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Hello mommies, My son is about to be 5 months old.

I couldn't practice EC with him till 3 months, as he was having leaky poop all the time (common problem, happens with some babies, and goes away in 3 months).


During the 4th month, he would poop once in 3-5 days. So I dint bother with EC. I started using cloth diapers (like bumgenius, but indian brand). And then I totally forgot about EC until I saw the post on a friend's blog.


Since then I have been trying to make him poop over the sink after he wakes up and after he feeds. I also make ssss sound to make him pee. But everything has failed. He sometimes poops after I put him back in the nappy after getting tired of holding him over the sink. I recently ordered a potty - . Pls tell me if it's the right kind to be used for 5 months old. Most other potty seats I saw were for older kids.


I want to know how other mommies started out with EC for kid this age? Any ideas on how to go about it?

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I have no answers but hope that bumping this up will get you some. 

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hey thanks for bumping it up! hoping to get some answers here :)

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my kids were under 2 mo so I don't have experience with an older baby who's gotten used to diapers, but the one thing that stood out to me in your post was that EC is not about "making" the baby do anything. It's about looking for cues that they need to go and giving them opportunities. We call it Elimination Communication because it's all about communicating with your baby about their elimination. The cues we give them is more like asking them if they need to go and creating an association between the cue and them going. I did use a pss cue and a grunting one but most often I just talked to my boys, asked if they needed to go, asked them to try to hold it while we went into the bathroom, etc.


I also wouldn't start with poos. Pees happen much more often and are easier to catch. Once the 2 of you have some report created around catching pees, it will be a natural extension of that to start getting poos into the potty. Common times babies pee are first thing when they wake up, right in the middle of nursing (that's also a good time to catch a poo). If they are getting fussy at the breast and unlatching on and off, they likely need to pee or poo. Nursing them with a bowl or open diaper under their nakey bum gives an easy way to let them go without having to move around.


I can't tell the size of the potty you linked but it does look like the ones we used (which I think have all been discontinued)


Stress is very anti-EC so try to stay mellow about it. Happy Pottying =)

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I'm in a similar boat. I have a 4 month old and only just found out about EC- I so wish I'd known from the start! D: I don't know how to tell when LO pees (he really doesn't have obvious cues, or at least not obvious to me- he pisses on himself/us/etc enough during changes that if I could tell, I would do something to avoid the mess), but you can tell when he's trying to poop. He's had tummy troubles and we've spent a lot of his life sitting with him, trying to get him to poo- I don't see any difference trying to get him to go into a diaper than into a baby toilet. He might even be more amenable to it- he'll sit in a wet diaper without problem, but does not abide by dirty diapers.


He'll still poo and pee during changes, so I'm hoping he's not totally used to the diapers yet... I also know that he's not a big fan of how cloth diapers feel when wet, so if we start getting any luck with EC I'll switch to them again so he'll figure out that going in the potty feels nicer than not.



We just started school, so I don't know how much luck we'll have, although there are a few single-stall bathrooms that I'm willing to sit in and try to get him to go in. (although this is another reason to do it- our @#$@ school is NOT family friendly, there are literally NO changing tables on campus)


I don't have any suggestions- but I came here to make a very similar post and was glad to see someone else going through the same thing!

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