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My 18 month old has been peeing and pooping in the potty since 7 months, and has not had a poop accident since 11 months. But we have to be awake and at home for this to work.


I put a diaper on him when we go out and sometimes he's dry when we come back, sometimes he's wet. So I don't have the confidence to go diaper free out of the house.


same with naps and bedtime. He will pee in the potty if I offer him as soon as he wakes up. However if he happens to wake for any reason in between, and I don't know about it, he will pee in his diaper. So again - no confidence to leave him without a diaper when sleeping.


How did you all overcome this catch-22 situation where I can't go diaper free unless he's trained, and can't train unless he's diaper free?



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DD is much younger - 11 months, but interestingly, at 3 months I remember thinking the same thing. I tried to ec while putting her in a diaper and figured when she was almost always dry I'd go diaper free....but then after some reading I began to see how the act of going diaper free actually changes things. I was more invested, of course, and it was easy to see if she was wet, and I found that when we went diaper free we had more success. Of course, it's a different situation, but have you thought about going diaper free or maybe just some non-waterproof trainers when you are out? Maybe not always, but on an outing where you want to give it a try, and think you can provide potty opportunities, and when if he happened to be wet it wouldn't be too much trouble to change his clothes? I do this most of the time with DD. It just changes your mind set a bit. I made DD some trainers that catch most of a miss, but that still let me know if she is wet. A clothing change but not a bit puddle. Mostly no misses while out though. Good luck!

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We do a diaper in the carseat and clothes on the baby.  Mine doesn't like to pee in his carseat.  It would be a change if he peed, but I don't stress about that.  


I try to put him in something absorbent enough to keep pee off the floor away from home.  I offer when we get out of the car and when he signals.


Naps and nights, my guy wakes to go usually but wears coverless diapers at night.

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At first, I used a diaper when we were out, but still tried to catch pees just as I would have if we were home.  Eventually, as I got more confident, I'd put cotton training pants on the baby with a pull-on cover over them, so wet pants wouldn't mean a big puddle. 


If he sometimes wakes up at night without you knowing, and will just pee in the bed rather than let you know he needs to go, I'd probably just wait until he's a bit older to try going diaperless at night.  But if you think he might be more likely to signal or you might be more likely to be alert for signals if he were diaperless, you could try putting something under him to protect the bed and letting him sleep in a coverless fitted or a pair of underpants for a few nights as an experiment. 

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My DS went to full-time trainers/undies at 15ish months when we were out of the house (wherever).  He knew he could pee in the potty or a diaper.  I kept diapers for naps/night.  It worked for us.  I didn't want to deal with wet sheets and interrupted naps...  I don't remember when we totally dropped the diapers for naps/night, It might have been before he was 3yo, but it has been a while so I forget.  It was quite a while after he was 100% reliable daytime.


When we first went with no diaper I had something in the carseat to absorb, just in case, and I had some of those pull-ups to use at the great granparents' fully carpeted house...  so we wouldn't stress.  It worked really well, and any pull-ups went on over the underwear.  I only remember one accident once - at a grocery store.  And that wasn't a terrible debacle, just some wet pants. 


It is one of those things where you do have to come to the point where you just go for it sometime.  Personally, I'd do it soon so you skip the oppositional age you're coming towards...





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For me it was all dependent on what I was willing/able to deal with at the time. For example: In this particular situation am I able to deal with a possible puddle/wet pants- or would I just rather change a wet diaper? I did a mix of these two scenarios - dependent on where exactly we were going and the situation. I always had plenty of cloth diapes to soak up puddles at our playspace (if dd was too busy and we had a miss) but I wasn't willing to "risk" this kind of miss at more "formal" gatherings. I remember the feeling/dilemma you are going through and it wasn't a black and white solution that I found. As long as you continue to try your best to meet your baby's needs in any situation, you are not going to "mess up" or do irreparible damage:)

That being said, we were mostly using undies around that age (18mo) and I would just bring a couple of changes of pants and undies wherever we went. If this was too stressful or would draw too much attention (with people unfamiliar and/or "uncool" with ec) I would just use a cloth diaper with a cover.

I find it helpful to always remind myself that very little of childhood development is linear:)
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