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JMJ's Avatar JMJ 10:52 AM 10-12-2011

We ECed DD starting at 6 days old, but it was kinda on a whim. We already had all our cloth diapering supplies, so we pretty much just used prefolds in a cover, and I still have those prefolds, but they're getting worn out, so I'm thinking of supplementing them with a few more of something different that might improve my experience this time around.


First, let me say I'm glad for EC. I'm excited to start by trying for the first pee this time around.  DD graduated (besides occasional misses that still happen if I don't remind her, but that's not often) between 20 and 21 months, and I loved that EC was a great way to meet her needs and to communicate with her.


The things I'm hoping to make better this time around are mostly about pottying when we're out and about. DD was not happy if she had to pee in her diaper when we were out, so we pottied her then as well. However, so many restrooms don't have changing tables, and while I figured out how to change and clean a poopy diaper in conjunction with pottying my infant while standing in a restroom stall, DH would have to lay her down just to get her diaper off and on, and a men's restroom floor is not where I want my newborn laying. We ended up just having me take her potty when we were out until she was in trainers/panties. I didn't like always being the one to have to leave what I'm doing to offer the potty.


I know that one solution is to carry around a portable potty, but I really don't like carrying around a lot of stuff, and there's already so much to carry around with a new baby, not to mention the toddler that I already have.  Actually, one of the best things about EC from my perspective is that there's not nearly as much to carry around, and I have absolutely loved the fact that since DD graduated, I can leave the house with my wallet, keys, and toddler, and nothing else for short trips.  I'm not looking forward to carrying around a whole lot of stuff again.  I'll get over it, but I'm not looking to add more than I have to.


What I'm really looking for is an easy system where we could pull down baby's pants and pull them up when we're done for the most part.  It would need to have snaps or velcro on the sides for times that changes are necessary, and it would absolutely have to be made of natural (non-synthetic) materials up against baby's skin and preferably organic.  I'm fine with a PUL layer that doesn't touch baby's skin, and I'd really like to have it be pretty darn waterproof since sometimes things happen when you're out that you just can't change a wet diaper as quickly as you wish you could, kinda like an AIO/Trainer combo, though hopefully not as thick and difficult to dry as most AIO's.  I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but I guess if it's just something that we're using when we're out, I wouldn't need a whole lot.  I'm also looking for something to use immediately after birth, but I see most things don't have anything for under 6 months, but I'd love something that wouldn't get outgrown right away.  I know I'm being rediculous.  Newborns grow very quickly.  Any ideas on what would fit the bill?


I'm also concerned about meeting the needs of both children while doing EC since it seems pretty all-consuming at first.  I know I'll figure it out, but I'd love to her some thoughts from some BTDT mamas.

flyrabbitfly's Avatar flyrabbitfly 07:05 PM 10-15-2011

Have you seen ECA pants? We used them from about 4-11 mo and they were awesome, ESP for out and about...kinda pricey but we only had 4 of each, waterproof for out/night, non-  waterproof for at home...they have newborn sizes I think.

here is a link-


ive only got one kiddo but I would think wearing your new bub as much as possible would help meet both kids needs- it keeps you available to your older one and usually signals were much clearer for us in a wrap/carrier...

good luck and enjoy


seraf's Avatar seraf 07:27 PM 10-15-2011
I don't know much about the products out there but with my second I had to potty her many times when my first didn't want to take a trip to the restroom and a wet bag made a very handy potty in a pinch.
Tjej's Avatar Tjej 10:54 PM 10-15-2011

They don't fit your organic criteria, but I used Fuzzi Bunz for such things.  There are tons of pocket diapers out there, and I bet there are organic ones that are easy enough to find.  I think a snapping pocket diaper would be something to look for first.  I think Bum Genius may have one.  They have sizes or one-size options, and the one-size are giant on a NB, but they work.



JMJ's Avatar JMJ 09:24 AM 10-18-2011

Thanks for the responses, and keep them coming.  I think the ecapants would be wonderful, but they aren't organic, but I haven't found anything quite so easy.  Hmm... can you buy a pattern?  I wonder if I could get my mom to make me some custom knock-offs.  I definitely need to do more babywearing this time around.  I have a sleepywrap that I'm hoping to wear instead of a shirt around the house for some great skin-to-skin, and I need to get a sling for out and about.


Thanks for the tip about the wetbag in a pinch.  You're right!  A newborn pee should be just fine in there.


Yes, something similar to fuzzibunz would be great!  Both fuzzibunz and bum genius use a synthetic layer to make the baby feel dry, and I would prefer something organic or at least natural so that the baby can feel wet, and I would love it if it could be pulled up and down as well, but I love the pocket diaper concept for being able to take it apart and wash it in pieces so that it can be more thoroughly washed and not take as long to dry.  Does a pocket trainer in natural materials exist?  Maybe something else to consider asking my mom to try making.

Megan Plunkett's Avatar Megan Plunkett 09:42 AM 10-18-2011

I don't know if they'll be small enough, but GroVia, Flip (BumGenius), and I think others just all came out with trainers. The ABC kids expo just happened and many of the big cloth diaper names announced trainers. I think some of them are starting to stock now, but maybe not until December. Just a heads up!

Tjej's Avatar Tjej 10:33 AM 10-18-2011

I did pull the FB up and down like undies.  It mostly worked, and if it didn't I just re-tucked the tabs a bit.


There are organic Bum Genius.  Here.  It seems they are not pockets, but AIOs.



JMJ's Avatar JMJ 03:44 PM 10-18-2011

I'll keep an eye out for more cloth trainers, but it seems like they're all for older kids.  The Flip trainers look great but only go down to 20lbs.  DD graduated at about 20 lbs...  The Gro-via ones go down to 18 lbs.  I'll keep an eye out in the rest of the cloth diaper world, but it seems like you have to go EC specific to get anything small enough for a babe.


Hmm... has anybody else had good luck pulling regular cloth diapers up and down like panties over a babe?  I haven't tried, but I do wonder if it would work with what I've got.

seraf's Avatar seraf 11:26 AM 10-19-2011
2t gerber trainers fit my kids by 5 months. I bet you could get organic trainers to work for a much smaller babe than you expect and regular wool soakers pull up and down.
flyrabbitfly's Avatar flyrabbitfly 04:26 PM 10-19-2011

I think the lady who makes ECA is on here- call sign Riboflavin- maybe suggest to her that an organic line would be well received...

JMJ's Avatar JMJ 05:13 PM 10-19-2011

Has anybody used these or any customization thereof?  They look like they both have snaps and can be pulled up and down.  Any idea what they mean by "2% polyester backing" or what the material on the outside and around the legs is?  How waterproof are they?  How do they hold up over time, and how many dryer cycles would they take to dry?

seraf's Avatar seraf 09:20 AM 10-21-2011

I have used her SIMPLYcovers.  They pulled up and down and the edges were FOE and the outer was PUL.  They were not bad at all.  I don't know about the training pants that you show, tho.  


I imagine you could email her and ask lots of questions.

theboysmama's Avatar theboysmama 05:27 PM 10-24-2011

i used sassycloth trainers and they are not organic but she will custom make orders so maybe worth giving her a call and seeing what she can do.

They are reasonably priced as well.

I love the ecapants but they are too expensive to be practical, i have 4.