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EC at Night and sleeping through the night?

I have been doing EC at night, but I can't tell when she needs to potty or is wet and when she's just stirring (she wakes up and fusses for a pacifier for a few minutes). If I was not doing EC, then I strongly believe she would be trained to sleep through the night by now.

What has other peoples experience with this been like? At what age might she start staying dry without pottying until morning? When might she be down to one pottying a night? (She's at 2 or 3, and she's 6 months)

I'm thinking maybe I can train her to sleep better at night (she awakes more often than she needs to potty) by waking her up to potty and/or diaper change at certain times. However, this will also train her to not cry when she needs to potty or is wet, so I probably won't try that. But I'm not sure what else to do! I don't mind taking her potty in the night, but I think that's not why she's waking up, most of the time!
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Here are a couple of threads talking about night time ec. I started trying to answer your questions and then realized that it's been so long since I had to do it that I've forgotten!
Night time ec
EC-ing at night
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It depends on how much my 11 month old nurses at night. I've tried pottying her a few nights and she always resists so I put her in a diaper and if she wets it, she wets it. Normally if she is super tired she can keep a diaper for 6+ hours. Then I will potty her, and HOPEFULLY go back to sleep for one or two more hours before she is up.
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I read through the links provided above, but still have questions.

We started part-time EC when DD was about 6 weeks old. I do not see it as an all or nothing at all. Rather, my goal is for DD to be familiar enough with going on the potty that once she's old enough to talk (or sign), there won't be any "training" involved. I know EC is elimination "communication", but honestly, in our house it's mostly a one-way conversation right now!

Dh claims that he can read her signals, but I can't, and I stay home with her! If she pops on and off the boob, that's usually a sign, and at night she normally is woken up by an urge to pee. During the day, I just offer the potty after a nap and after a meal, and she usually goes. So it's not like I'm responding to her cues. I thought it'd be different, but oh well. We are teaching her sign language and hoping she can start using that to tell us she needs to go in several more months (she's 7mos now).

My question is, does nighttime EC mean no sleeping through the night until baby can hold it all night? DD seemed to stay dry for the first 6 hours (my definition of "all night" is at least 8 hours!) from when she first falls asleep for the night. But then her first tooth came out and that seems to have caused her to regress. We are now back to waking up every two hours, more frequently in the wee hours of the morning, to both potty and nurse.

I feel like it's a cycle I don't know how to break. If she nurses whenever she gets up, she's going to have to pee again soon. But if she gets up at night and I don't nurse her, she may be up again in a matter of minutes to nurse if she was indeed hungry.

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Being a baby (and having a baby) generally means not sleeping "through the night" until the baby is ready to do that, whether it's a need to pee, or a need to eat or a need to check-in with mom, or crawl around, or whatever it is that's waking them up. Babies night time needs change from day to day with every developmental stage and you just have to do what works best for all of you, while respecting when they are telling you they want to go potty.

With my oldest (who was EC starting at 2 mo), we used back up night time diapers at night until about 18 mo, when we discovered that he was waking up dry, sliding off the bed to sit on the potty and then peeing a ton into those night time dipes. With my 2nd babe (ECed from birth), starting around 9 mo - a year, I made sure the bed was waterproof and he slept nakey - again, often not peeing until he woke up in the morning. Before that, we used back-up dipes and changed them as needed.

Teething is a huge physical event and can screw with their systems for a long time. The enzymes that help their gums to break down and allow the teeth to come through also break down the insides of their digestive tract, so they get irritated and sensitive. my oldest had a super easy time with his teeth - every month or so, he'd have a bit of crankiness for a day or 2 and then pop out 2 teeth with very little bother to his system. 2nd one had a very hard time of it, with upset tummy and pain for months and months - it didn't start until 9 mo but went on until he was almost 2.

Do what works best, be respectful of what your baby is trying to tell you and keep her bum covered if it causes less stress. If you aren't up to offering the potty at night, talk to her about it and let her know you'll clean her up as soon as she needs you to.
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