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Our babe just turned 3 months-- we've been ECing since 4.5 weeks and it's going fairly well, but I am looking for ways to improve without becoming too potty-centric.  Not out of competitiveness or perfectionism, but I figure the better we are able to respond to her needs in general, the better, right?  What I'd most like to cut down on are mis-guesses, because I sense those are frustrating to all involved, but cutting down on misses is a goal, too-- I just don't know what is realistic at this stage (say, 2-5 months, pre-crawling).  Can parents of babies this age weigh in on a typical EC day (or a typical range of experiences)?  

Right now things seem to vary somewhat significantly, for us.  For example, over Memorial Day weekend, we made a 4-hr round trip to my grandmother's in one day, with all the usual distractions of a big family gathering, and we used a total of 2 diapers in 24 hours!  No mis-guesses, and she actually held her bladder for 5-10 minutes while we looked for a gas station/restaurant to use a potty-- 3 different times!   

On the other extreme, there are days where we have maybe 4 catches, 8 misses and 4 or more mis-guesses.

Not sure if this is just part of the age, or what (I mean, we're first-time parents, still learning, and we often "miss" and "mis-guess" on things like nursing or burping, too).  If anyone has any reassurance, tips, or experience they'd like to share regarding pre-mobile babies, we're all ears!

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Pre-mobile babies are awesome. They are pretty cooperative and they're gaining more control every day.

Both my older kids were out of diapers away from home around that age. I used training pants to ease the hastle of offers. I offered before leaving and upon arrival and whenever reasonable at that age.

At home we were more hit and miss. I usually had more distractions. Predictable times like after nap and nursing are good. Whenever they kick a lot. If I feel sure a baby has to pee but they decline, I usually pop them in the sling bare bottomed for a few minutes before offering again because they're happy to pee on the floor but not usually me.

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