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Hi! This is my first post, and I have to say I am so happy that I found this forum. So many of you have such good advice to share!


I'm a first time mom with a two-month old daughter. We have been practicing EC since day two of her life outside the womb - so exciting to make those first catches! I bought a little potty thinking I would start around 3 months, but Baby L was squirming when we woke up from a nap that second day, and I felt the need to go too and thought, "She probably has to pee", held her out and she did! 


After researching a bunch online during those first weeks, reading the free e-book "7 Secrets for Elimination Communication" and the printed book "Infant Potty Training", and learning Baby L's signals, I was pretty much able to catch around 90% of day time eliminations. Dad is also totally on board and loves it too.


I am pretty much rested and feeling back to "normal" after the birth (whatever that is now with a baby!) and want to try different approaches to night-time ECing to figure out what works best for us. 


A couple nights ago, I cued her into her diaper (by opening it and saying Pssss) when she would wake up squirming. This seemed to work well, but will that set her up to getting used to peeing in her diapers?


Also, I started telling her before bed, "Wake Mommy up with your squirming and vocalizations" and now it seems that her yelps are louder. Last night she waited for me to wake up each of the 4 times she needed to pee. I put her over the potty, but she cried a little bit each time, although she relaxed quickly after she had gone. Is this crying normal? 


Any tips for 2 month olds at night? What have been your different experiences at night around this age? Also, what can I look forward to over the next couple months at night (since EC is constantly changing and an amazing journey as I am finding out!) ?


Sorry for the long post! I am really looking forward to joining in the conversations with all of you. 

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That is wonderful! Although I have no advice, hopefully bumping this up will get it some attention and you the advice you seek.

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Hi! EC does change. I'm not really sure what you can expect over the next couple of months, all my kids have been different. If cuing her into her diaper works for you both right now, it's probably good. If it quits working for either of you, you can always change.

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