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Mggstr's Avatar Mggstr 05:56 AM 05-05-2014
My 3 week old, whome I BF has been having this weird pink liquid around his poo Yesterday and this morning. At first I thought it was maybe some residue coming out that was left in the diapers from the previous owner that maybe I didn't get out with my initial washes so I rewashed with bleach to kill any thing but it's still showing up Has any one seen this? Is it possibly because of something I ate? Maybe a dairy allergy? Or could it be some thing more serious? Has any one seen this?

rainbowasylum's Avatar rainbowasylum 04:01 PM 05-05-2014

It may be 'brick dust urine'-  uric acid crystals which can be absolutely harmless- or a sign of a need for increased hydration.

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