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Daphnesmama 05-25-2014 12:38 AM

Hi there.


I am new here. I have one daughter who we've been practicing EC with part time. She had a long break around 8-13 months where she refused to be in an EC position or see anything remotely related to toilets so we took a break with pampers.


Now that the weather's better and she's outgrown that phase, she is bare-bottomed a lot and often sits on her potty (we have 2 lying around the apartment) and usually pees by herself in it 1-2x/day. Rest of the time on the floor, and when I get tired of sponging the floor, I put a pampers on her.


We don't do night time ECing because we like to sleep. She usually wakes up crying/shouting with a full pampers (we don't go in her room straight away and I suspect she pees not only during the night but also upon awakening in the morning).


Now she's had a fever for a couple of days but also, and here's where I need help, she's calling me because she's peed in her pampers. If I come fast enough (which I rarely do, I wanna sleep), she might pee in her potty after I take her out of sleeping bag and diaper. Or usually I acknowledge that she peed and either I change her or I tell her to go back to sleep. She 1-3x/night I think, with varying timetables...


How to proceed? I don't want to have to go in her room various times a night. But on the other hand, is she ready to start eliminating on her own if I leave her bare-bottomed during the night? i.e., get out of bed herself (she still sleeps in a cot, not a big girl's bed) if we change her bed and sit on the potty herself and go back to bed?


What would you do? Or better, what did you do at this stage that worked or did not work??


Thanks for reading and thanks for your feedback/advice.

contactmaya 05-25-2014 09:15 AM

I only have experience ec'ing at night when co sleeping. 

JudiAU 07-29-2014 10:31 PM

We don't ec but we potty train fairly young and my kids have big bladders without really nighttraining the yoingest is the first ive taken potty at night because of restlessness. We cosleep however. How old is your child? How warm is your house? I think you probably have to choose your priority and either make it your sleep and buy nighttime diapers which might bother her less or respond sooner.

katelove 07-30-2014 02:03 AM

She's 13mo? I would be very surprised if she could get up at night, wee in a potty and then go back to bed without wanting you. You could try but I would be prepared for it not to work. Since you're ok with leaving her bare bottomed over night why not a compromise. Stop using the nappy/sleeping bag but get up when she calls and put her on the potty. Moving her into your room might also make it easier to respond to her while minimising sleep disturbance for everyone.

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