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theboysmama 09-19-2011 09:28 PM

I just realized when trying to order a few new potties for the baby that the bblp (baby bjorn little potty) has been discontinued:(. There are still a few places on line that carry it but the prices vary and seem to be going up.

I just thought I would share in case anyone stocks up.

Has anyone found another potty that is similar and works well? The Ikea one looks a bit taller, I could be wrong.

I don't like the smart potty as I really only want one piece to deal with.

emmaegbert 09-22-2011 01:21 PM

that is terrible! I had the Ikea potties for DD and they were fine, but they are taller and not so molded to fit. They are a little easier to knock over IMO. Though, I have to say, we had them and they worked fine, we started EC with her around 2.5m. I have a BBLP now and I am BUMMED to hear that its discontinued.

SustainablParentng 09-26-2011 02:52 AM

Thanks so much for the heads up on this! I have been waiting to buy another for the house so I can stop carting ours back and forth from the car. I am expecting #3 in a few weeks but didn't start using the bblp until my last was a couple months old - i was going to buy one in the next couple months. So I just ordered one from amazon - only color left was pink:( but still - sooo glad to be able to still grab another! Both my 4 and 2 yo still use the little potty when out and when all other potties in the house are in use. Thanks!

riboflavin 09-27-2011 02:04 PM

I haven't tried this one myself, but Continuum Family has the  Little Wonders Baby Potty that she says is comparable in size to the BBLP. Looks pretty close to the BBLP to me and shorter than the Ikea. It's a shame he BBLP is being discontinued since it is the go-to potty for EC'ers! I actually never used one; I loved the Babywunder clear potty but I think that one was discontinued too!

theboysmama 09-27-2011 02:24 PM

thank you. that is good to know. I think I have enough to last me a lifetime :) BUT I do teach an ec class a few times a year and would love to have a potty to refer them to.

somegirl99 09-27-2011 10:56 PM

We have our 3 BBLPs so are all set, but for those of you looking, has anyone tried the BecoPotty compostable potty?

Carlyle 10-01-2011 11:17 PM

Wow, that is a HUGE shame! We loved the "Once Upon a Potty" and actually prefer it to the BBLP because it's taller and deeper (grows more with the baby sort of--when they get bigger poops don't touch their bum before they're done pooping as they did with the BBLP). I also found (for us) that it was a bit more support for early sitters since the back and front pee guard were taller. I liked that. But we had big babies, so I don't know if it would work as well for smaller babes. I found though, that when my dd's were smaller, I wanted to be giving them a bit more sitting up support anyway...

hrsmom 10-03-2011 04:08 PM

Oh no!!!! I am in the process of selling mine!!! (Are you here, Raven?) smile.gif
Maybe I better tell her I want right of first refusal when she is ready to pass them on herself... just in case!!!!

flyrabbitfly 10-05-2011 01:56 PM

Just got the Ikea potty- it is taller, which is AWESOME for a bigger baby, but maybe wouldn't be so great for a younger one. For boys, it does a way better job of keeping all the pee in the potty...

AndreaOlson 10-05-2011 02:07 PM

Originally Posted by somegirl99 View Post

We have our 3 BBLPs so are all set, but for those of you looking, has anyone tried the BecoPotty compostable potty?

Yep, we have the BecoPotty compostable potty and absolutely love it. I mean, c'mon, a potty that you can bury in your garden when you're done? Awesome.


I like it because DS can "squat" on it and seems to be able to sit more easily on the Beco than the BBLP...the back of the Beco is high and flat. I like. We have a boy and the splashguard is sufficient. It weighs about the same as the BBLP too. We can fit our potty cozy on it as well. I have a full review on my website of the Beco and the other handful of potties that we've personally used. :)


We also have the BBSP b/c I don't mind two pieces - way easier to clean, IMHO! But we plan to travel to Thailand this Winter with the BecoPotty!! <3

stelly 11-16-2011 03:40 PM

Anyone having trouble finding one should contact BB directly.  I couldn't find one online for my 2nd child, after my first BBLP had got a hole from the manufacturers molding process and I'd had to throw it out.  I emailed BB to ask where to get one, and they emailed me back saying that if I sent them a photo of the broken one (I guess to prove I had owned it) they'd send a new one free.  I did have a photo of my daughter on it when she was 3 months old so sent that off and they mailed me a yellow one.  


