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Do you ever panic when you take out your child who is younger than the norm to be potty trained/independent?

My DD is in underwear and has been for about 2 mos. I am always worried that if she has an accient in public someone is going to confront me and say, "uh shouldn't she be wearing a diaper?" She rarely has accidents anymore but there is always that small chance...I wet the floor in kindergarten!

Has anyone ever said anything to you? and what do you say back, I want to be prepared.

The first rule of homeschooling: water the plants! :
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"Mind your own business?"

It's none of their business how I raise my children. I homeschool, and very soon my DS will be old enough to look like he "should be in school" but I'm not going to let fear of others asking "shouldn't he be at school?!" deter me if I need to go out somewhere... KWIM?

You do what is best for your kids, and they do what works for them.

Same thing with babywearing. You can get all kinds of goofy comments:
Is that SAFE?
He looks uncomfortable (ummm...he's smiling, and happy, yeah REAL uncomfortable!)
You should get a stroller.
Etc. etc. ad nauseam.

Even babies who are diapered get diaper leaks sometimes. It happens. You clean up and move on. If some moron gives you grief about it, just say umm, thanks, or something, and ignore them.
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I have to admit, I'm an EC in public wimp! DD's been using the potty 100% at home for 6 months now but we still diaper on the go at least half of the time because I'm afraid of accidents. As a consequence dd always poops on the go because she prefers to do that in a diaper .

Gradually I'm getting braver as dd becomes more assertive in communicationg her needs but sure enough, the first time I do this at a friend's house dd pees all over her floor.

My friend laughed it off, but her dh couldn't resist "that's why you should wait until their older to PT." I was polite and resisted commenting on how his kid was wearing a porta potty.
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I know what you mean. I've had people tell me "what's right" about what I do with my kids, I just smile at them and if it's constantly happening, just tell them I don't care for their advice. 's to you, though, I sooo KNOW what you mean!
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Ours wasnt a big deal as we always take a change of clothes.
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Originally Posted by andrea
she was dancing too
so everyone's babies do the dance!?? funny i only put 2+2 together today.

anyway, i am kind of worried about accidents in public - they never happened earlier but after "the pause" began i can't be so sure. we actually had one int he library once but hte librarian i was talking to (while dd was doing the dance, actually) simply said "still learning?" and continued the conversation. I was all embarassed and running to the restroom. Librarian called after me " do you need anything?"

however i still dont use covers. if i am really worried about an accident i use a cd or double underwear - it will leak but not drip and i change it right away. carseat has a liner on it. only once when dd wore a silk dress at a party i used a cover but she ec'd perfectly throughout the ocassion.

we did have an accident in a friend's house recently though and i think she was too shocked to say anything. luckily it wasn't major and it was also late at night and forgotten by morning. i mean, dont kids spill other stuff?

no longer  or  or ... dd is going on 12 (!) how was I to know there was a homeschool going on?
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I've never cared what people's reactions to Ben's age were IRT accidents, but it was embarassing when he peed right through his Poquito Pants in the fancy kids clothing store's play area and the only thing I had to mop up the puddle was that same pair of pants. EEK! Our shopping trip was over at that point and I learned that you still have to keep extra pants and flat diapers when going out, even with an almost-grad!

Robin~ single, work-at-home momma to my Wonderboys
BigKid (6/00) & LittleBoy (6/04)
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