothing store, and sometimes I could find super tiny underwear in their used underwear bin. Sometimes they were the bottoms for 3-6 month girl outfits designed to go over a diaper, but fit my older kid without. THey were usually sold for about $1. Don't know if you have such a resource, but it's worth a try! Also, in that bin, once or twice I found some super tiny GAP underwear. Haven't tried to find them new, not sure if it's possible!


heatherr30's Avatar heatherr30 02:34 PM 04-29-2011

Do you use CDs?  When PT my DD, I found out that I could use her snap PUL covers with a small pad-folded prefold to absorb one pee.  They would pull up and down without unsnapping several times before I needed to re-fold the prefold.  The disadvantage of this method is that you don't know when there's been an accident though. 

riboflavin's Avatar riboflavin 11:28 AM 05-05-2011

Do It Yourself EC has some great free training pants patterns:


Have fun!