They were so nice, I'm sure they would tell you where to find one.


At the same time this was going on I'd bought a white one from Amazon.  So in a year or so I'll be getting rid of two, perhaps I'll be able to ask $30 eachlol.gif!

theboysmama 11-16-2011 04:44 PM

Stelly I did contact them directly asking if they had any in stock, why they discontinued the bblp and where to find one.

I got a response that said if you are looking for the bblp you can find it at any of these place and then a list BUT I had already tried several of those places which were either out or the prices were very high. They didn't answer my other questions, I wasn't really impressed but that was just my experience. Oh and it took them about a week to respond to my e-mail.


The bbsp is too big for my kiddos when they are little and I don't like the 2 pieces also the ikea potty is a bit tall, we start putting them on the potty at birth and the bblp is perfect. What we have will last us FOREVER but I did want to let people know if this is the potty that you HAVE TO HAVE:)

Megan Plunkett 11-17-2011 10:27 AM

I found a Bambino Mio potty on for $9 and from what I can tell it's incredibly similar to the BBLP. It's small which is great for my little one. Just thought I'd let you know! Amazon sells it in a potty training package which presumably we don't need, but has just the potty. 

mum2sarah 11-18-2011 02:44 PM

Originally Posted by somegirl99 View Post

We have our 3 BBLPs so are all set, but for those of you looking, has anyone tried the BecoPotty compostable potty?

I think you'll be fine with the BecoPotty because it looks, from your signature, like your DS is now a toddler, but for anyone else considering the BecoPotty for a younger baby, I would actually not recommend it.


I EC'ed DD#2 (who's now 7 years old) and BBLP was indispensable.  But then I got rid of it when my ex and I divorced (along with most other baby items) because I assumed I'd have no more children.  Now, years later, I have been remarried and recently had my first son :) and took for granted I could find another BBLP, but had been having trouble due to them being discontinued.  I was drawn to the BecoPotty because of its environmental-friendliness, so I ordered one.  I reeeally WANTED to like the BecoPotty!!!  BUT, it has important design differences that make it less-than-ideal for a newborn.

The most important difference is that the back of it comes up higher than BBLP, and is concave inwards more.  Plus it has very little lip to put the buttocks on.  This would probably be fine for a toddler who's squatting, but for a tiny baby that can't sit up, doesn't have good head control and must lean somewhat backwards while you're pottying him/her, the back of the potty digs into their spine and, trust me, your LO will complain! 


Another difference that I actually liked is that the frictional coefficient his higher on the Beco, so if you have to place it between your legs, it's less likely to slip out than the BBLP.  This was important for me because I ended up having to adapt the way I held DS on it by putting it between my legs then tilting the back downwards so that the high back wasn't digging into him. 


A couple minor differences just to be aware of:

1. The Beco potty bowl is more oblong than the BBLP, though not by a lot.

2. The Beco is heavier than the BBLP.

3. The material the Beco is made out of will get cold like the BBLP, but it warms up faster when you put it between your legs than does the BBLP.

4. There is no indent in the back bottom of the Beco for ease of carrying like there is on the BBLP.

5. The Beco spray shield seems to do a little better job of containing boys' pee when they are in a "happy" state ;), but that could just be due to the angle that I've been holding the Beco compared to the BBLP.


Personally, I think the Beco will serve us well in the future and I'm holding onto it, but in the meantime, I ended up scouring the internet to find a BBLP, because I knew I could use it easily with a tiny infant since I have in the past.  I found one on The EC Store, and I think they still have more in stock.  Also, believe it or not, Amazon has a few.  Now that I have one, I'm going to hold onto it, cuz you never know when you might start your EC adventure all over again--even when you think you won't have any more LO's! ;)


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