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lsmama's Avatar lsmama 08:40 AM 11-06-2011

I went to the grocery store this morning and left DH home with 4 year old DD and 7 month old DD who we are currently ecing.  DH is a SAHD and did a great job with ODD who "graduated" around 18 mos, but he's having a hard time catching YDD's cues.  This morning, he suspects YDD is about to go, so he quickly races her to the potty and tries to take off her diaper on the way.  He gets the diaper off and YDD to the potty but not quite in time.  ODD, very excited for Daddy and YDD, comes racing in behind. Daddy doesn't realize that in his mad flurry of activity that some

poop has already happened and had splashed onto the bathroom floor.  ODD rounds the bend, steps in the poop, and slides across the floor.   I walk in just as the mayhem has reached a crescendo and both girls are crying. 


There's always next time!

flyrabbitfly's Avatar flyrabbitfly 03:56 PM 11-06-2011

Lol- my mom would say "it's all part of the funny movie"

riboflavin's Avatar riboflavin 07:39 AM 11-08-2011

Oh my God! Too bad you don't have it all on tape. You'd become youtube famous! Although, might not look that great for EC to those who don't understand!